Heart Full Of Revange

March 22, 2010
By sehrish SILVER, Austin, Texas
sehrish SILVER, Austin, Texas
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It was cold lonely night, as dark as you can imagine. I couldn’t sleep so I sat down on a chair looking out the window. All I could see were trees blowing from the wind. I was just trying to find my self, because I lost my self with I lost Kevin that day. Even though I knew he was there in my heart.
I remember that night when I was walking alone on a dark night, trying to go home. When I was walking on a road with no one around me on a dark lonely night, I could hear dogs barking, I knew something bad was about to happen. I could feel the felling inside telling me to run, but I ignored. The minute later I saw a man appear out of no where, which scared me, but I kept walking. When I got closer to him, he was getting bigger and bigger like a ghost, and guess what he was ghost. I could tell by his white clothes, his angry face, and red hair on his one eye, and had blue eyes. Then a second later his loud voice came out and said, “I was waiting for you.” At first I couldn’t recognize him, but his familiar face, and voice I knew who he was. He was my best friend Kevin, but he and I had some misunderstanding so we stopped talking, and he found new friends. Month later I found out he was dead. Although his spirit was around, who appeared in front of me. “Kevin, what are you doing?” “You are dead” I talked and suddenly tears came out of my eyes. “I am dead, but my spirit hunts me because the person who killed me should be known. They should be punished,” He said angrily. At first I was confused who he was telling about, but when I asked “who killed you?” “It was Carl and Sofi!” he explained,” “Carl and Sophie!” I repeated in shock, and my confusion was over.
They were his new best friends whom he left me for. “What did they do to you?” I said slowly. Then his story began, in which he explained how he died. “I left you because of Carl and Sophie they always used to brag me about you that “she is not our type, you are rich and popular, and she is not your type so hang out with us.” Even though you were there deep inside me Amy, but I was stupid at that time. I didn’t see out friend ship, I let go of a friend who I knew since 1st grade, for people who I knew since week. I AM SO SORRY!” he cried while explaining. I couldn’t believe it that dead spirit or ghost can cry too, but he was really crying. I could feel his emotions even though he was ghost now. “It’s ok keep going,” I said.
“So that was the reason I didn’t wanted to be your friend. Since that day when they took us apart, I was stun and I didn’t pay attention on anything because I was so sad inside, and I was still being jerk to be with them. Well as days past by they started to get me take pills, then forced to drink alcohol, then drugs. I did stuff as they said, and became one of them. I couldn’t live with out any of the pills and stuff, it because my weakness and then a week later I found out they slow poisoned me. Although I knew, but I couldn’t do anything it was too late. Then one day came and I died. Since that day my spirit is hunting me for revenge and till I get revenge I can not stop wondering here and there,” He finished.
“Oh Kevin I am so sorry that I never talked to you since the day we fought. Even though I couldn’t live a second without you,” I wept. “I am not a good friend, I am so sorry” I kept repeating so was Kevin. A moment later Kevin said, “I’ll be back soon,” And disappear. I went home a while later, that night was the night of horror to me. I couldn’t sleep because I was just lost in thought of Kevin’s revenge. The night pass and sun appear I didn’t even notice.
Then in the morning Kevin appeared and we thought for a long time until we came to a decision of revenge. It was hard for us to get revenge, because we haven’t ever been bad to anyone, but a betrayer should be punished, so they could not harm other people. They should know that what goes around one day it has to come around. The lesson had to be learned
It got from morning to afternoon, until Kevin got a good plan. “I think we should make there life miserable. You have to be there best friends, and separate Carl and Sophie just like they did too us. I promise I will kill them both,” Said Kevin in excitement. “I don’t want to kill them, I can’t do this,” I said. “You promised me you’ll help me,” said Kevin. “I did, but I didn’t plan to kill them and I’ve got a better idea,” I said. “What is it?” he asked. “Well you are a ghost, you can reappear to me, so why not to them. Make them paranoid by appearing to them and reminding them what they have done to you, until they tell the truth to the world, or kill them self,” I said. “That is a good plan, Thanks” said Kevin. “But I really don’t want to kill them,” I said. “Don’t worry, I’ll make them miserable,” Kevin said and disappear.
Next morning when I went to school, I saw Carl and Sophie with their friends talking and having fun, until the bell ring and every one went to class. After 2 hours lunch bell ring and I saw Carl and Sophie again. This time something was different in them. The smile in their faces was gone and a fright appeared. For a second I was nervous but then I knew why they were so scared. “Well they saw Kevin of course, and they disserved it” I said it to my self, and I left. When the final bell ring I didn’t’ see them around, that was weird, because they always hang out by their huge, fancy locker after school. “Well they must have gotten too scared,” I thought and went home.
When I got home and went into my room I saw Kevin jumping up and down in a great excitement. “Hey, Kevin you’ve done a great job, they were so scared, and after that I haven’t seen them,” I said. Then he said, “Well, because they freaked out when they saw me, so you can tell where they went.” “Home of course” I said, and we both laughed. “I wonder how they will be,” I said “I will make them even more miserable, until they admit it,” he said in anger and left.
Each day passed by and I every time I looked at Carl and Sophie they were getting worse. As time passed by, they stopped coming to school. I was clue less, and paranoid, because I didn’t knew what happen to them, even though Kevin disappeared too. I didn’t saw him for few weeks either.
Until that dark night I was waiting for him, praying that he could appear and tell me everything. I was just praying for him to appear and he did appear in front of me with a big smile on his face. “Oh Nina I’ve done it, I’ve done it, I’ve made them miserable, until they committed suicide,” Said Kevin happily. I was so happy, because I’ve heard Kevin said my name after a long time and it felt good, but I knew it was last time him saying my name.
‘You’ve what?” I said in surprised after coming out of my thoughts. “I’ve make them so miserable that they killed them self,” He repeated. “They killed them self, well I am happy for you. You’ve got your revenge,” I said sadly. “Well I am so happy, now I will go to sleep forever, my work here is done,” he said. “Well goodbye Kevin, I lost you once again” I sobbed, because I won’t see him forever. “Well you don’t have to say goodbye, because you know you will always find me in your heart,” he said I could see tears coming out of his watery eyes. Then he said “goodbye, but remember I’ll always be there around you. You are bastes friend I have ever found, and you’ll always be there inside me too. Don’t worry you will always find me beside you, GOOD BYE MY FRIEND.” He waved and disappears forever. I wept the whole night, because I lost my best friend forever, who I won’t find ever again.
That was the night of horror, I lost Kevin forever. I know he is there with me and he can see with his cute blue eyes that how much I miss him. “Kevin you will always be there inside me, it’s really hard to forget you.”

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