Eight Islands

March 15, 2010
By JaymeRenae393 BRONZE, Omaha, Nebraska
JaymeRenae393 BRONZE, Omaha, Nebraska
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In the ocean there are eight known isles that make up the state of Hawaii. Those eight islands starting from the northwest to the southeast vary in size. Alas, this isn't a history lesson, oh no. Back before anyone knew anything they were simply eight simple isles in the ocean.

The first island flourished. People farmed, traded, and generally lived a good life. The second and third island held many happy people as well, though not nearly as much as the first. Island four and five had people and crops and an average life, nothing too special yet, nothing too terrible. The sixth and seventh island however, had nothing special to give at all. Nothing grew right and hardly any people wanted to live there. Alas, they died young. But the eighth island and all it's wonder grew thick jungles and humid marshes. The land was unlivable and therefore deserted. It was an ominous place full of dark tales.

No one believed the stories of monsters, but everyone played along anyway. Only one girl, by the name of Morri knew the true horrors of such a place. She was a quirky girl; short with locks of hair the color of tree bark and eyes like the wet sand. One year ago, she and her three sisters, Mimi, Courti and Shibi decided to take a trip. It was going to be a harmless voyage to the eighth island. They all had built a raft and packed supplies for three days and two nights. The excitement had the girls by their throats, and so, the departed having been wished a fun, safe trip.

The morning was long as they sailed on the sea. In our time they would have reached the eighth island by 5:00pm, discouraged by the light fading, they had no choice but to set up camp. If only the girls had arrived earlier...they might have seen the horror that awaited them. By nightfall all four girls were sleeping and in the morning, unfortunately, Mimi was gone. Morri and the other two searched high and low for their friend, but found no trace of her. They decided to sleep on it and continue their search in the morning. Upon waking, they found out Courti had vanished.

Stricken with fear, Morri and Shibi cautiously searched for the other missing girl. Surely Mimi and Courti were jesting and would pop out from behind a tree any second. Though, with the moon rising higher it seemed impossible. And so, once more the two girls slept. They lay awake all night fearing that if they shut their eyes, they'd be spirited away just as their friends had been. Morri and Shibi saw the sky turn from an inky black to a misty gray and knew morning would arrive soon. The girls had decided they'd return home and ask for a search party to gather later in the day.

All of their planning had ceased when a rustle in the bushes had startled them. Morri gave a nervous laugh calling out for Mimi and Courti to stop joking. On cue, two things popped out of the bush and were thrown towards their feet. Shibi retched violently as Mimi and Courtis’ heads were skewered on a stick. Their eyes bulged and their mouths were gone. Their cheeks had been hollowed out allowing the bone from their jaw to glisten in the early light. Their skin had taken a deadly tint; they seemed to be suffering from a slight case of gangrene.

Morri and Shibi screamed and ran for their raft not realizing a lone figure had hobbled after them. She had let out a shriek that sounded of grinding bones and scratching glass. The girls turned around and gaped at the strange creature. Her ears of two different sizes stuck out from her swollen head. Her eyes glowed orange and sickly, while her nose came to a slightly upward point. Her mouth looked elongated and seemed to be almost falling off, while her needle like teeth stuck out from her sagging cheeks and ripped lips. She lunged for Shibi and sank her whole face into her leg. Shibi had fallen immediately, astounded by the pain that racked her body. The creature had let out one more gargled noise and ripped into Shibi's throat to stop her insufferable screaming. Morri took one fearful and solemn look to her friend and ran. She saw the creature give out a strange sort of familiar smile as she tripped and hit her head on a rock. Everything went black.

Upon waking a short hour later Morri smiled to herself glad that she was able to see the sun again after such a vivid and strange dream. An inhuman growl sounded from her stomach and so with a laugh she reached over and pulled something out of her tent so that she could eat.

"Hey Shibi, you don't mind if I take a nibble at that do you?" She smiled at her friend, "I didn't think so." A quiet choking noise was muffled by the crunch of bone and rip of flesh.

"I always said you had great legs." Morri grinned and bit into her dinner once more.

The author's comments:
An old baby sitter told me a story about eight islands where everyone died one by one except for one girl. She never gave me an answer when I asked why she lived.

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