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March 15, 2010
The sun hid behind the dark clouds. It was a melancholy morning when the sun tries to break through the mist of a once roaring thunderstorm. Today was not the day to shine bright. Everyone sat in cluttered rows. The music that was suppose to be beautiful seemed strangely eerie. The ceremony began and tears started to flow. His wife’s onyx shawl bounces off her shoulders as she weeps. No one could get the courage to comfort her with loving words or even a kind gesture. Did she really love him? Before they lowered the glistening casket into the damp ground, a flower was placed on top. As it was lowered along with him into the infinite darkness, the flower curled as if it was dying with him.

Abby stood staring at the hole that would now be her husband home. She had nothing to say and nothing to hope for. Standing there made her feel complete, but if she were to leave she would have no one. He wouldn’t be home with her anymore. He wouldn’t run his fingers through her thick curly hair. She wouldn’t smell his musky cologne splashed on his shirt before heading out to work. He was gone and she could never have someone as special and kind as he was.

She turned away letting the tears fall. Eric had positioned himself under the tall oak tree in the back of the graveyard. He was the last person she wanted to see; yet he couldn’t see the signs.

“Go away,” she said to him.

The slight grimace on his face disappeared and erupted into sadness. “What…why would you say that? I just…I just wanted to comfort you. Do you need anything? I’ll do whatever you want. Whatever you need,” he pleaded.

“I don’t need anything from you! I WANT MY HUSBAND BACK! But I can’t have that because you took him from me,” she yelled at him.

Eric’s eyes widened, “Please don’t be like this. Meet me at The Club in an hour? Please? We can talk there…in private.”

She wanted to leave so she said yes and raced to her black jeep.

It was about 4:26pm when Abby finally arrived. Grabbing her coat from the passenger seat, she opened the car door and slipped the sleeves over her slender arms. It had begun to sprinkle so she pulled the hood around her bouncy locks. She ran to the door and flung it open. Eric jumped out his chair. Abby couldn’t tell if she had scared him or if it was because he was excited to see her.

“You came,” he exclaimed.

“It wasn’t suppose to be like this!” she screamed while tugging at her long brown curls.

“What did you expect? I wasn’t going to let him get away with it,” he said trying to sooth her nerves.

“I did love him ya know…”

“Yes, but you were married and he cheated! You are so beautiful. You could of done so much better than him,” he ran his hand down her silky cheek still slick with tears. “He didn’t deserve you. I though this was what you wanted.”

“NOT FOR YOU TO KILL HIM!” she slammed her hands on the crisp wooden table. “You could of talked to him or something. Are you insane! You could go to prison!”

“I know, but I did it for you. Now you can find someone better. Someone who will love you and no one else,” he slouched in his chair. His hair fell over his left eye so only one tear was seen escaping. “I just wanted to help…”

Abby grabbed the metal door handle and it opened with a creak. She was gone.

“I told you she would leave. This is all your fault!” He began tearing at his hair that was already ratted as though he had just wakened. In the reflection of the glossy table a smile appeared on his face.

“You know you wanted to kill him just as much as I did. You loved how his blood spilled to the floor…on to our hands,” his reflection began to laugh sadistically.

He closed his trying to block the image in front of him. “Your not REAL. SHUT UP!” his hand smashed to the wooden surface. He screamed with agony. “S***! Just leave me alone…please.”

“Why would I leave when I’m having so much fun!” the voice within him said snickering.

“How did you get in my head?! GET OUT!” he searched for some way to shatter the table into splinters.

Inside him the voice continued to laugh. Finally he saw the knife. It gleamed like the North Star on a cloudless night. Shaking, he reached for it and held it to his throat.

“Get out or I’ll make you leave.”

“Oh? And how would you do that?”

He looks at the dagger in his palm, “I’ll…I’ll kill you. If I’m dead you’ll be gone!”

A loud shrieking ‘HA’ burst within him. “So violent. I think I’m rubbing off on you.” He smiled as the blade dug into his skin. It wasn’t his body anymore. He couldn’t control his hand, he couldn’t control anything…

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xBaByGiRrL22x said...
Apr. 15, 2010 at 9:51 pm
woa. i really like this! i luv one thing was happening so u didnt expect anything else & then out of nowhere sumthing else hitz u. awesome job!!
xBaByGiRrL22x replied...
Apr. 15, 2010 at 9:52 pm
btw, da picture is perfect 4 the story. it makez it all da more deep:))
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