Dark Snow: Part 2

March 14, 2010
By genrejunkie BRONZE, Anderson, California
genrejunkie BRONZE, Anderson, California
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Part 2

They glinted in the night. They were directly behind him, shining with malice. No, thought Zach and he turned and ran.

Zach stopped when he realized that he couldn't head into the plane he would lead the monster straight to Henry and Richardson. Turning he headed to the front of the plane. He heard the beast behind him once again and Zach reached into his pocket for the gun. He rounded to the front of the plane and was staring at the mangled front of the craft. He ran for it as the monster gained on him. He could smell it, the sick sent of blood and slightly charred flesh.

His hands touched the jumbled mess of metal and he lifted himself into the remains. He squeezed into the cockpit past the twisted metal. His shoulder caught on a piece of metal and it dug into his skin drawing blood. A dangling piece scratched his cheek. He pulled himself deeper into the smashed front.

The beast was to big to fit into here, he was safe. Turning his head he saw the creature staring at him from the front of the plane, its eyes were glaring at him, eyes of hunger and hate. It roared and clawed at the metal ripping chunks of the plane away and into the snow. The thing was trying to get to him. It reached into the plane and its nails scratched his arm.

Oh no, he thought it would reach him. The creature snarled and specks of blood flew from its teeth. Its chest was burnt and the hair gone, the skin underneath was a nasty black. It was pissed from when Zach shot him.

Suddenly the creature stopped digging into the metal and its ear perked up, like a dogs. The things head jerked to the side as if it heard something.

“Zach is that you out there,” Richardson's voice called out?

Oh no, Richardson, thought Zach. The creature is going to eat him.

“Zach are you out there,” Richardson yelled?

The creature glanced back at Zach once more and then disappeared from sight.

“Richardson run, get back into the plane, go,” Zach yelled, he began to pull himself out of the metal.

“Zach, where are you,” Richardson yelled.

“Richardson, get back into the plane, get the hell out of here,” Zach yelled and pulled himself out of the plane and onto the snow.

“Is that you,” Richardson yelled.

Zach stood up and ran around to the side of the plane where Richardson came into view. Where was the monster?

Zach spun around in a circle, scanning the snow trying to spot the beast. Where could it of gone?

“Where the hell have you been? We thought you had died. Why didn't you come back,” he stopped and looked at Zach for a minute, “geez, are you okay?”

“Did you see something, like a... a monster,” asked Zach?

“What? A monster?”

“Ya, like a beast it just chased me it ate somebody and I ran and it followed me then it left and now its,” Zach started he was rushing he didn't stop and he bent over to catch his breath.

“Zach are you okay, maybe you should come inside the plane,” Richardson suggested.

Zach started laughing, “oh god I thought it was going to kill you,” then he stopped.

On top of the plane directly behind Richardson the creature crouched. Its eyes glinted and it bared his fangs. It roared and Richardson whirled around to look up into the eyes of the beast.

“Oh my god,” he whispered and the creature jumped.

It landed on Richardson and they collapsed to the ground, he screamed and blood splashed onto the snow. The creature dug its snout into Richardson's neck. He screamed again.

“No,” Zach yelled and bolted forward. The creature stood up on its hind legs and roared at Zach. Richardson's hands went up to his neck and grabbed his wound as blood pumped from it like a fountain. He gasped, no longer able to scream, his eyes wide as his life seeped out of him and soaked into the snow, darkening it.

Zach grabbed the flare gun and pointed it at the beast. It roared again and at the the sight of the weapon leaped back atop the plane and ran along its length until it jumped int the darkness.

Henry walked out of the plane, his eyes wide and questioning. They fell on Richardson and he gasped.

Zach ran forward and went to his knees by Richardson's side. His blood had turned the snow red and dark. Zach reached down and touched Richardson's shoulder then withdrew his hand afraid of hurting the man even more.

Richardson's eyes were huge and they stared up into the sky, at nothingness. He had already lost a lot of blood realized Zach, there wasn't anything they could do for him now. So Zach knelt there staring at Richardson as he bled out.

It only took a couple of seconds for Richardson to die and when he did, henry walked over and pulled Zach to his feet.

“Come on.”

Zach got up and together they walked into the plane.

Zach sat down on one of the seats and took a deep breath.

Henry waited a couple of seconds before bursting out, “What the hell is going on.”

“There's something out there,” Zach whispered.

“What do you mean, and animal killed Richardson,” Henry asked and laughed.

“Yes,” was all Zach said.

Henry stopped laughing and said, “Your serious .”

“Dead serious, and it's not just any animal its a monster,” Zach said standing up.

“A monster, like a yeti,” asked Henry.

“A what,” Zach questioned?

“The abominable snowman, you know Bigfoot's snowy cousin,” Henry explained.

“Thats not like any Bigfoot I've ever heard about,” Zach said.

“It's like the Bigfoot only meaner, natives that live up in the mountains tell stories about it eating people and kidnapping women,” Henry said.

“But Bigfoot is like the missing link, part human and park gorilla. The monster was more like a wolf than gorilla or human,” Zach explained, maybe if they knew what the thing was they would have a better chance at killing it.

“I don't know maybe it's a Wendigo,” Henry said.

“A what,” Zach said he was starting to get annoyed, they weren't getting anywhere with this.

“A monster that lives in mountains, natives said it was a spirit of people who had to resort to cannibalism when they got caught in a snow storm or something,” Henry said, the whole time he was explaining this to Henry his eyes shifted to the giant hole in the plane.

“That wasn't a spirit, I shot it with a flare and it was hurt,” Zach said.

“Well maybe it's a creature that the natives just thought was a spirit because they didn't have a reasonable explanation for the thing,” Henry suggested.

“Well maybe this, maybe that. We don't have time to sit here playing guessing games. Richardson is dead, and whatever the hell that thing is it's going to come back here and attack us again,” Zach yelled thrusting his hand out to where Richardson's body lay.

Henry's gaze followed his outstretched hand and his gaze widened. Zach looked to where Richardson's body was. It was gone, where the body had been was now just a patch of dark snow.

“it took his body,” Henry whispered.

Zach took out the flare gun again and held it out to the darkness, waiting for the creature to appear out of the darkness. Together they stared out into the darkness for several minutes, then Zach turned and said, “Get to the back of the plane and get some sleep I'll keep watching.”

Henry nodded and went to the back. Zach sat in one of the chairs and faced the gaping hole with the gun at the ready.

He stayed like that until the first creeping rays of light glinted off the metal of the plane. Zach got up and went to the back to wake Henry. He shook him awake and told his to get up.

“What why,” Henry asked?

“Because we have things to do. We need to see if there is anything else we can find in this plane that will be of any use,” Zach said.

“Me and Richardson searched the whole plane while you where gone, there isn't anything else,” Henry stated.

“Then we have other things to do,” Zach said.

“Like what,” asked Henry calmly?

“Like, I don't know, but we have to do something we can't just sit here and wait for that thing to come back and tear our heads off,” Zach yelled at the top of his lungs.

“Zach, listen to yourself, your losing it, there isn't anything for us to do. We're stranded here in the middle of the Himalayas with what, a flare gun and each other. We're finished. It's game over. Just give up,” Henry said calmly.

Zach crumpled to the ground, deflated, “I can't give up.”

“Why not,” Henry asked?

“Because I just can't,” Zach said and looked up at Henry, he was crying, “I just can't Henry,” Zach said and looked back down at the floor of the plane, suddenly he looked up and smiled, “and neither can you.”

“What are you talking about. I am giving up,” Henry stated.

“No you aren't, you cant,” Zach said getting to his feet and approaching Henry, “you know why you can't,” asked Zach.

Before he could answer Zach interrupted him, “Because you have kids waiting for you at home. You can't give up, you can't just leave your kids,” Zach said pointing at Henry.

“Your kids are waiting for you at home, and you want to just give up and let that monster come and finish you off. HELL NO,” shouted Zach and he poked Henry in the chest, “your going to get up and you're going to fight with me.”

Henry laughed and got to his feet, “Fine, I won't give up, Zach, I won't,” Henry said and he shook some snow off his jacket.

“Good,” Zach said.

“So, my fearless leader what are we going to do next,” Henry asked.

Before Zach could answer. The metal behind Henry exploded inward and a pair of clawed hands ripped into Henry's shoulders. Henry screamed and he was yanked backwards, out of the plane.

“Henry,” Zach yelled and rushed outside.

The beast stood over Henry's sprawled form, in broad daylight the monster was even more terrifying. Zach could make out every detail of the monsters body, every muscle every speck of blood and every razor tooth.

His eyes pierced Zach with a rage and violence unmatched by anything else on Earth. The creature bent down and sunk its fangs into Henry's legs, his teeth sliced through flesh and bit into bone easily.

Zach picked up a long chunk of metal and ran towards the beast. It was taken aback for a second, surprised that it's prey was attacking, it quickly overcame its amazement. The monster roared and let go of Henry's legs. Henry moaned in pain.

Zach swung the piece of metal as hard as he could and it crashed on the beast's head. The monster collapsed to the ground and Zach ran to Henry's side.

“Come on, get up,” Zach said and attempted to lift henry up.

“No, leave me, I can't walk,” Henry said and closed his eyes in pain.

“Then I'll carry you but I'm not leaving you here,” Zach grunted and lifted Henry to his feet.

Henry groaned and put his wait on his good leg. Zach wrapped his hands around his waist and pulled him away from the plane.

“Where are we going,” asked Henry?

“I don't know but we cant stay by this plane,” Zach said and continued to drag Henry across the snow.

They walked for thirty minutes, Henry supporting himself on his good leg while Zach dragged him through the snow. The sun was high in the sky, but Zach was still cold, the weariness of no sleep and the nights tiring ordeal was placing it's full weight on his shoulder.

Then he heard the roar, it split through the air and Zach knew they were screwed.

“It's awake,” Henry said quietly. He was barely awake having lost so much blood.

“Hold on, we'll make it,” Zach said and collapsed.

He couldn't do it, Zach realized. Even him, the guy who found hope in everything couldn't finish this. He had never let bad things ruin him, not him dad's death or anything else. Now he was going to be ripped apart by a Wendigo or a Yeti or whatever the hell that thing was. He heard another roar, this time closer.

Zach pulled himself to henry and he grabbed Henry's hand, “Henry don't give up, hang on. Help has to come soon.”

Henry's eyes were closed but he was still breathing shallowly. Zach looked toward where the plane was and saw a small dot running toward them slowly getting larger.

His hands, numb and shaking reached into his pocket and pulled out the flare gun. He aimed it at the steadily growing dot and then dropped it. He was to weak to even hold his gun up.

The beast appeared in front of him, not even ten feet away. It stood up on its hind legs and roared at them. Blood and pieces of Richardson's flesh flew out of its mouth.

“You bast**d,” Zach whispered.

The creature stepped forward and roared again. Richardson raised the gun and fired it in one quick movement. The blinding light split the air, and the sparks peppered the snow. The flare exploded on the top of the beasts chest burning its face. The monster screamed and collapsed clawing at tis burnt face. It withered on the ground as Zach shoved the final flare in the gun.

Zach slowly climbed to his feet and walked over to the beast that lay on the ground in tis own burnt flesh and blood. Zach placed the gun inches from the creatures face and fired it into the beast eyes. It roared and Zack dropped the gun as his hand was burnt in the sudden light. The creature roared again as it's head burst into a quick flame and it's brain boiled. Its eyes went up in flame and it roared one final time and lay still.

The gun lay in the smoke and the last of the sparks died in the wind. Zach looked at his hand it was badly burnt after firing the flare so close. He turned away from the dead monster and fell beside Henry's still body. He no longer breather and his eyes closed peacefully.

Zach grabbed Henry's jacket and pulled him close, he cried and his tears burrowed deep into the snow. He stayed like that grabbing Henry's jacket and crying even when the helicopter landed next to him.

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