The Knife

March 4, 2010
By Anonymous

James fought to live. That isn’t necessarily easy when a knife is sticking in your eye and there are bullet holes in your leg. But James still fought. Surviving is not a natural thing, so the world went blank.

Bright hospital lights protruded through James’s eyelids, so they flew open in an instant. An IV bag towered over him , and a metallic taste flooded his mouth. He could barely see the stone tile floor behind the many sheets that covered his body. Suddenly, a sweet voice entered his ears.

“I thought you’d never wake! Thank goodness your going to be okay. You’re probably wondering where you are at. This is-“

The nurse was cut off by a swift shank in the stomach and a flying knife in the throat.

James had spotted the bloodstained kinife that rested on the table nearby. The doctors must have left it there after surgically removing it. So James used it to his advantage. Good providence for James, not so much for the nurse.

Knowing he would regret it later, James pulled out the IV tubes and stood up. Lucky for him, the bullets had not hit bone but walking was still awful. James knew that soon the dying nurse would be discovered. Quickly, he yanked the knife from her crimson throat.

Startled at his hospital garb and how obvious he would appear in public, James spun around, but his old clothes were nowhere in the room. He’d have to find new clothes somewhere else.

Footsteps suddenly resounded from outside the room, so James quickly hobbled to the window. He lifted the rim and hefted his shot leg onto the sill. As he hopped onto the window, James couldn’t help but take a last look at his work. Crimson spatters around the room led to the nurse, who had a gaping, blood-filled hole for a throat, with a similar abdomen.
Finally, James parted from his handiwork. He hopped down onto the cold grass of the hospital lawn.

The serial killler strode out onto the bustling market place, proud of his new black suit. He wore ALL black, even over his eye. The

The author's comments:
Just don't get confused. Tell me if you like this so I know if I should publish the rest of my work.

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