A Summer To Remember

March 4, 2010
By LesleyChow895 BRONZE, New York City, New Hampshire
LesleyChow895 BRONZE, New York City, New Hampshire
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“School is out!” exclaimed Brooke Shelby, as she glanced at Brennan affectionately.
Brooke and her three best friends Kayla, Lauren, and Brennan walked out the doors of their last home education class and into the hallway.
“Oh, Brooke you are so cute. I wish I was as happy as you!” complimented Brennan.
Did I mention that Brooke and Brennan have been going out for 3 months? Brennan is a really cool guy. Actually, Lauren and I had a crush on him in Kindergarten.
“I thought we would be downstairs, already.” complained Kayla.
“Calm down, Miss. Kranky Pants!” shot back Brennan
“Oh, please don’t start a love fest?”Kayla pleaded
“We will! Brookie come here and give me a big wet one! Mmmmm….” Brennan said with kissy sound effects.
“Barf, Brennan you take everything to the extreme!” Kayla said exhausted
Oh, did I tell you my name is Vanessa? I am the narrator in this story. I am Brennan’s ex-girlfriend. In the end of this story…
“Hey, this is our story, remember?” said everyone in unison
Alright, alright. End of the school year and start of summer. I mean it is very easy to have a good summer if everyone you hang out just stays together. This summer happened way different from any other.

It all began when Mr. Jemmings had invited Lauren and Kayla over for cookies and tea. That day they didn’t come back. Search parties flew out everywhere that evening and when they didn’t come home that night they were posted as MIA.

Brooke and Brennan were walking down the street 3 weeks after Kayla and Lauren went missing. A green house sits perched up next to a tall pine tree that the neighborhood kids hung a swing up to. Brooke sat down on the rusted swing seat and had Brennan push her.

“I wonder where Lauren and Kayla went?”, asked Brooke with a small tear crawling down her cheek.

“Yeah, um Brooke?”, said Brennan

“Yeah, Brennan what’s up?”

“How come no one has even questioned Mr. Jemmings about them disappearing? He was the last one to ever see them.” questioned Brennan

“Isn’t that Mr. Jemmings house?” said Brooke while pointing at the green house next to them.

So, with that Brooke and Brennan took off to the front door of the green house and rang the doorbell. They waited about 5 minutes before the door creaked open.

“Hello? Anybody home?” yelled Brennan

“Shhhhh. Obviously if someone didn’t answer the door, they don’t want us in here.”

Brooke and Brennan creaked through the old house.


“What was that?” shrieked Brooke

Then, with that Brooke and Brennan sprinted to the downstairs basement and saw a sight that made Brooke faint. Mr. Jemmings was standing over Kayla with a knife.


After everything had died down, things were barely getting back to normal. Lauren and Kayla had to go to a physiologist and discuss their adventure. Mr. Jemmings had been sentenced to 10- to life in prison. The neighborhood had evicted the house and now it was on the market.

“It is great to have you back.” said Brennan to Lauren and Kayla

“Thanks, it feels good to be back. But, Mr. Jemmings was so nice it just is so weird.” said Kayla

And with that the four friends walked down the street thinking…


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Emmaline said...
on Sep. 27 2010 at 11:07 am
this is weird!! haha i have a story called this to but its really different!! haha  really good though!

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