Science for Survival

March 3, 2010
By screenname1 BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
screenname1 BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
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We were all sitting in my office when the phone rang. Everyone became dead silent. I answered the phone and put it on speaker. A women’s voice rang out and said, “I woke up this morning and my daughter was missing from her room. We were supposed to go to a movie today that she had been wanting to see.”

I replied trying to comfort her, “Okay Ma’am we’ll be right over to check things out don’t move anything.”

My partner and I were walking to our car. I looked out of the parking garage and saw it was snowing. I thought to myself, “If the person who stole her came back this could be hard if he starts running.” We had arrived at our assigned car and I unlocked the doors. I got in the driver seat and started the engine.
As all us cops and detectives were driving to her house, the fog made it hard to see. We turned on our bright lights on our car and as soon as we did, I saw a black SUV in front of her house. The cops went to examine that as me and my partner went to examine the house.
Two other FBI agents came with us to search the house. They stuck together and me and my partner, Catherine, stuck together. We walked into a bedroom and lying on the floor was the mom.

She had tears sprinting down her face, and when I looked what she was crying about, a burly man was standing over her looking at her with a beating stick in his hand. As I got closer to the mom I saw that the side of her head was bleeding. I drew out my flashlight and held it right under my gun. Caitey was doing the same thing. Simultaneously we turned on our flashlights.

The huge man turned around and gawked at us. He lifted his stick high above his head and swung down with all his might. It nailed my full on into my head. Before I blacked out I saw a fuzzy vision and my partner shot the guy 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 times until he dropped.

As I tried to get up after I awoke, I felt suddenly sick and laid back down. After everything came into focus and wasn’t blurry anymore, I realized Catherine, Jimmy, and Andrew, the other agents at the house, were all there. Now as I tried to sit up I had no problem. But then I asked, “Was that the guy who stole the ladies daughter?”
Katherine replied sounding worried, “No it wasn’t the man, but we have a clue closer, when we were in the daughters room we saw the window was broken and footprints were in the snow. We got the type of shoe, the size and everyone who had bought some nearby.
We were waiting for you to get better before we went and followed the footsteps.

When we were all talking in the office a lady walked in dressed in hospital robes, “Officers, you need to hurry and find my daughter!. I am sicking of waiting for her to come home its driving me INSANE!” and with that she ran straight at me. The only way I could stop her was to grab the flashlight off the side of the table. As she got close enough I pounded her head twice. THWACK! THWACK! As she dropped toward the floor I thought I might have killed her.
Then I looked over a Katherine and she said, “We have to find him before its too late. She might still be alive and this is our only chance to save her.”
“Well then lets go and do this,” and I stood up pulled on my shoes, strapped my belt and holster to my side, and slid my side arm into its case.. I the put on my suit and stuck my flashlight on the inside pocket. We walked out to the cars and got in. When we got to the lab, they had did some research getting traces of DNA from the girls room. She had a 16 year old young man in her room the other night. We went to find him and asked him a few questions, “We know you were at Kaity’s house the night she disappeared. Why is she missing now?”
“I don’t know, her mom called me right after she called you guys. We were only hanging out in her room, When I saw some man at the wondow, I said to Kaity, “Hey um I have to go and do something for my mom before I go home. I almost forgot.” Then I walked through her house and to my car.”

“Look young man, we need to find this girl, and we have already used our term that is our first thing we do, we call it, “Science For Surival,” said Katherine. The kid turned away and shook his head, “I don’t know anything about the man.” And
We drove to the lady’s house and went to the daughter’s room. We climbed through the window that was broken. Tracing down the footsteps, they led into a broken down old shack. We drew our pistols and took out our flashlights, we broke down the door.
Inside was pitch black. As we walked around we realized someone had recently been in here. We all stuck together. Turning around a corner, was man with a gun pointing it at a girl. He said, “Look I want to know where he is!”
Crying and in a shaky voice the daughter replied, “I don’t know who your talking about. When she said that he smacked her, and we realized there was electricity in the room. I managed to turn off the lights. The other agents turned on their flashlights and the man jumped. He turned and pointed the pistol. Before he could pull his trigger, Jimmy had shot 3 bullets straight into his chest and neck. He slumped to the floor.
We took the girl to the doctors. Three broken bones and a fractured skull later, Elizabeth, the daughter was on her way home. I was glad that we could save this girl and her mom before anything serious happened.

The author's comments:
I was bored and thought about this laying on a couch watching CSI

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