March 18, 2010
By Souljaboy BRONZE, Bremen, Indiana
Souljaboy BRONZE, Bremen, Indiana
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On a warm summer day in the afternoon, children played outside, men mowed lawns, and woman made lunch for their children. Tommorow was church day (also known as Sunday)and people all over America would be drawn to the lord to see what he has in store for them, but in a small town in Indiana, Creekville is its name,things on that Saturday afternoon would be very different for that small Indiana town. Something murderous, something evil that cannot be stopped, something has razor sharp teeth and glowing red eyes, and a sidekick with powers unimaginable.
Let the war begin.

A black mustang sped out of the town of Creekville, Indiana, wanting out of this town, the driver of the mustang didn't notice the child that ran out in front of the road. The driver breaked to a stop, his heart pounding, eyes wide. The vehicle didn't break to a hault in time, in fact the pedal was stuck. The child stood there, eyes wide as well, right in front of the street. There driver saw a flash, heard a crashing sound, then blackness. The child was stuck to the grille of the mustang, face smashed inside of it. Gore covered half the grille, mostly brain. Broken teeth lay in the middle of the road, an eye ball too. The man hadn't been injured to much, except for a cut on his forehead, it stung more than it was painful. The man started to sob, not knowing what to do. He was afraid of what horrors lay beyond the inside of the vehicle, afaid he would throw up once he saw the dead child. He knew the child was gone because he could see the top of the boys head with his hair blowing in the wind. Even in the safety of his vehicle, he felt like vomiting. An alarming sound caught the man's attention. The man was glad to think about something else other than the corpse all over his grille. The man turned his head around looking at a wall of fire. The driver grew confused at this sight, for he had never seen such a spectacle of this magnitude in his life. The man struggled to get out of his mustang, frozen in the position he was in, also because this man had an imagination and thought the child would pull itself off from the grille of the mustang and charge up from behind the man and tear out the nape of his neck, then feed on the remains. He had never seen a dead body before. Finally, the man brought up the courage to leave his mustang, keeping all eyes away from the child. The man slowly walked up to the flame, almost going slower every step he took. When he was at touching distance (even though there would be no touching involved in this) he just stared, eyes still wide and his hands shaking like a coward. He stared. Stared. Stared. A face came at the man, screaming, almost screeching very loudly. The face formed in the fire, but looked very clear to any eye whether someone had poor sight, they could see it. The things teeth were tremendously long. The face, mouth wide open, let out of a storm of fire out of its vampire like mouth. The flames swallowed the man from head to toe. The man screamed like a little girl and seconds later, the man was gone, The demon face too. All that was left was the car and the dead child connected to it. The only sounds that could be heard were the screeching of tires on both sides, horns blurring, men cursing, and fire sirens.

to be continued...

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