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Into the Ruins

March 15, 2010
By offwithyourhead! PLATINUM, Fairburn, Georgia
offwithyourhead! PLATINUM, Fairburn, Georgia
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September 11,2005

That's the day it all started. That's the day it all came shattering down. My entire life, I mean. That's the day my heart fell into thousands of pieces. The horrific actions that caused this painful aftermath was his doing. He destroyed everything. Like a small wide fire raging out of control after just minutes of lingering on the dead green forest grass. His fire burnt me. His fire burnt everything else in my path. In our path. Then came the water. The water helped put out the burn. The gracious water that helped the forest from being burned down completely. The water helped the forest survive. This is my bittersweet fairytale. And you're about to find out the bittersweet fairytale once you turn the page.

The author's comments:
This is something I just came up with on the spot. I just wanted to get something out there that was written by me. Hahahaha! I have't posted a single thing since I recently first joined here, I think last week or two weeks ago. Hahaha! Anywho, I hope you all enjoy this first little peace.

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