March 15, 2010
By rockerchic15 BRONZE, Tampa, Florida
rockerchic15 BRONZE, Tampa, Florida
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Favorite Quote:
"Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it we go nowhere."

---- Carl Sagan-----


It was a dark and stormy night. The winds were dancing as the night came around.

The forest was quiet , the tress were swaying softly. I ran during the time that was kept, I

had no where to go. Once the moon was out of view, weird things would happen, and it

all started with a legend.

The legend itself was something that went like this. When ever there was a full

moon she bloated into a huge monstrous creature. Many describe it as a fat ugly Mexican

creature that threw random objects at people (they were usually sharpies ). She hid her

own hands between her legs, some say its because she had big claws outstretched. As she

walks a trail of blood follows her as if she was using her hands to tare the skin of the

insides of her scared thighs’. But hey look on the bright side, some just think it’s an

angry fat Mexican girl, but no one really knows. She is so hideous that no one looks upon


What they don’t know is that this girl wasn’t just a girl. Yes, her human face was

monstrous enough, but when the moon hid behind the clouds, and the whole forest was

veiled in darkness, she would show her face. No one who had ever seen her lived to tell

the tale. But, legend had it that she melted with the shadows, her eyes holes of the endless

darkness that surrounded her. This was going through my mind as I ran.

Further and further away from the safety of my village. I ran until my legs gave

way, and I collapsed on the floor, leaning. I could run no longer, but I knew. I could feel

her moving into my shadow. I could feel her claws digging through my back, into me. I

could feel the blood oozing down my back and I screamed in agony, pushing myself

faster. Of course they would dare me to find out if the legend was true or not. They all

wanted me to disappear with the slash of those disgusting jagged claws she had. And now

I was going to pay my life for agreeing to what seemed to be a contract with the devil, and

for running out here at this time of night. I glimpsed back and felt my whole world turn

upside down as those dark orbs stabbed into my own. Her flesh rippled as she stomped

after me. Plaque covered her rotting teeth. Her claws covered in blood. I could feel vile

moving up my throat as I turned and focused on getting away. Why ,why, why?! Why

couldn’t it be sharpies instead?! But what I saw was saved for my eyes alone, the reason

why was because I found the legend to be true, and therefore I disappeared. With out

telling a soul about the legend about that night. So don’t test it… or she’ll be looking for


The author's comments:
This was something i had to write for my creative writing, so we had to pick random cards with word on them and boom! This is what i ended up with. ^^

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