The Scared

March 15, 2010
By OliviaMiaKing BRONZE, Calgary, Other
OliviaMiaKing BRONZE, Calgary, Other
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Favorite Quote:
Life is like an onion. Sometimes we may peel off a layer, and sometimes we may weep.

Falling 10,000 feet and never stopping
You’ll have to stop sometime or your heart will stop
Bracing yourself for the end or something never coming
Embracing life and something that will mesmerize you
Falling 10,000 feet and never stopping
Staring at the stars and wondering, just staring
And noticing that for the first time you can see
See the beauty in all things and not just yourself
Falling 10,000 feet and never stopping
The rope of life twinges at every movement you make
Even the slightest touch could bring you back down
To the earth were you belong, with hope
Falling 10,00 feet and never stopping

The author's comments:
The poem came to me,when I was thinking about life's journey and how its different for all people. It may be sad it may be happy. But then it's just a journey!

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