Angels of Death Part 3

March 11, 2010
By Dougie SILVER, Waynesburg, Ohio
Dougie SILVER, Waynesburg, Ohio
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Olivia just stared at him and said “Not this time.”

They walked out the door with the gun and got in the car. They began to drive away.

When they arrived at the church they were the last ones. Seven teenagers were present, waiting for Them to unlock the church.

“Well looky here. We’ve got Adom and Marsha and Teddio and Matthew and Judy and Mag and Julie and Olivia and I. Oh cherrio mates. We have a full house. Oh so sad that Mrs. Boey couldn’t make it. Olivia didn’t want to drive an extra person.” At this everyone lost there smiles and looked from side to side at eachother trying to figure out who Mrs. Boey was.

Olivia unlocked the church and they walked into the church. “Children, get your bibles and I need to talk to Ethan in the Kitchen.”

“Well g’day to ya. I shall return, yadda yadda yadda.” Ethan said as his wife drug him into the kitchen.

“Ethan? Are you OK? Your kinda acting weird.

“Well yes, O-LI-VI-A. I feel fine. And may I be frank? I don’t know what that means but sounds nice, right? Frank. Frank. Frank. Hmmmm. You need to relax.”

Olivia presses her hand up against Ethan ‘s head. “Your tempereature is normal. Whatever. Lets getr youth done. Then we’ll go kill and live happily ever after.”

“KILL!!!!!!!” Ethan screamed. All the teens shifted in their seats at this word, making them feel uncomfortable.

Olivia held her hand over his mouth. “SHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!” she hissed.

They walked out and sat around at the table. They noticed that someone was missing.

“Where’s Mag? We didn’t scare her off, did we? Well all well. Let’s begin.

After youth they went outside. “Hey, Marsha. I don’t need to speak with you so go on home. As for the rest of you stay here cause I need to give you something.” Marsha looked at the ground and walked to her car. She didn’t know that she was getting a gift too. Hers was life. Theirs is Death.

When Marsha left, He had the remaining teenagers line up in a single file line and shot them. One bullet through five teenagers necks from behind so they didn’t know what was happening..

Olivia drove home with tears and Ethan had a grin on his face. They were silent until they got inside the house.

“Why did you do that?” Olivia asked.

“Cause I was told to” Ethan answered.

“You were told to kill five people……”

“Which I did.”

“But you coulda killed people we didn’t even know.”

“But why use the gas money if we have five willing victims right near us. HUH?”

“So gas money is your excuse? Pathetic. I can’t believe you did that.”

“Well I be mighty sorry, ma’am. If I’d a known it hurt that bad, I woulda killed someone else.”

“I’m goin to bed. GOOD NIGHT ETHAN!!!!” She screamed as she stomped up the stairs. She then threw a pillow and cover down the stairs and slammed the door.

It was a peaceful night. No dreams. No noises. No disturbances. Well almost no disturbances, except for the huge explosion that happened outside at 5 in the morning.

Bang. Boom. Olivia heard the noise and wandered outside to see what was going on. She looked at a big fire and heard the kitchen window close. She walked into the kitchen to find Ethan putting the gun in the case.

“What the Hell are you doing!?!” she screamed.

“I made car go boom. Youth in the trunk. NO evidence.” He said as he llaughed.

“What did you say? Is that our car?” She looks out the window to see the melting metal. “When did you get the teens?”

“I went back for them at 10. Ha ha ha.” He begins to walk upstairs. “I’m seepy” He goes to bed.

“How am I supposed to get to school now? Damn it.” She picks up the house phone and dials the school number. “Hello? Yeah this is Olivia. My car uh……….exploded and so I can’t make it to school.” She hangs up and sleeps on the recliner.

Sleep. Torture. Kill. The voice says “Ethan you have done wrong and must be punished, unless you torture the souls of those who sin. Kill” Ethan falls into darkness.

He woke up on the floor, covers and all. He sees that he rolled of the bed. “Torture.” He says as he gets up. There’s death in his eyes. He walks downstairs, and goes to his wife in the recliner. “Baby, I’m goin out.” He says to her. He walks out the door and goes to the neighbor’s house. He knocks on the door. The door opens and an old lady is standing in the door.
Reverend. What do I owe this pleasure?”
Well Betty. I hear that you always lied when you were young. Is this true?
Yeah. Well I was a child then, not knowing better.” She said in a shaky voice.
“Did you ask for forgiveness?
“No, I didn’t. Didn’t think of it.”
“Can I come in? He picks her up over his shoulder, before he gets an answer and carries her inside her house. He sets her on the couch and looks around the house. He sees a spider crawling on the wall so he grabs it with a towel and places it on Betty. She screams as the spider sinks its teeth into her leg. She begins to go numb. When she was completely immobile Ethan rolled her onto her stomach. He walks into the kitchen, gets a knife and goes back into the room with Betty. “Don’t worry, the pain will only last a minute, or two.”
She mumbles something but as she can’t move her mouth, and the carpet is there all that was heard was “Mrffrmfm.”
He presses the knife on her back and slowly slices it along the spine. Blood starts seeping out. He goes over the cut one more time to make it deeper. He puts his hand in the bloody wound, grabs the spine and slowly rips her spine out. “There now the worst is over. Now the fun begins.” He rips out a kidney. “You only need one of those.” He rips out the other one. “But seeing that you don’t need any of those where you’re goin I’ll take both.” He rips out the intestines and liver. “How’s it feel, to be a sinner? Not very good now, does it?” He rips out a lung and then turns her over. “I’ll be right back.” He says as he gets up. He walks back into the kitchen and grabs a spoon. He walks back and kneels down next to her. “Take in this view of me cause it’s the last thing your ever gonna see in this life.” He stabs her in the eye with the spoon and scoops it out. He does the same with her other eye. He rolls her over and says “Good bye Betty. May God forgive you.” He rips her heart out and leaves the pile of organs on the couch.
He walks over to his house and washes the blood off his hands. He sits at the table and eats his cereal in silence. Olivia walks in.
“Hey. Where’ve you been?” she asked.
“Uh just out for a walk for fresh air sweetie.”
“Well alright. I’m sorry about last night. It’s just I was a little worried about us killing.”
“It’s fine. Uh I’m goin out again later. Do you want to come?”
“Nah. I am gonna stay home and relax on my day off.”
“Whatever. I am going. See ya.”
“Where at?
“Betty’s letting me use her van so I’m gonna go drive around.”
“Really? That was nice of her.”
“Well. See ya.” He walks out the door. He goes into Betty’s garage and gets in the van. He starts it up and drives to Canton. He drives fast but no one is around to bust him. A kid with a broken leg is hobbling across an intersection. Ethen can’t stop and hits him. He flies over the car and lands on the road. Ethan stops and gets out of the car. He runs to the boy and picks him up. He takes him to the car and places him in the passenger seat.
I’m so sorry. I’m headin’ to Lowes. You wanna tag along? I’ll drop you off at your destination after I get what I need. If not, I’ll leave you in the road where I hit you? What’s your answer?”
“Well, I guess I’ll come with you?” He said with a question in his voice.
“Good answer.” He drives to Lowes and gets out. “Do you wanna come in or stay in the van?”
“I’ll stay,” the boy said.
“Alright.” Ethan says as he makes sure he has his wallet. He looks at the boy to see him with it. Taking the money. “Hey. Give me that. Don’t take my money.” He grabs his wallet and checks to see how much there is in it. He sees forty dollars. “Give me the rest of it.” The boy reaches in his pocket and grabs a wad of twenties and hands it to Ethan.
Ethan walks into Lowes and is in there for ten minutes. He comes out with chains and a 2x4. He walks to the van. He opens the passenger door and says “Get out for a minute.” The boy does as told and Ethan grabs his throat and cuts off his oxygen so he faints.
When he comes to, he notices that he’s chained to the 2x4 and is hanging out the side of the van.
“What are you doing?” he screamed.
“I’m teaching you a lesson that you won’t forget. Thou shall not steal is one of the Ten Commandments. You broke that so you must pay.” Ethan yells back as he grabs the end of the 2x4. He slowly lowers the kids face onto the road. “Let’s go for a little ride.” He drives onto the expressway and speeds up so he was pushing 80 mph. The kid’s head was slowly tearing, with a streak of blood and shreds of flesh getting left behind. Ethan saw there was a Semi behind him so he pulled over to the left so the semi was behind the kid and Ethan let go of the 2x4. He looked in his rear view mirror to see a little explosion of red under the wheels of the semi.
He gets home and grabs a second set of shiny chains. He puts it in the garage.
When he walks to the door, he hears two voices. One was Olivia’s, but the other was unknown. He walks in to discover a police officer standing in the kitchen. He was talking to Olivia who had her head in her hands, crying.
Hello. You must be Ethan. Olivia here told me you went out on a walk this morning. She said that Betty next door said you could borrow her van. Is this true?
“Yes it is officer? Why? What’s going on?
“Well, during the time of which you were strolling about, Betty was killed. And last night, 5 teenagers turn up missing after youth. Do you know anything about this?”
“No officer.”
“Well, I thought I ought to try here first. But until further notice, I don’t want either of you to leave town, or we will hunt you down and take you to jail for not following a officer’s orders. Understand?
“Yes sir,” they both say.
“Good.” He walks out the door.
“Where have you been? I’ve been worried. The officer came as soon as you left so he stayed until you got home,” Olivia said.
“I went to Lowes and got uh……….chains. They were on sale,” he answered.
“Where are these chains? It’s not that I don’t trust you.”
“They’re in the garage.”

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It's still gettin better.

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