Angels of Death

March 11, 2010
By Dougie SILVER, Waynesburg, Ohio
Dougie SILVER, Waynesburg, Ohio
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The Ten Commandments are the rules of God. God gave them to Moses and wanted all to follow. Well this is a story that tells of two lovers who thought they were doing the right thing by killing all who don’t follow the Ten Commandments.

A girl named Olivia was a sinless child. She only was a sinner because she was born that way. But when she was baptized, she never sinned because she wanted to make her father in heaven proud. She was planning to go to Heaven so she tried to help the world with everything that goes wrong. She lived in Waynesburg, Ohio.

A boy named Ethan was a sinful child. He wished that Adam and Eve didn’t eat the Forbidden fruit because he was stressed about not going to heaven. He caused a lot of problems at school and at home. His brothers and sisters taunt him and when he finally snaps and attacks them for it, he’s the only one to get in trouble. He’s afraid that it will cause God to throw him in Hell for these actions. He lives in Toledo, Ohio.

When Olivia was 18 years old, she was invited to go to Bowling Green State University to major in the word of God and become Professor. That year Ethan would be 20 years old and would be attending his second year at Bowling Green State University to become a Reverend. They met and fell in love. When they graduated, they got married and moved to Waynesburg, Ohio.

“Hey, Ethan. How do you think we should share the word of God? I think it’ll be cool if what I taught at Kent State is what you taught at church,” Olivia said one Monday morning.

“Well….what are you teaching this week?” Ethan asked.

“Well, I was thinking about the Ten Commandments. How’s that sound?”

“That’s a good idea. We could teach about what God wants us to do and the rules he wants us to follow.”


All that week, Olivia taught about God wanting the world to be sinless. She talked about the Ten Commandments that God wants us to follow. That Sunday, Ethan told the congregation that God is watching us all, every minute of every day. He made many people cry. Later that night, they received a knock on the front door. It was Ted from church.

“Hey, uh…Reverend. Your service was very meaningful to me. I was one of the many that cried because they know that they really messed up. I need help to ask for forgiveness. Will you pray with me?” Ted asked.

“Anything for a sinner that knows they did wrong. Let’s pray. Dear heavenly father. Ted here has broken one of your ten commandments and wants forgiveness. We pray to you today asking you to forgive ted for……….uh, what did you do?”

Ted answered “I killed my brother.”

Ethan finished shakily “Uh…for killing his brother lord. Please give him forgiveness and don’t send him to Hell for this awful deed that he has done.”

Ted stood up, pulled a knife out of his pocket and held it up to Ethan’s throat. “Take that back. Take it back right now. I know it was awful but quit reminding God. He’ll send me to Hell fer sure.”

“Now hold on there Ted. No need to go all crazy on me now. God won’t send you to Hell as long as you are truly sorry. No need to pull out that knife there.” Ethan said.

“Kill me.”


“I said Kill me. I committed a horrible deed and now I don’t deserve to live, nor does anyone else who broke one of the Ten Commandments. Kill me now before I kill you.” Ted said as he handed Ethan the knife.

“We don’t need to do this. Have your knife back.”

Ted takes the knife and says “Fine then I’ll kill you cause you didn’t kill me.” He runs at Ethan. Ethan grabbed Ted’s hands and tried to stop him put he accidently put the knife though Ted. Where the knife pierced Ted, there was blood oozing out.

Ethan fell to his knees holding Ted. He said “I’m sorry Ted. I didn’t mean it. Come on. We will get some help.” He begins to cry.

At dinner he explained everything that happened to Ted to his wife.

“That’s horrible. Why did he kill his Brother? Did he say?” Olivia asked.

“No. I just found out that he did it. Wow. I killed a man who felt he shouldn’t walk on this earth. I’m going to pray for forgiveness.”

“Do you want me to come pray also?”
“Nah. I’ll be OK alone.”

He walks upstairs and sits by his bed on his knees. “Dear heavenly Father. Today I did a horrible thing. I killed a member of my church. I come to you today asking for your forgiveness. Please Lord, forgive me. Amen.” Ethan prayed.

Olivia opens the door. “Are you OK?”

Ethan replies “Yes I want to be alone a little longer please.”


“Thanks, honey.”


Ethan lies on his back in the bed. “I wonder what it will take to make God forgive me.” He falls asleep.

Flames. Heat. Darkness. These were seen. An evil cackle was heard. Then it showed millions of people, chained together at the ankles walking through the flames. Then you see the faces of all the people. They’re the same person. Ethan. The Laughter stops and you hear a sly voice say “Rid the world of the law breakers who don’t follow the Ten Commandments and I won’t send you here. You’ll end up in Heaven with your heavenly father. Then the flames disappear and a crevice opens up under the feet of the prisoners.

Ethan wakes up with a jolt of his body. He’s sweating up a storm. “Whoa. All I have to do is stop the people from breaking God’s Law and I will go to Heaven? That’ll be easy.” He looks at his alarm clock and sees that its 2:00 A.M. “I’m goin’ back to sleep.”

Falling. Darkness. Cold. This was the feeling. The same voice returns. “Kill all who don’t follow the Ten Commandments and you will be saved. Just kill. That’s all that’s to it. Kill. God is very forgiving. Kill. Rid the world of the Lawbreakers. Kill. You have ten days until you die unless you KILL. Ten Days. Kill all those who break your father’s laws. Kill. Life will be easier to stand if you know where you are going. Just kill and you will end up with me. Here in this uh…….Heaven. HA HA HA..

The alarm sounds and Ethan wakes by rolling out of bed. He still has all his clothes on from the Day before. His bloody shirt, pair of jeans, and even his shoes. Ethan turns the alarm off and goes into the bathroom to wash up. He walks down stairs and smells the bacon and eggs his wife cooked for him.
Hey honey. How did you sleep?” Olivia asked?
“Uh…right. I slept pretty good I guess. Uh, I had a couple dreams.”
“What were they about?” Olivia asked, interested.
“Well they were both about me finding my way to heaven. God sent me an image of what it’ll look like if I’m in Hell. He told me to uh……kill anyone who does not follow the Ten Commandments, Ethan answered.
“Your not going to go through with it, are you? I mean, it was a dream. Who knows if it even had a meaning.” Olivia said in a panicked voice.
“Well the dream also stated that I have ten days to live, unless I kill. He said that if I don’t kill, I’m going to Hell. I don’t wanna go to Hell.” Ethan complained.
“Do you always believe what your dreams say?”
“No, but I’m afraid for where I’m gonna end up in the afterlife.”
“Don’t be. You’re a good man. Don’t let anything get you to think otherwise,” Olivia said. She kissed him on the cheek. “Alright. Here’s your breakfast. I have to get to Kent. See ya. And………..Don’t worry yourself about where you’re gonna end up. I have faith that you’ll end up in the right place.” She walks out the door.
Ethan eats his breakfast slowly as he ponders his two dreams. Says to himself “You know, I think Olivia may be right. It was just a dream. No meaning with it at all.”
He goes to his office in the house to prepare for his next lesson for youth on Wednesday. He studies the Ten Commandments and stares at Thou shall not kill. “If that really was god, he wouldn’t tell me to kill. Would he? I mean, it’s a good cause why I would kill but still. Whatever. I won’t kill and will be fine. He continued to research a bit on the Ten Commandments when he heard the door slam. He walked wearily into the kitchen, where the sound came from and saw his wife walking to the stove.
“Hey honey. How was your day?” She asked.
“It was. You know? What time is it?” said Ethan.
“It’s 4:00 P.M. Why?”
“I was in the office and lost track of time is all.” Ethan answered.
“OK. Are you feeling alright? You look ill.”
“I’m fine.”
“Well, good. How about a nice juicy steak to get your mind off that dream?”
“Sounds good to me.” Ethan said with a grin on his face.”
“So what have you been doing in the office?”
“Getting ready for Youth. Researchin’ and stuff.”
“You’ve been on the computer all that time?”
“Yeah. I guess I was.”
“Wow. You should take a break.”
“Alright. Um, how long till supper?
“Be around 6:00.”
“You want me to cook the steak?”
“Nah. I can cook them. You just relax, read a book, watch TV, take a nap. Something to get your mind off of that horrible dream and work.”
“Well, a nap sounds good right about now.”
“Go ahead. I’ll wake you when dinner is ready.”
“Thanks babe.” Ethan wanders into the living room, sits in the recliner, and instantly falls asleep.

Sleep. Death. Peace. The same voice came and said “You’ll be dead before long. Rest and don’t mind the warning I gave you before. You’ll die in less than ten days now unless you Kill. Kill. All you have to do is kill. Death among the ones who broke God’s rules. Just Kill and live.” Then what sounded like a million voices began to whisper “KILL” and then flames shot up from the ground.

Ethan woke up to his wife shaking him. His face was drenched in sweat.

“Wake up, Ethan. It’s 8:30 at night”

“Huh? How long was I out?”

“You slept past dinner. I didn’t eat yet because you were still sleeping and I was here trying to wake you for two and a half hours. You were like spazzing out and stuff. Are you sure you’re alright?”

“Yeah. I was just having another dream. I don’t know, Olivia. It was telling me to kill again. I want to live. And go to heaven. If I kill, it said I will go to heaven. It said I have less than ten days to live, unless I kill.”

“Well, which do you think is right? You’re a reverend for crying out loud. You know that this isn’t right.”

“Well, fine.”

“So your not going to kill?”


“Good. Now if your ready, I’m starving. Uh….what did you do with Ted’s body?”

The author's comments:
As you read, you may get the idea that I'm a psychopath..............but I'm not. I just get really intoin what I write.

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Dougie SILVER said...
on Mar. 22 2010 at 8:47 am
Dougie SILVER, Waynesburg, Ohio
6 articles 0 photos 1 comment
hey....this is the author of this article. There are 3 more parts to this story. enjoy

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