The Survival

March 10, 2010
By Frankie03 BRONZE, Shelton, Connecticut
Frankie03 BRONZE, Shelton, Connecticut
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Waves crashed on the cold pink sand bed of a small island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The scent of apples and oranges fill the air. A tall famished girl sat on a rock watching the waves come in and out of the small bay. A gust of wind swept across the girl; with a shiver she stood up and headed for the top of the hill that lay before her. She stepped over every root and rock until she started the arduous climb up the grassy hill.

She reached the top and looked out toward the sea to see a small military ship pass the island without notice. She sighed and realized that she was stuck on the island for as long as she lived. She sat on the top of the hill and folded her hands on her lap. She closed her eyes and fell asleep.

She woke to the sounds of birds chirping and animals howling. She started her descent down the hill to the forest that lay below. With one wrong step she would meet the end of her. As she reached the bottom, she decided to walk anywhere. She took a small path that was overgrown with bushes and trees. She reached the end of the path and noticed a tall thin tree that has been carved. Hieroglyphics type things were engraved into the bark of the tree.

Whjjejn ijjtj is jjljow jjtjidjje, jfijjnjd tjjhje bjjojat jjwjhijjcjh ijjsj unjjdjer jjtjhe jjcjavjje. Jpujjljl tjjhjejj sjwijjtjch. Jjtjhajjtj is jjojutjjsjidjjej thjje cjavjjej tojj yjoujjrj rijjgjhtjj ojn tjjhje tjjrjeejj. Pjutjj yjoujjrj hajjnjd ijjnjtojj tjhejj ojwljj cjavjjej anjjdj pujjljl ojjujt tjjhje kjjejy. Gjjoj in jjtjhejj cjavjjej, lijjej dojjwjn ajjnjd ljjojokjj ajt tjjhje cjjejiljjijngjj. Fjinjjdj thjjej bijjgj dijjpjpejjrj. Rijjgjhtjj ujndjjejr tjjhjerjjej isjj aj kejjyj whjjojlejj. Ojncjjej opjjejnejjdj, gojj djowjjnj. Vejjrjy hjjejlpjjfjuljj bjoajjtj. Usjjej itjj tjo gjjejt ojjfjf tjjhje ijjsjlajjnjd.

The girl sat there for hours decoding the message. Her answer to escaping the island lay before her.

When it is low tide, find the boat, which is under the cave. Pull the switch. That is outside the cave to your right on the tree. Put your hand into the owl cave and pull out the key. Go in the cave, lie down and look at the ceiling. Find the big dipper. Right under there is a key whole. Once opened, go down. Very helpful boat. Use it to get off the island.

The girl decided to give the instructions a chance. She knew exactly where the cave was hidden. She was wandering outside the cave looking at every tree nearby. In the girl’s mind, the tree that looked the oddest would be the tree with the switch. The oddest tree around was the one next to the cave on the right side. It was like a palm tree but with more of a curve in the spine. Sure enough there was a small switch barely noticeable to the naked eye. You wouldn’t notice it if you walked past the tree.

The girl flipped the switch and a loud rumbling cave from inside the tree. A small cave appeared inside the tree. She slowly put her hand in half expecting something would bite, but to her surprise, all that was in there was a small gold object in the back of the tree cave. With a good tug, the key came off and hit the girl in the forehead.

With the key between her fingers she walked into the cave slowly and very reluctantly she sat down on the cold rock floor. She looked up to see fragments of crystals in the shape of the Big Dipper. Too much of her excitement, she found the key whole and the opening that led to the boat. She was finally going to get off the small cramped island. She slowly descended into the dark. She carefully felt every step as went further down into the cave. She reached the bottom and the cave lit up. To her excitement a small boat was perched on top of the stone wall. She carefully took it down and hulled it out of the cramped cave. Hours passed until she was able to successfully get the boat out of the cave and into the Ocean. She finally succeeded and was exhausted. She fell asleep in the boat and the ocean current swept the boat away. The girl sailed off into the open sea with little knowledge of where she was going.

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