The Mirror's

February 19, 2010
Dread,doubt. My death is revolved over those two things and one more, Despair. As I look into my life of love, happiness, and peace, all changes, and turns into nothing, it felt like I was lifted into the air and tossed out like yesterdays newspaper, and there you'll find me, section 1 pg.2. Then tell me. They searched day and night, days past to weeks, weeks past to months, months past to years, nothing came up, my mother and father divorced because they were not happy, but now their only reason they see eachother again is because of me, they are the one's who made the search party, who gave every police officer in our town, all that they knew held dear to me for evidence, and for they will be the one's who solve my murder first, but that will be diffiulcult, for I am in the place no one would ever think of looking, where my last moments on this planet became more of a dream, a distant memory. They looked but one place they should have payed attention to, when I was no older than 4, the place which I found most intresting I know dispies, "The Mirrors."

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