second story window

March 1, 2010
By jake.theawesome BRONZE, Keller, Texas
jake.theawesome BRONZE, Keller, Texas
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I was staring blankly into the fridge, looking for something to to curb my appitite. I decided just to cut up an orange and put it with crackers. Its a Friday night and my parents wont be home until Tuesday. I got the whole house to myself. I ploped down on the couch, flip on the television searching for something to watch. I heard a crashing sound from upstairs. I slowly got up from the couch, cautiously looking with every step i took. As i reached the top of the stairs, i saw a shasow. My eyes grew wider. Somebody was in my house!! "Dont move!!" i yelled, wondering what good that just did. I picked up a wrench sitting on the end table, my dad must have left it when he was fixing something. What am i doing? Was i going to fight this person? There was no turning back now. I continued forward into the room the person went into, which happened to be my room. "Well this sucks, i never be able to sleep in here again." I slowly opened the door, with the wrench cocked ready to attack. There stood a person. A girl staring out the window. Shw looked only about 16, long golden blonde hair. She was dresed in an oversized white shirt. SHe glaced at me and then back at the window. "My mom told me i couldnt fly. I guess she was right." i lowered the wrench in confusion. "I wish i would have listened to her, instead of causing her so much pain." the girls voice cracked. what was she talking about? Was she on something? She opened my window then turned to me, "Dont disappoint you mother like i did mine." Then she jumped. I gasped. I ran downstairs, grabbed the protable phone and called 911. The police came and found no signs of a body or even finger prints. All they found was my open second story window.

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