February 28, 2010
By , Jones, MI
Jay strained at the ropes binding her hands. She could feel them cutting into her wrists but worked through the pain. She finally broke free and reached out to untie her feet. The pain in her wrists was terrible but she did her best to ignore it.

She stood up after untying her feet and frantically looked around the room. She could feel that her clothes were completely drenched and couldn’t remember how they had gotten that way. She thought may be it was sweat considering how blazing hot it was in the dark room.
She started feeling around for some kind of door in which to escape. Nothing scared her more than complete and unknowing darkness.

She found a door and yanked it open. She quickly stepped into a long hallway and looked around. It was all white. Every bit of it from the floor to the ceiling was white with entirely bare walls. The only thing in the hallway was a door at the end that stood open. Without thinking she ran to it. She was a few feet away from it when it slammed in her face. Jay noticed that written on the door in blood said, ROOM 213.
A small giggle echoed through the hallway.


Mrs. Striker opened the door and smiled at Jay Cambal.

“Hello Jay. How are you today?” Mrs. Striker asked.

“Oh, I’m good, how are you?”

“Good. I’m so glad you could come baby-sit today. I didn’t think you would be able to considering what happened.”

Jay looked at her. “What do you mean?” She asked.

“Oh you know.” Mrs. Striker looked at her nervously. “Because of your sister.”

Jay narrowed her eyes. Mrs. Striker had already turned toward the kitchen and hadn’t seen.

“Oh well anyway. This is the kitchen.” She led Jay through the rest of the tour of the house and by the time they reached the living room again the front door opened and Mr. Striker and their two daughters walked in.

“Hello Sweetie. Welcome home.” Mrs. Striker walked over to greet her husband. She then turned toward Jay.

“Jay this is Anna and Ashley.”

“Twins. Oh how nice.” Jay said smiling.

Mrs. Striker bit her lip but said nothing.

Mr. Striker looked at his wife. “Summer we have to leave or we’ll be late for work.”

“All right.” She looked down at her daughters. “You two be good for Jay, okay?”

“Okay, we will.” The twins said together.

Mr. and Mrs. Striker turned toward the door. “Bye, love you.” She said as she grabbed her briefcase that had been sitting by the door.

“Bye, love you.” They said.

After the door slammed closed Jay turned to ask the girls if they were hungry and found they had disappeared. “Ashley? Anna?”


“Girls come on. This isn’t funny.” Jay looked around. “It’s my first day. Do you really want to make me mad on my first day?” She walked forward and pushed open the door to the kitchen. The Kitchen was a light yellow and completely spotless. “OCD much.” Jay said looking around. She was disappointed to find it empty as well. “All right. If this is the game you want to play, then fine.” She stopped and listened for a moment. She heard a creak above her head and looked up.
They must be upstairs. She thought to herself.
She started for the stairs and had her foot on the first step when she heard a small giggle behind her. She whirled around and saw the doors to a pantry across the room. She slowly walked over to it and reached out to open it. Her fingers grasped the edge of the hard wood just as the doors flew open and she was hit in the face with something soft. She heard the giggle again and spun around to see both girls standing in the middle of the kitchen looking as though they had been there the whole time.
“You two are slightly creepy.” She said to them. “No offense.” They giggled again and Jay wondered if they even knew what she meant. They couldn’t be any older then seven or eight. She reached down and picked up the package of sponges that had hit her in the face and placed them back in the pantry. “Okay.” She turned back to face them. “Are you guys hungry?’ They both nodded, so Jay proceeded to the cabinet where she found a box of Mac and Cheese.

After they were done eating they ran to the living room to watch TV. Jay took that time to find the note that Mrs. Striker had left for her. It was hanging on the fridge. The first thing on the list said to feed them dinner. Which she had already done. It continued on to list that they were only aloud to watch TV for an hour and had to be in bed by seven.

“Whoa. Strict parents.” She looked up at the clock. It was already six thirty. She sighed in relief. It wouldn’t be so bad after they went to bed and Mr. and Mrs. Striker got out of work by eleven. “This job is a going to be a piece of cake.” She said to herself.

* * *

She walked down the stairs and into the living room. She had just put the twins in bed and decided to sit down and watch TV for the next three hours. As she flipped through the channels she thought about the last few months of her life and realized that to most people it would have been stressful. Everything she went through with her mother always crying and her father turning to alcohol. It was all because of her sister. Not that it was really her sister’s fault. She couldn’t really help what had happened to her.

A loud and sudden thud woke her from her thoughts and she glanced at the ceiling. It had come from up stairs. She waited to see if it would happen again but it didn’t. She decided to go to the kitchen to get something to eat and not worry too much about it. She sat done with a bowl of cereal and started eating. That’s when she heard the thud again. It was much louder than before and it came from directly above the kitchen. She thought about it for a moment and realized the twin’s room was above the kitchen. She sighed and stood up.

“Come on guys can’t you just go to sleep?” Jay said as she walked up the stairs. The upstairs hallway was dark and quiet. She walked over to the girl’s door and quietly pushed it open. Anna and Ashley were both lying in bed apparently asleep. She closed the door and started down the hallway again. She stopped at the top of the stairs and glanced back down the hallway. Her heart was pounding in her chest for reasons she didn’t understand and the hairs on the back of her neck prickled like she was being watched. She quickly stumbled down the stairs not wanting to stand there any longer.

She sat down at the table again and started eating her now mushy cereal. When she was done she stood up to put her bowl in the sick. She immediately felt woozy and sat back down. She shook her head so the room would stop spinning and tried again. She stood up and walked over to the sink. She placed her bowl into it and turned to walk into the living room. The room spun again and before she could catch her self she past out on the floor.

* * *

She woke up in a dark room with her hands and feet bond in tough rope. The room was extremely warm and stuffy. She pushed herself up into a sitting position. Her hands were bond behind her back. She strained at the ropes to see if she could slip out of them. She tried very hard and she could feel them loosen but knew it would take a lot of time and effort so she took a break and tried to figure out where she was.
All she remembered was eating her cereal. What could have happened to her to make her pass out like that?
Jay strained at the ropes again and could feel them cutting into her wrists. She worked through the pain as best she could. After what felt like hours she finally broke free and reached forward to untie her feet. She noticed her clothes were drenched and wondered how they had gotten like that. She guessed it was sweat considering the heat of the room.
She stood up and looked around. It was too dark to see anything in the room so she reached for the walls to feel for a door. She found one and immediately yanked it open. She quickly stepped into a long white hallway. She could feel her heartbeat in her ears as she looked around. The hallway was completely white from floor to ceiling and the walls were bare. She glanced down at her wet clothes. It was defiantly not sweat.
It was blood.
Dark blood that was defiantly not her own. Nowhere on her body could she have bled that much. Her heart raced even faster and she started to breathe heavier. She looked down the hallway in panic and saw a door at the very end that stood open. Without thinking she ran toward it and as she got about two feet from it, it slammed in her face. She saw that written on the door in blood were the words: ROOM 213. A small giggle echoed through the hallway.
Jay began to cry. She didn’t understand what was happening. She was terrified and had no clue what to do.
Then suddenly, as she sat in the middle of the hallway hugging her legs, the lights went out. Jay screamed as the door that had slammed creaked open. She could see light on the other side of it so she jumped up and ran through it. She was in an empty room this time. This one was purple and had no doors. The only thing in there was a small panel on the ceiling in the far corner. She walked over to it and pulled on the string hanging down.
A set of stairs unfolded in front of her and she looked up into the hole. All she could see was darkness and nothing scared her more then the complete and unknowing darkness. She looked back at the door. It was either the unknown hole in the ceiling that could possibly lead to freedom, or the dark hallway. She swallowed hard and chose the unknown hole.
The room above was not entirely dark. Light flooded in from the hole and made it possible to see slightly. It was very dusty, however and very small. It looked more like an attic than anything. Jay looked around and saw a very small door in front of her. She started to crawl toward it. As she placed her right hand back on the floor she felt something cold slice into it. She looked down and saw an old knife lying there. She looked at her hand as blooded gushed from it.
Suddenly a rush of memories ran through her mind and she almost passed out again. She placed her good hand down on the floor to steady her self. She remembered standing in the Striker family’s back yard looking down at a scared little girl. It was one of the twins.
Jay’s heart started pounding as she ran through the dream like memories.
The Jay of her memory had a knife in her hand and was laughing. She looked down at the little girl again and raised the knife.
The Jay in her new memory brought the knife down right into the little girl’s chest. She repeatedly stabbed the knife into her chest until she stopped crying.
Jay pulled her self back to reality. She realized she had started crying. Probably when the little girl in her memory had started crying. She wondered now if it were really a memory of just a very bad dream. Then she looked down at her clothes that were drenched in blood and realized the answer. She then wondered which twin it had been and if the other one was still alive.
She wiped her eyes dry and looked down at her hand. It was still bleeding and she knew she better do something about it. She picked up the knife and sliced part of her sleeve off. She then did her best to tie it around her hand. It work well enough so she proceeded to the door and pulled it open. She crawled into another hallway. This one however she recognized. She was now somewhere in the Strikers house. She thought about it and came to the conclusion that she had never actually left. She had been here the whole time.
She stood up and looked around. Adrenaline was pumping through her veins. She couldn’t believe she would do something like kill a defenseless little girl. She refused to believe it. Then something crossed her mind. Something so impossible she immediately pushed it away. It was not possible and she knew it.
She turned right and started down the hallway. She walked a few feet before she heard it again. A small creepy giggle echoed down the hallway. She stopped in her tracks and looked around, her heart beating. There was nothing in the hallway but her. She wondered if the giggle was just a ghost giggle her mind had made up. She didn’t want to believe that thought because it would be admitting that she was possibly losing her mind.
She continued down the hallway and made it to the door. She placed both hands on it and took a deep breath. She nervously pushed the door open and walked into the room. She was shocked to see that she was standing in the Striker’s living room. She looked around the empty room and notice that the TV was still on. The channel had not been changed since she had watched it. That moment felt like a million years ago.
She had no idea what to do. Should she call the police? They would blame her for sure. As she was pondering her terrifying situation she heard a loud thud. Seemed like those were popular in this house.
It had come from the kitchen. Without thinking she ran to through the door. AS she entered the kitchen she heard the piercing scream of a little girl. She saw the back door standing open and rushed over to it. She stepped out into the dark back yard and saw one of the twins cowering against a tree. There was an older girl towering over her.
The small girl was crying. Jay looked down at the older girls hands and saw an already bloody knife in her left one. She gasped and the girl with the knife turned around.
Jay’s blood ran cold.
There, standing over a defenseless child with a bloody knife was—
“J…Jessica?” Jay stuttered in disbelief. “Wh…….what?” She couldn’t believe what she was seeing. It wasn’t possible.
Jessica Cambal smiled.
“This isn’t possible.” Jay said as she stared at her twin sister. “This just isn’t possible.
“Jay!” Jessica yelled. “Little sister, your awake. I’m surprised to see you so soon. I thought it would take you longer than that to escape.”
“You’re only a minute older then me.” Jay said out of habit.” Wait. You locked me down there?”
“Yeah.” Jessica sighed. “I needed you out of the way for a little while. I had stuff to do.”
Jay just stared at her.
“So your surprised to see me?” Jessica asked.
“Very.” Jay stated. “How’d you get out?”
“Oh it wasn’t easy. They watch you like crazy at that place.” Jessica’s smile fell. “I hate it at that place, Jay. They treat you like your crazy there.”
“I imagine they would.” Jay muttered. “What are you doing here?” She said a little louder.
“I told you. I had stuff to do.”
“How’d you know I was here?”
“You always mark stuff on your calendar, remember?”
“Where’s the other little girl?”
“Oh you mean Ashley?” She smiled again. “I took care of that business right before I tied you up in that room.”
“W…what do you mean?”
“Well—“ she stopped abruptly to listen. They could here faint sirens in the distance. They were quickly growing louder. “That’ll be the police.”
“You called the police?” Jay asked in astonishment.
Without another word Jessica’s face became a stone as she turned back toward Anna, who was still crying slightly. “I have business to finish. You know how I don’t like leaving things unfinished. Jay screamed and ran toward her twin sister just as she shoved the knife into Anna’s chest. Tears stung Jay’s face as she say the pour little girl fall to the ground just like her sister.

“Jessica! What’s wrong with you? This is why they put you into that asylum in the first place.” Jessica just laughed. “I don’t understand. You kill two innocent little girls.”

“I did?”

Jay looked at her twin sister. The sirens were very loud now and she didn’t understand.

“I had to call the police little sister.” Jessica stated robotically. “She threw the bloody knife down at Jay’s feet and started to cry. “I couldn’t let you get away with this.”
Jay looked up at her in shock.

“What? Me?”

“Yes. I should have called the police before you did all this.” She buried her face in her hands with the fake tears.

“Jessica, this was all you and they’ll know I didn’t do any of this. You’re the one that broke out of the asylum.”

Just then five police officers come running around the house and started screaming.

“Put your hands up!” They did as they were told and the officers took in the scene. Jay, with her bloody clothes and the bloody knife in front of her and Jessica, crying on the ground.

Jessica immediately stood up and started talking. “I tried to stop her but she was too much for me.” She stated. “She killed the two little girls that live here and almost killed me. Her own sister.”

“What is name miss?” He asked Jessica.

“My names Jay Cambal.” She responded. Jay’s mouth fell open as she realized what Jessica’s whole plan had been.
“But—“ Jay tried to say something but one of the police officers grabbed her hands and handcuffed her.

“Oh, Jessica why did you do it?” Jessica was yelling as they hauled her Jay off to the police car.

“You’ll have to come down to the police department and make a statement.” An officer stated. Jessica turned so no officer could see her and smiled at Jay as the police car drove away.

* * *

Two weeks after I had been admitted to the Westveiw insane asylum and I understood why my sister wanted out. What I didn’t understand was how a judge believed her over me. It really sucks having a murderous twin sister.

I’ve told the people who work here over and over again that I was really Jay Cambal and that Jessica had switched places with me. None of them believed me and I figured it was because a lot of people used that excuse. I wanted out so badly though. I missed my family and friends. None of which ever came by. It’s understandable why though. Why wants to see their murderous teen daughter.

Then I was sitting in my room watching the news when I saw a story that caught my attention. It was about two parents that had been murdered.

“Tragedy struck in our little town today when the bodies of Mary and Adam Cambal were found dead in their home.” The news anchor said. “Police are not sure as to who might have done this though they are looking into the daughter of the victims. Jay Cambal, who has mysteriously gone missing…”

Jay sighed as tears streamed down her face. Maybe now they would believe her.

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