Silent Depths

February 28, 2010
By , Marcellus, MI
A broken and static hello, hello if you are hearing this may god help you. The radio on the Nakita kicked on and a distraught help me resonated through the static. The radio technician franticly asked if any one was hurt but there was no response. The silence was broken by a scream then all was quiet. The distress call came from the Hammond a research lab thirty six thousand feet below the surface of the Pacific. The lab is in one of the most unknown areas of the planet the Marianas Trench.
I was part of the oceanographic institute’s deep sea program to discover and categorize all deep sea fish we encountered. I was the doctor on board the Nakita, the base of operations for the lab. The Nakita is in constant communicates with the lab via a large umbilical chord. After the message aired the captain called for an immediate rescue mission of any survivors. Four people were selected to go on this mission, Macintyre an ex navy seal rescue diver he was about five eleven and as ripped as a body builder. He was selected for his past experience in the deep water.
Then there was Ortees the electrical engineer the captain thought it would be a good idea for him to go. He really was a jerk to every one on board I really didn’t care for the guy.
Roma was the third person selected she was the structural annalist she only joined the Nakita to support her son. She was a very kind women the crew enjoyed being around her.
I was also selected to go on the mission because I am the only physician on the ship and it was my first time out to sea. I never guessed I would be in this situation.
Twenty minutes after the call came through we were ready any equipment we might need was loaded on the mini submersible. In another five we were descending into the depths. The suns light slowly faded to pure darkness as the sub went deeper. The only way to see was large lights on the sub with a range about ten feet.
While I was thinking about what could have happened to the lab out of the corner of my eye a large shadow passed through the beams and was gone again. My heart was pumping and I asked if any one else saw it. Roma told me that sperm whales were prevalent in the area because they are known to dive to these depths for giant squid there main food source. Her gentle tone calmed my nerves and I was ready for any thing.
After an hour had past since we left the ship and we could just begin to see the glow of the lights of the lab. The lab was a large octagonal building with lights projecting in every direction illuminating the darkness. All of the lights were on but a light on the back side was flickering on and off.
Ortees said it was a minor electrical problem he could fix quickly. As we came closer most of the lights of the inner rooms were on as usual.
After the sub was locked into place next to its sister sub we opened the main hatch. The main corridor we entered into had no windows and a corner at the end of the hall into the rest of the facility.
“Is anyone there,” I yelled I was answered with silence the only noise was thee hum of the life support systems. There was no sign of the ten researchers we were looking for. The living quarters were the first sector we entered all of the doors had eight deep gashes down each door.
What could have done this? “I don’t know in all of my years of diving I have never seen any thing in the ocean with eight claws,” Macintyre responded.
We began to slide one of the slightly opened doors when a large crash came from the observation deck the next sector. Macintyre questioned,” is any one was there”. There was no response. Then a shadow shot across the end of the corridor. The shadow made us question what we where dealing with.
We slowly made our way to the observation deck there was a large window offering a panoramic view of the darkness outside the rest of the room was full of aquariums with deep sea fish obtained to be studied. I started to look at an unusual fish the little tag on it said it was a chimera a dark purple fish that almost looked like a shark with long droopy fins and large black eyes perfectly adapted to life in the abyssal plain.
I was observing the fish when the power flickered and went out and the entire lab went silent. What the hell is that Ortees? That my friend is a power failure he said sarcastically. He told us he has to go to the generator to get it running again other wise we would run out of air pretty quick. Roma asked him not to go alone so Macintyre volunteered to go with him. After they walked down the hall there flash lights had just tuned the corner when the entire room light up with the bioluminescence of the deep dwelling fish. The sight was almost magical until a scream shattered the mood.
We ran down the hall and around the corner into the conference room blood spattered the walls. There was a trail of blood smeared from the wall into the middle of the room and there laid the mutilated body of Dr. Berkly, the lead scientist a look of terror frozen on his gentle and kind face his eyes in a blank stare. His lower half was completely gone his abdomen was torn to ribbons as if he had been slid over a cheese grater. Roma began to cry and shiver in fear.
The silence was deafening when a large explosion rocked the lab. We knew something was watching us but we didn’t know the extent of it. The corridor we entered through was filling with water and the subs no where to be found. The doors were had been hit by shrapnel from the subs. A steady stream of water was pouring through the holes.
We were trapped beneath the sea with no way to communicate with the surface with the power going out. I turned to get some supplies and in front of me was a large black creature with orange glowing eyes. The rest of his body was covered with glowing green stripes on its bare black skin. The creature was as big as a lion his large eight fingered webbed toes sported the largest claws I had ever seen. A cold chill ran down my spine I was unable to speak. The creature had not seen me with its large glowing eyes. He came closer and closer I was completely motionless. The he slowly crawled toward me the creature’s breath rustled my hair its nostrils flared as it sniffed my face. He snarled a little and looked toward my friends as he heard the team working on the door.
He crouched down and moved past me down the hall toward the crew he went completely black as he began the hunt. My heart was licking at my ribs with pure fear. I was powerless to stop what happened next.
There was the scream of Roma then silence. Then the frantic calls for help from Ortees and then the sound of ripping flesh. Macintyre could be heard fighting the animal but that to came to stop. Blood began to flow through the water next to me entering the lab.
I had just realized I’m all alone. I began to back down the hall when I backed into an equipment cart with a thump. A deep roar tore through the Darkness he was on the hunt.
I ran into the observation deck the creature clashing around right behind me. I hid in the storage closet before it entered the deck. The sound of shattering glass caused waves of panic to over whelm my emotions. I became frantic and couldn’t think clearly.
Close to an hour later the sounds ceased I emerged from my hiding place. I had calmed my self down and slowly inched my way toward the maintenance hall.
The communication room was also there witch can be sealed from the rest of the lab. I caught a glimpse of a little light was blinking out side of the viewing window I began to wonder the source. I looked closer and the glow moved closer.
Crunch some of the broken glass being crushed. Before I knew it I moved out of the way as the creature with it’s out stretched claws and gapping mouth whistled past my face. The creature cracked the window with a large crash and water shot in and the beast disappeared into the darkness.
. I had just gotten to the communication room when the window gave and water filled the rest of the lab. I had just sealed the room as the water crashed against the door. The creature was intelligent it set a trap and almost executed it flawlessly. Hello, hello if you are hearing this may god help you. The animal’s caws pierced through the only window in the communication room the water rushing in.

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