Autumn Terror

February 28, 2010
By arizonacutie1221 GOLD, Portland, Oregon
arizonacutie1221 GOLD, Portland, Oregon
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The wind whipped the trees, leaves swayed off the brown branches, Colors of reds, browns, yellows, and oranges covered the side walk. My sneakers slapped the pavement with a steady beat as I walked, book in hand, and head down. My only goal was to reach the place before sundown, nothing ever good comes after sundown, I have had plenty of people tell me that.
A red minivan swooshed past me, and halted at to a stop before the glowing red light, Car idling, and windows rolled up. If only I still had my car, then I could get there much faster than walking. My shoulders ached from the weight of my backpack, but still I kept walking.
My red hair slapped my face as I stopped to rest. I slumped down on the hard wooden bench, my breath uneven. A clear puddle rested at my feet, I peered into it. I saw my face, filled with freckles. My green eyes shone with determination and my wavy ginger hair had been blown astray. I picked up a rock that was close to my foot and threw it into the puddle. Always hating how I looked.
I stood up slowly and continued on my journey, destination in mind, I walked just a tad faster. I though of what I would do when I get there, sleep probably. Have a nice warm meal and be greeted with smiles.
The sun was just starting to set, and I knew I wouldn’t get there in time. I stopped, panting. Seeing my breath come out in tiny white puffs. I stood alone on the edge of the paved road. The only thing I hoped was that no one would come along this way. I had already suffered enough.
Suddenly a silent black car rolled along, coming to a halt directly to the side of me. I walked a little faster; praying that this wouldn’t happen to me. Not again. The car rolled right along with me, and I broke into a run. Three men climbed and started to follow me. They were fast, but so was I. That is what five years of track will do for you, but they were still catching up. Then one of them wrapped his muscled arms around my waist and started to carry me towards the car. I kicked, struggled, bit, and scratched, but he was immune to it all. Suddenly I was shoved onto the leather seats of car, and everything went black. The last things I remember were the loud, deep laughs and the twisted smiles of the hit men.

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