The 28th Amendment-The Discussion-Erika Smith (Good Cop)

February 25, 2010
By roxawesomeness PLATINUM, Manassas, Virginia
roxawesomeness PLATINUM, Manassas, Virginia
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"Detectives Smith and Riker? I need you in my office. Now!" Our boss, Chief Detective Luke Samuels called. As Joe came around the corner, I braced myself to yell at him. I'd show him soft. When I was done with him, he would need Special Victims.
"Look what you did, Joe. He probably knows. And you know that he'll turn us in. And now... I'm going down with you." I had put in twenty years of detective work on the line for this. Ten years before that was shuffling paperowrk as an internship just to get the job. I couldn't believe I had risked that because Joe had sucked me into this.
We opened the door. It wasn't like I'd never been called down to Samuels's office before. I had been caught covering my twenty-one year-old daughter's dirty drug test. I had gotten a suspension, but I paid my time. But getting that confession out of Brianna was illegal. And she had been right. She'd never heard of a twenty-eighth amendment because there was none. And on top of that, there was something in her eyes that said she didn't really do this, she had just confessed so we'd get off her back.
"Was Brianna's lawyer in there when you guys miraculously got a confession out of her?"
"No sir, she was taking too long to get here, and Brianna just wanted to get on with it." Joe said. Such a bad liar, I thought.
"Really," Samuels came around his desk, holding some papers, "because according to our phone records, there were two phone calls to Attorney Madison Wright. One from the accused's phone, which Brianna used, and one from the desk of Joseph Riker. Now why would you be calling her lawyer after Brianna did?" Before Joe got a chance to anwer, Samuels answered for him.
"To tell her to stay home, maybe?" Samuels guessed correctly. "You lied right to my face, Detective Riker. One more stunt like that and you're out. A stunt like say... tell that girl that the twenty-eighth amendment states she doesn't have to hagve her lawyer after an hour when there's so such thing as above mentioned amendment?" We were both sooo gone from the force.
"And Detective Smith. You were in on it the whole time?"
"Chieft Detective Samuels, to be fair-" Joe interrupted.
"Riker, I don't want to hear a word out of you. You're in enought trouble already."
"But sir-"
"Sir, if I could squeeze a word in-"ENOUGH! Riker, just shut up!" I got ready to hand in my badge. Samuels was silent for a minute before he said,
"I won't get rid of you. But you have to follow the plan."

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