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March 2, 2010
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Chapter 1: “The Beginning”

I’ve always wondered about that creepy house across the street. It seems lonely and dark. But every night since yesterday you can here a girl crying, the house is empty.
I wake up every morning and the first thing I do is look out my window, wondering “Who’s moarning in there? Who died? The new year had begun a few months ago “2009, I don’t believe it.” I’m on summer vacation, and not going to school, so I spend my time outside with my friends. “Natalie! Come outside!” “COMING!!” I yelled. Running downstairs, opening the door. “What’s wrong Martha?” “Nothing just come outside.” “Mom I’ll be outside” “ok.”she answered.
We live in Beverly Hills so nothing really goes on here. Exept that house, across mine. Rumors say a girl around 14, my age stabbed her 5 family members and then hung herself on the living room chandaleer .
I never paid much attention to what they told me, until I started hearing that girl cry at night. No one really new what happened though, not even the cops. After they Have been investigating for years they decided too make it a cold case.

Chapter 2: “Reasons”

The only things the cops had found were the knife under the hung body and a note on the door. Since my dad was a Los Angeles deputy I asked him to take me to the sheriff department that day and he did. I asked about the case and he showed me the note that was left on the door which said
Dear, police
By now were all probably dead. Don’t bother investigating MY house. You won’t find anything of interest to you. You know it was I who killed them and myself. If you come near MY home, you WILL be punished.

Beware, Ivy

“Wow.” My dad told me the investigators who were investigating the home died two months after.they had unexplainable deaths. One theory was that they died of fright. Another was that all seven suicided themselves. But no one was sure to what really happened. There was no evidence or witnesses.

My dad said the deaths were probably linked because of the letter Ivy had left. I asked my dad if I could see the her file, he replied, “ Why are you so interested in the case Natalie?” he gave me a puzzled look. I had to make an excuse and fast. “Um it’s a school project to… um …write something of interest.” “Natalie this is very important to know, to NEVER go IN or NEAR that house” he scolded. He said I could see the filee If I promise not to go near the house and I replied “okay.”

The file had pictures of the white bodies, they were horrendous. Ivy was the one herself. She had long black straight hair and was about my height 5’7. her mom was in the tub when Ivy stabbed her, her father was on the computer doing paperwork, her two brothers were upstairs napping in their cribs, and her sister was in the kitchen watching television. They where all stabbed from the back not knowing what was going to happen to them. The weird thing was that Ivy had a dark circle under her hung body. Her family members were all left for dead, where they were.

That night I couldn’t stop staring out my window. *FLASH*. “Oh my god! What was that?!” *FLASH*. The house, I thought to myself. “ A light…a light…it’s on.” I grabbed my cell phone and called Martha.
“Martha…Martha pick up!” “Hello.” “Martha the house…the house…the lights are on!!” “your imagining things Natalie.” “No, I’m not. Get over here. Ask your mom if you could sleepover.” “NO! Natalie come on that been empty for years.” “NO GET OVER HERE. We’re going to that house.”

Chapter 3: “Discovery”

That night I waited for Martha to show up. I kept wondering if she was ever going to show up.

Martha got to my house around 10pm. We pertended to sleep and left once the lights at our house and neighborhood were off. We jumped out my window onto the first floor roof and then jumped again. “let’s go” I whispered.

We stood in the street wondering if we should go in.*FLASH*. “Did you see it?” “See what?” “The flash!”
“like I said before your imagining things.” We walked up to the door, about to turn the handle when I heard a scream. I stopped. “ What’s wrong? Asked Martha. “You didn’t hear it?” “ Are you okay, Natalie maybe we should go home.” “ Lets go in.”

Not knowing what was going to happen to us, I opened the door.*SWOOSH*a burst of chilling air hit us right in the face. Pitch black as the night sky. I looked around what looked like an enterance room. We stood at the doorway, with the flashlight pointing straight. We walked a few steps and stopped . “It’s smells funny” I said.
“It does.”. matha pointed the flashlight and gave a highpitched scream. “What” I asked regretfully. “La..look…up.” I did pointing the flashlight at Ivy’s hung body. Giving a scream I dropped my flashlight.
*SWOOSH*! The door shut tight. Running to the door I try to open it. “Help Martha !” “Why are you in MY house?!” a voice I had never heard asked. “ Martha where are you?” picking up my flashlight Martha stood in front of me. “Oh geez you scared me Martha!” “Who’s this Martha? Get OUT of MY house!” “Martha snap out of it stop trying to scare me.” “ I warned you! You will never get out of here. You’ll die with all of THEM!”

I ran I couldn’t understand what was happening. Martha? Ivy? What’s going on? I thought to myself. I couldn’t understand but I all I knew was that I was in danger.

I ran to a room that looked like a little girl’s room. “ I’ll find you Natalie!” What does want from me? What about Martha? What happened to her? Her eyes looked pitch black…like they were empty.*crash* “ouch!” I yelled. “ I got you” “ Martha it’s me!” “ There is NO Martha I possess her body and soon I’ll have yours!” She dropped me on the ground and a big black cloud came out of Martha . I couldn’t see anything. I fell unconscious. Martha had woken up by the time I fell unconscious. All I could do was hear. Martha was screaming my name. I had enough enery to yell “LEAVE, GO GET HELP!!!” I’m sure she left because I heard footsteps. “I’ll come back for you I promise!” yelled Martha. She stood at the door “I’m sorry Natalie” “GO!!”*BAM* the door went shut.

Chapter 4: “The Tranformation”

I crouched in the corner wondering if she was going to come back with help. I was trembling and crying, I had never been so scared in my life. “I have you. I can be free now!” All I could do by now was see and hear I couldn’t move or speak. Next thing you know I see a great big shadow around an object and then *poof* Ivy. She grabbed me by the hair and made me look at her. “I hated your mother and since you’re her daughter I’m going to kill her and every single person you love using your body. She was my bestfriend and took the person who I loved the most. I’ll do the same thing I did with the other girl. I’ll make you pay. ALL OF YOU!!!” She let go of my hair and walked in front of me with her arms open. All I could hear was mumbling and then I saw a black spirit like ghost *SWOOSH* I felt a cold rush go in my body. Not knowing where these feelings came from angry, sorrow, and jealousy. I fell unconscious and yet I could feel my body crashing into everything. I crashed into what I thought was a door and there was when I saw everything the girl, the deaths of her family, the detectives, the evidence she burned. Everything. One memory I saw of Ivy was with my mother. Ivy was with my father and introduced him to my mother. Ivy and my father had not been dating and my dad showed interest in her. Ivy was sprung on my dad but he only saw her as a friend. “ Your mother took everything from me the ONLY thing!” I couldn’t speak only think, my
body felt paralyzed yet I could move. My body felt like the back part of the freezer. I don’t get it how do you know my parents, I thought to myself. “You don’t get it! I was your mothers bestfriend I killed myself because of her, now I’m taking over bodies and trying to get to your mother. I want her dead just like the witnisses from this house.

Chapter 5: “The Outside”

It was 3 in the morning by now and trying to get my body any way I could. “ I haven’t gone out in years” Ivy said with a smirk on her face. Ivy opened the door heading outside when Martha came running to my face. “Natalie !! What happened are you okay? You escaped? She let you go?” Martha screamed. “Where’s my mom Martha?” asked Ivy. “ What do mean where’s my mom! How’d you escape?” Martha grabbed me and , she looked straight into my eyes. “Why can’t I see myself in your eyes Natalie?” “I’m not Natalie!” *CRACK**SPLAT* “MARTHA!!!” I screamed as hard as I could but no one heard but Ivy and me. I felt colder than I when Ivy took over my body. “My bestfriend! You killed my bestfriend.” I stared at her body and then her cut head that was a couple of feet away. I felt like grabbing Martha and telling her to come back. I couldn’t stop crying. “She was my bestfriend since we were babies! She was like a sister to me!” “Stop crying” Ivy screamed. “We’ll all be dead soon.” she continued.

Chapter 6: “ The Encounter”

Ivy headed for my home in the dark. “ Why…why kill so many?” “Your mother…it’s her fault everyone got killed. She took him from me!”

We stood at the front door of my house. “Please DON’T do it!” I begged Ivy. “ Shut up!”she snapped back. “I’ve been waiting for this my whole life. I hate your mother…he’ll die too.”

Ivy kicked the front door and breaking the lock, walked in. “DON’T PLEASE YOU’LL REGRET IT!” I screamed. “I’ll never regret this. I’ve waited for this.” Ivy looked around the house trying to figure how to get to my parent’s room.

*BUMP, BUMP, BUMP* “Who’s there?” Ivy looked up. “John?” said Ivy. “Natalie what are you doing up so late?” dad said. “John?” “Natalie what’s wrong? You’ve never called me John before.” Dad walked downstairs and stood in front of me. All I could think was she’s going to kill him. “Ivy DON’T PLEASE! He’s my dad PLEASE!” “ To late you NEVER LOVED ME JOHN!” “Natalie what’s wrong?” “I’m NOT Natalie!” “What?” dad said puzzled. “IT’S Ivy!” “Natalie the case got to your head. Let’s go upstairs.” Once she turned she struck.*SPLAT*DRIP*DRIP* “NOOOOO!” I screamed.
“DAD!!!!!” He fell to the floor. “heh…hehheh.hahahaha!!!
Ivy screamed.

*THUMP*THUMP* “John where…AHHHH!!!”
My mother yelled. She looked at his body face down on the floor, then stared at me. “NATALIE WHY?!” she yelled.
She stared at me with the knife in my hand and she ran. Ivy gave chase jumping over my father’s cold corpse. “Don’t run Victoria.” Ivy hollard. *SLAM* “YOU CAN HIDE ALL YOU WANT! I WILL KILL YOU!” “Ivy PLEASE don’t, you killed my dad leave my mom!” I replied crying. Ivy didn’t care she kept walking upstairs into every room with the knife. “ Come out, come out wherever you are!” *BAM* Ivy kicked my bedroom door. My mother stood behind the door waiting for me {Ivy} to walk in. But Ivy heard her breathe. Ivy slammed the door and faced my mom. She looked so frightened, shaking where she was. “NOOOO! Ivy PLEASE leave my mother alone!!!” “You took EVERYTHING FROM ME! JOHN WAS THE BEST THING THAT HAD EVER HAPPENED TO ME!” “Natalie...what’s wrong with you? You killed your father!” my mother replied crying. “ It’s Ivy! Victoria I hated you and now that I took over your daughter’s body I can kill you! Either way if you kill me your daughter goes with me. “No” my mother whispered. “NOOOOOOOOO” I screamed from the top of my lung. “Natalie?! Your …your still…..in…in there?!” “She heard me…my mother heard me!!! MOM KILL ME!!!” I shouted. “ SHUT UP.” Ivy scolded back. “ No Natalie I WON’T!” “ MOTHER PLE

My mom pushed backward and ran. “AARRGH
H” Ivy yelled and got up to chase my mom. “ Your going to die if your mother kills me.” Ivy said to me. “ We’ll see.” I replied. “She won’t get the chance.”

Chapter 7: “scared”

Not knowing what my mother had planned to do, I made Ivy believe she was going to die. She kept tring to convince me that if she died I would go with her.

Ivy got downstairs by the time we stopped arguing. She headed to the kitchen but ended up in the living room. I had no idea where my mother was. I just hoped she kill Ivy and me or run for her life. “Please Ivy I love my mother!” I shouted.

“Where’s the kitchen?” Ivy asked. I stayed quiet. “I ASKED YOU A QUESTION!” “ To the right.” I replied. Ivy walked and to our surprise my mother was behind the wall to the left of us. “I’m sorry Natalie!” she said with a wet face that seemed she had rivers down her cheeks. I closed my eyes and waited to see what she would do.

Chapter 8: “Confrontation”

Ivy staring at my mother and my mother staring back. *BAM*Ivy got my mother on the wall. Ivy putting her hand on my mothers neck lifting her up. “ I’ve waited years for this. You’ll be with everyone I killed. I hate you…and now…you’ll pay.” I saw it. What my mother had. Behind her.*STAB…STAB…STAB, STAB* “UGH…ugh…
w..what.s…going….o.n…ugh..ugh…noohh…” I fell to the floor. Everything became a blur. I felt a warm rush as I lay on the floor.

*GASP*My chest going up in the air. “Mom help…me!” “Natalie!” my mom screamed. As she dialed 911 all I could hear was, “ Yes. Hello please get an ambulance here. My daughter and husband!!!” from there I passed out.

Chapter 9: “The End…”

The cold breeze from the window felt so good. Looking at the white walls of the hospital. It was around 10am and I saw my mother sleeping in the bed next to me. “ I’m alive?” looking at my hands. *TAP,TAP,TAP*

Te doctor walked in waking up my mother. “ Good morning. Ms. Victoria your daughter’s stab wounds will heal in a couple months. I’m sorry to say her legs are paralyzed. She will NEVER walk again, and as for you husband *SIGH* he passed away. Her eyes I’m afraid can’t be changed to the way they were. I’m sorry.” He informed us. “Thank you” my mother replied. I grabbed the mirror. “My eye! It’s pitch black! My left eye is pitch black!!!” My other eye stayed the same. Sky blue.

“I’m not that easy to get rid of Natalie.” “What? Who said that?!” “ What’s wrong Natalie? Ivy’s gone now. I’m so sorry this is my fault.” My mom said sadly. “ No it’s mine.” I replied.

“I’m not gone my dear Natalie.”

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