The Untinkable

March 1, 2010
By , Joplin, MO
"Wake up." Becka's morning breath filled my nose. I groaned, but didn't say anything. Finally after five tries she got me up. Usually it would have only tooken one try, but I've gotes used to her morning breath. After three miserable years in this European boarding school i was ready to leave, but i didn't even go home for the holidays. Paul, my boyfriend was my only releif from my bad home life. He's cute, tall, blonde hair, and blue eyes that mirror mine, he could be twin. The thing is he is guy every girl in the school wants he is the best Rugby player the school has. Becka saw me daydreaming and snapped me out of it. i dragged myself out of bed and to the shower i stopped halfway there and grinned "Do you think we will win tonight?" Becka gave me the "duh" look and put on the school uniform.
Frist hour come and wen, but second hour i got to see Paul and some creep named Jerold something. No one liked him, he was the odd ball out and sense we traveled in different social circles I didn't speak to him. He hates me a lot. Paul noctices it too and doesn't say anything, but I don't care as long as im safe from Jerold. "You know we are going to win tonight. I just keep thinking about the victory kiss afterwords." Paul made a kissy face as Mr.Bains walks in and gives him a drity look. The whole time Jerold watched me like a hawk. The bell rang over and over again the day was over and nothing fazed me the whole time.

The game was great the kids all crowed in to watch Paul beat the vistors and he did for the fifth time this season. More or less we could have won anyway they didnt score anything, but the walk back that night is one I'll never forget.

Paul walked me and Becka back to our dorm and gave me a goodnight kiss and waited for me to get the key. "Its gone." I whispered. Paul got a weird look on his face when Becka mentioned that it was above the door on the ledge. I reached up and still came up empty hand. Slience then nothing i was about to turn aroung the look at them when evrything went black.

I woke up in a daze i was locked in a dog pin tied up in one corner. Becka and Paul were both in seperate corners too. It stung to move. They had both been awake for a while looking at the forth corner where someone was standing full mask covering his face. He was tall and had a deep voice "My gosh I thought you three would never wake up." He walked around then stopped in front of me i closed my eyes when he lowered a knife to my neck. He drew back and laughed. "Now why would I kill you so soon when you just got here that would be rude." He laughed again and took off the mask I was spechless it was Jerold. Paul screamed and trshed and him trying to get lose, but he screamed out in pain. I winced and looked away when Jerold slowly stared to slice Paul's neck. "What are doin you said you wouldn't kill us yet!' I was screaming at him. "I said that to you not them sweetheart." I stared crying after Becka fell too.

It went on for weeks no food little water and all the inappropriate things he did to me when we were alone. I shivered lookig back on that. He walk out of the house and towrd the pin I was in. "So how you holding up with no water? Promise not to bite me again I'll give you some." "After what you did I would rather die!" "So be it" He walked off....... To Be Countined

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barbestbcb said...
Mar. 13, 2010 at 7:11 am
Hi there, this is good but a little jumpy and very fast paced. Edit to make some things make sense and it would be better
Lattee876 said...
Mar. 12, 2010 at 3:15 pm
Hey this is good I like it but you need to edit it and revise it so everything would make more sense but I like the plot line. When is the next part out??
~*!FutureAuthor!*~ replied...
Mar. 13, 2010 at 12:50 pm
Im working on it i actually wrote it for an english assignment
Charlotte C. replied...
Mar. 13, 2010 at 2:57 pm
Okay well I like it and I would lve it if you read some of my pieces and commented with some feedback thanks
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