Death's Cry for the Beasts

February 23, 2010
By kellysbfforever BRONZE, La Monte, Missouri
kellysbfforever BRONZE, La Monte, Missouri
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Death’s Cry for the Beasts

Warning: This story is also rated NC-17
It was a long time ago since the beasts died out. It also been forever since I have wrote this story. So finally I have written a conclusion. You probably remember when Death came into the scene all drunk? Well now he is back with his own story to tell. Well after he came back from taking Nick S.’s soul wanted to give him another chance to spill his beans. “Spill your beans little boy or you will see my pretty little scythe in your scrawny little throat so do as I say!!!” As you can see the fallen angel was not very kind to humans. But luck was with the kid. Thanks to the luck of the spirit of Satan. “Release him Bub” the man called Satan said. Then the Death angel threw him down to the ground. The boy picked himself up and walked up to Satan. While he did the death angel took out what was left of his gold and gave it to the boy. “Take this as a token of my help.” Then Death disappeared in a cloud of dust and was gone forever so that he could finally rest in pieces.
The Satan was a weird person who had a lot of weird stuff in the flames of his burning home. Human hearts and lungs in jars. And not only that, they were eating their own selves to bits. When the boy picked one up the boy saw that they had people trapped inside. They all got eaten and nobody cared.
The Freakin End! Gosh!

The author's comments:
this, story, has, no, meaning, at, at all, but, it, has, a, weird, outcome,

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on Mar. 11 2010 at 9:54 am
its nice to know what goes on inside your mind............... im a little scared........just please dont eat me babe.........


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