Home Alone

February 23, 2010
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It was 5:00 and it was getting dark. I was walking home alone with my phone in my hand. My phone was dead so I couldn’t call my mom to pick me up. I shoved the phone in my pockets in my warm pockets. It was so cold my hands were getting numb quickly. I started running down my neighborhood as my hands got painfully numb. I almost collapsed after the thought of opening my door with numb hands, but when I reached the porch, my jaw fell like it was a 1 million ton block. The door was halfway open, which my dad strictly forbade. The must always be locked.
For some reason, I was somewhat relieved I wouldn’t have to open the door with my dead hands. I ran inside and hit the door with my shoulder to make it close without touching it with my hands. I then realized the lights were off. The lights were usually off, so I wasn’t surprised. What really surprised me was that my brother didn’t come running in when he heard the door close. He knows I usually get him something everyday, but today he didn’t come. So I called him and shook the bag of funyons. Funyons were his favorite. I waited about 30 seconds for him to come running, but he never came. So I checked the bathroom incase he was there; he wasn’t. I checked my mom’s room to ask my mom where Hammad was and I didn’t find her either. Now I was really getting freaked out. No-one was home.
I tried to call my mom’s cell phone but she left it here and my house didn’t have the landline available for 3 months because we’re changing the service. I went and sat on my couch and started to turn the TV on when I heard the door knock. My parents told me to never open the door when no-one was home because they had the keys, so they never had to knock. I looked into the key hole to see a huge bulky man with a chainsaw in his hand. I remembered that my dad called some guy to cut the tree growing in the middle of our drive-way. The man knocked harder. I checked the security camera and saw three other people behind him. They were holding axes. They all looked like they didn’t know how to shave because they all had small dirty beards. I started to relax when I saw a guy with a bill in his hand. Big problem though, since I watched so many movies I started to worry what would happen when I told the guys I had no money on me. Plus, I definitely wasn’t going to let them know I was home alone, that would be suicide. So I stuffed the butter knife in my pocket and shoved my dad’s antique sword down my back with the cover on it, so I could pull it out anytime I needed. Hey, I was thirteen; I had a big imagination of being a ninja. I also grabbed a pair of foam nun-chucks that could hurt if you knew how to use them, even if they were foam. I knew very well how to use them so I grabbed them and walked slowly toward the door.
As I came closer to the door, I got a glimpse of the man ready to bring out something from his pocket. I got a little scared, but I waited to see what he was pulling out. I almost felt like, a tsunami rush of relief came over me. I saw the guy pull out a cell phone, and start dialing a number. I knew my house phone was dead so my number wouldn’t ring. The guy was waiting and then had a frustrated look on his face, and shoved the phone back in his pocket and started back to toward the truck and signaled his helpers to follow. He started the truck and sped away. I got a little idea of why he called and figured he got frustrated because since my phone was dead and he thought no one was home, so he just left and would come tomorrow. Hopefully, my parents won’t be out tomorrow.
My mom came home later at 7:00 with my brother. My brother had a bandage around his wrist area and my mom had a bag of medicines in his hands. I asked her where she was and she said that my brother broke his wrist when he tripped over the dog. Then my mom had to take him to the doctor to get it checked. Then, when she came back, the dog was whining so she took him to the pet store and got him some stuff and got a little check up on him, and it turned out that the dog was sick so she needed to get medicines for him. Then I asked why the door was open. She said that the door was open because my uncle’s workers had come here to cut down the tree so she left the door open so they can put the bill on the table. I looked near the door and saw a little slip on the bottom. I went over and picked it up. I handed it to my mom and I said that they left it there. I wasn’t ever going to tell her I was scared of some people who wanted give us a bill. I forgot about asking her where the dog Tommy was and it figures he was in the backyard. I went outside and started to play with Tommy and brought him inside. My brother was lying calmly on the bed and weakly asked for his chips. I laughed and handed him the chips. We started playing some video games together and got tired enough to go to sleep. It was a very long and weird day.

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