The Man in the Barn

February 9, 2010
By gfccheerleader BRONZE, Grand Forks, North Dakota
gfccheerleader BRONZE, Grand Forks, North Dakota
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Sydney and Jordan walked into the barn and climbed up the ladder to the loft. They had no idea where to start. The barn was a gigantic sized building. Not the usual size of a barn. They walked into the first room of the loft. That room was used as storage for Sydney's dad's hunting supplies. They did not find anything in the room,so they decided to go search in the next room. But as they were leaving,they heard a crash, bang, boom! Both of them sped out of the room so fast that even a cheetah could not catch up to them. They ran down the stairs and into one of the stalls where the cows once slept. The two of them huddled in the corner,shivering with fright. They heard footsteps climbing up the ladder into the loft. But how could that be,they wondered. A person was just up in the room they scurried out of. Is there more than one of them? Jordan looked up to see a man staring at them from over the railing of the loft. Jordan screamed and Sydney looked up to see nothing but air. Jordan quickly jumped up and ran out of the barn into the trees. Sydney ran after her,trying to get her attention to see what had made her go mad. Jordan was nowhere in sight. Sydney gave up and walked back to the barn. She had to figure this mystery out. She walked slowly up the stairs to the loft. She had searched every square inch of the loft except for...... the butcher room. That is the last place Sydney had wanted to go but of course with her courage,she did not hesitate. She walked into the room and saw nothing. She turned to walk out when she jumped at the sound of a scream coming from the edge of the woods. She ran down the ladder and burst through the barn doors. There she ran around to the back of the barn at the edge of the woods. She could not believe her eyes.
Friday July 13th, 2009 near the small town of Fordville, ND, two friends were lying in a field playing truth or dare. Sydney, the girl who lived on the farm, had dared her best friend Jordan to sleep in the barn. Jordan would not do it without Sydney. So Sydney agreed to stay the night in the old, rugged barn. But what they didn't know, is that this night would be the worst night of their lives.
There was nothing. Absolutely nothing. Sydney was confused. She had no idea where her best friend Jordan was and where the scream had come from. She walked swiftly back into the barn. As Sydney walked into the barn, she noticed a trail of blood. She followed the trail. The trail led up to the loft. She walked along the trail until it led to........ The butcher room. She stepped in the doorway of the creepy room. There, laying on the table, where all the meat was butchered, lay Jordan. She lay there whimpering, with blood on her forehead. It looked like nothing more then a big scratch. And next to her was a large ax, ready to be used. She heard a noise coming from the opposite side of the room. There she saw a man digging in the closet. Sydney backed up, out of the room and fell over the railing, screaming, and fell onto a big pile of hay. The man heard her scream and ran out of the room and gazed over the railing, staring at Sydney. Sydney jumped up out of the hay pile and started to run toward the barn door, but the man beat her to it. He closed the door. Sydney was trapped. She ran up the ladder of the loft, with the man right behind her. She ran into the butcher room and locked the door. She stood against the door, breathing hard. The man pounded on the door for a few minutes and then the room fell silent. Sydney ran over to where Jordan lay and shook her. Jordan made a groaning noise and looked up at Sydney. Sydney lifted Jordan up onto her feet. Jordan became fully conscious again. Jordan had asked what happened and Sydney told her. Jordan looked frightened. They walked to the locked door and peeked out the small window. There was nothing that the two of them could see, so they unlocked the door and slowly, and carefully opened the door. Nothing. No man could be seen from where they were. They tiptoed down the ladder to the barn floor. They heard a sound from behind the hay. They turned to see a man and a pitchfork running at them. They screamed and ran. They ran through the woods until they came to the flowing stream. There they ran across the stream into a wide open field. They didn't turn back until they reached the other side of the field. The man was not in sight. They turned around to run some more, just to be on the safe side. As they turned around, they heard a noise coming from the nearby corn stocks. They ran and ran until they reached a bridge. They crossed the bridge. On the other side of the bridge was the man, waiting for them. That was the last time anybody had seen Jordan and Sydney. They were searched for by the police, but never found. For all we know they could still be living, but in a world of hell.

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