Heavens door

February 14, 2010
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"Are you ready?" the velvet voice that had come from the hooded man asked as he held out his peal hand for me to take. I looked back at my surroundings. Everything had changed sense I died... No one weep for me out loud,no they went on with there lives. I looked around at my mothers laughing face as my father had told another one of his bad jokes. My younger sister who had grown to be a beautiful women over the years that I was gone was now leaning agenst the wall joining them, her husband by her side smiled.
I had waited so long for the day my body would be found. 10 years today, I was tired of waiting, I wasn't angry anymore. I died when i was 16 by my friends trusted brother, of course he was never found out the only witness was my friend who ended up killing himself after.
I was tired of waiting, tired of hoping one day i would be found. "Are you ready?" the man repeated.
"so what are you guys going to name it." my mothers sweet voice asked cutting mine off. I snapped my head to my sister who touched her belly "if its a girl Annabell." my eyes swelled with forgotten tears at my name. My parents smiled a little bit.
"Th...That would make your sister very happy." my mother answered with slight tears in her eyes. I was not forgotten. I smiled.
"It's time." The dark hooded man whispered. I nodded wiping a stray tear that had fought its way out of my eye. I took his hand and slowly fading away, the image of my family slowly faded into darkness right in front of me. I was finally at peace.

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