"A Breath Of Fresh Air"

February 14, 2010
“ Stop watching TV and go and get a breath of fresh air,” my mother yelled.

I had been inside all day watching old reruns of over rated comedy shows. I was just lazy,

but, I guess I was bored too, because as I tied my shoes I thought ‘a walk might be good.’

Outside the air was fresh and felt cool and breezy on my face and flowing through my

hair. I walked to the end of our property and saw a cleared path in the distance. It looked

kind of cool so I followed it.

At the beginning of the path was an aged stone well, I wondered what this land used to be

used for I kept walking and walking. Then I stopped in my tracks, right in front of me

was a village I held my breath for a second there were old cabins and a little brick

church, even an old pub.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. I went into the church and was shocked . The church looked

like time had stood still, it was beautifully painted with intricate artwork and had black

and white photographs throughout. I stopped and looked at one, it was a picture of a little

girl, a teenage boy and I guessed their parents. An inscription and the date on the back

made me gasp. The photo had my last name on it and the date was 1936, this photo of the

little girl was my grandmother.

The podium also had my last name inscribed on it. It all made sense, this weird place ,

these old cabins, this had to be my family’s old property. I took the old photo started my

walk back home. I still didn’t know what to think my little breath of fresh air had turned

into my history.

“Get up, get up, breakfast, “ said my mother from my bedroom door.

I woke up covered in a sweat. No wonder it was so weird I thought to myself it was just a

dream. I got up and there it was, right on my night stand, the old photo.

I was completely freaked out. I guess you never know what you’ll find when you put

down the remote and get a breath of fresh air.

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