Abagail Locked In Hiding

February 11, 2010
By Winniewooh132000 BRONZE, Hopemills, North Carolina
Winniewooh132000 BRONZE, Hopemills, North Carolina
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Favorite Quote:
Love Hurts

“Abagail where are you
My sweet, sweet little angel.”
Said the horrible nasty
Creature who has somehow
Became what I am forced
To obey. I walked to the small
Outskirt room of the
Abandoned building
Where he kept me.
The days of my life here
Seemed to get longer and
Longer. Sometimes I would
Cry and look for a way out.

Momma hasn’t tried to
See me. Or even talk to
Me. The last time I saw
Her she was sleeping on
The kitchen floor. Then Daddy
Mark took me here. He said
Mommy would be fine
And she just didn’t want
Me anymore. But I don’t
Think that’s true. She
Used to tell me that if I
Wasn’t around her life
Would have no meaning.

He came in.
He was yelling my name.
Abagail. He was not
My father. He was the
Person who had been
Following my mother
For years. He came to
Me Shannon was with
Him. She was my neighbor.
He said “She will be joining
You and when I decide who
I like better, one of you will

He played the magic game.
Today it was a three person
Game. Normally I’m the only
One who has to play. Shannon
Cried and he hit her. Then he hit
Her again. She began to bleed from
Her head. He told me to get a trash
Bag then he packed her into it
Like he did Sarah. I never saw
Her again. Shannon was
My bestest friend in the whole

Yesterday was my
Birthday Daddy Mark
Didn’t care.
He just said congrats
Your three.
Lets play a game
To celebrate.
It was the magic

Sometimes I wonder
Why I am the only
Little girl that never
Leaves. They only
Come for a couple
Hours they do something
Wrong and he hurts
Them. I used to cry for
Them but now I do
Not. “They got what
They deserved.”
Said Daddy Mark.

The magic game
Is a hard game
To play. I have
To open my legs
To the shaft in
Daddy Marks
Pants. It hurts
More then
Anything in
The world.
What used
To be so
Small is
Stretched so

“Abbie come to Daddy
Mark. I have to take
You away from here.
Sweet Abagail, they
Found the children,
Sarah, Shannon,
Taylor, And Leann.
So me and my little
Abbie need to get
Away before they
Find us.”

I sat in his lap
Listening to his
Speech of insanity.
He believes because
I am three I don’t
Understand that
What he is doing wrong.
He packed his bags then put
Me in the back seat and we
Left Charlotte forever.

The car ride
Was long the
Sad music he
Played made it
Seem even
Longer. My
Straps on the
Carseat were
Very tight.
I had burns
From them.
The more I
Moved the
More it hurt.
I think its
The same
One he
Brought me
There in.

When I got
There I stood
In front of the
Garage and looked
Up to the sky.
I saw more sadness
In the sky then I
Had ever seen in
My own eyes
From there things
Seemed to get worse.

Since we moved
I’m no longer
Locked alone.
We live in a house.
Me and Daddy
Mark. We never
Leave its always
Me and him and
No one else. At
Least for a little

Daddy Mark just
Left to go to the
Store. He said he
Might bring me
A sister home.
And we can all
Play the magic
Game together.

When he got
Home she brought
In a little girl
She said her name
Was Melissa.
She had brown eyes
And a brown hair.
She was wearing a light
Blue dress. It was Sunday
She was most likely at

Melissa lasted
Longer then most
Of the girls. She
Was my new bestest
Friend. We shared
A room for a little

Daddy Mark said
We have to go again.
This time he said we
Were going to Mexico.
He said “they cant
Take you away from
Me there. I will always
Have my Abbie girl.

He took Melissa to the
Bedroom while I watched
Television. Then he came
Out covered in blood.
I asked him “Where is
Melissa?” “Melissa
Was a bad girl.”
He said. I fell to
The floor and cried.
Then I ran to him and
Hit him. Then he smacked

When I woke up
I was in my carseat.
I looked to the left
To see if Melissa was
There. She wasn’t.
I began to cry.

He turned around
And smacked me
When he turned
Around his car
Was driving into
A big truck.

A policemen pulled
Me out of the car.
Daddy Mark was
Sleeping the front
Seat. He wasn’t
Moving. I called
His name. He
didn’t say a word.

The adults argued.
They pulled in front
Of my house. The
One where mommy had
Lived. She ran to the car
Then she pulled me out
Of the car I yelled the
Words I hadn’t said in
A while “Mommy
I missed you.”

I was home
And so glad
To be. Mommy
Really did
Want me
More then I
Could have
Ever known.

The author's comments:
This book is a story a little girl who was taken from her mother and sexually abused at age three she lost many things. read to find out what!!

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