Room 405

February 17, 2010
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“Come on! Let’s go!” I exclaimed in a hushed voice. We all ran into the school as quietly as we could. We were bored after school on a Friday so we decided to sneak into a classroom and just goof around.

“Storm the gate!” Eli yelled as a Tenacious D reference.

“Dude, shut-up!” I countered quickly to stop the non-sense although I let out a hushed giggle.

“Dude lets go in there!” Aaron pointed to a dark hallway.

“No! Come on, this wa-…” but it was to late as Aaron and Pablo broke for the deserted corridor.

“I have never noticed this place before,” Eli pointed out.

“Me neither,” everyone seemed to agree. We saw an illuminating doorway all the way down to the right.

“There!” Somebody seemed to have whispered as we bolted to the door. We went inside, just the four of us, and shut the door. It was an ordinary classroom, so we just started to horseplay. We threw and kicked a hacky sack around and stood up on desks. It was a lot of fun till the power cut out.

“Woah!” Everything went pitch black dark so I couldn’t distinguish whose disgruntled curses came from where.

“Flash-light” I giggled as I turned my phone onto the main-menu. Pablo and Aaron got the right idea and activated their phones.

“Anyone have a signal?” I asked because I didn’t.

“Nope” “Nothing” I heard two replies come from behind me since Eli did not have a phone.

“Hahahaha uh… Phil! Check the outside to see if anyone is out tree!” Aaron chuckled as he watched Pablo act like he was in one of those Sprint commercials.

“It’s locked,” I said as I tried twisting the handle.

“Your right,” Eli said double checking the handle.

“What? That’s impossible! I made sure it wasn’t before we came in!” Aaron exclaimed.

“Well it’s locked now!” Pablo said in frustration.

“What are we going to do?” Eli questioned with fear in his voice.

“HELP!” Aaron shouted. He started banging on the door and we all caught on.

“Help! HELP!” We all screamed, but no one seemed to answer.

“It’s useless,” I said with a lack of hope. We were all silent for a while.

“WAAM!” Everyone was startled.

“Did you hear that?!?” The rhetorical question popped out of Eli’s mouth with a sort of adolescent fear.

“What was that?” I interrogated.

“I dunno, but I can tell its something big,” Pablo replied.

“Tat, tat”

“What was that?” Aaron questioned.

“It sounded like it came from the air vent,” I replied.

“Tat, tat” We all ventured underneath the vent and waited.

“Whoosh!” A mysterious breeze rolled past us.

“Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Did you see that? Did anyone see that?” Aaron was freaking out.

“No, no. What did you see?” We replied almost in sync.

“You’re telling me that no one saw that shadow?!? The thing was freaking huge!” He replied dramatically to no one in particular.

“No. Well at least I didn’t,” Pablo said.

“Just calm down. It’s just your imagination,” I added.

Aaron started to say, “Yeah your probably righ-…”


“Ash!!!” Aaron shouted at the top of his lungs. Some sort of creature smashed through the ceiling and started tearing at Aaron’s face.

“Ah!” Eli exclaimed as he drove a sharp pencil into the monster’s heart. It collapsed to the floor in a dramatic fashion. All you could hear was heavy breathing and Aaron’s disgruntled whimpers. We all examined the corpse with fear struck deep in our hearts. I was a sort of bluish figure with a very boney body; its eyes were extremely black. It seemed as though it had an extra set of vicious looking teeth. As we were examining it in dead silence, I heard this loud “THUMP” then this blistering yell I looked over and saw Aaron’s petrified face looking at me with such distraught it was hard to bare. He was being dragged into the storage closet. Pablo and Eli shouted in terror, but I was just standing there, overwhelmed in shock. I was replaying all the good times Aaron and I had. Now he was gone and all I could remember him by was the pale faced, shock driven boy behind the closet door.

No; this couldn’t be happening. This was just my imagination. The screaming stopped.
“Phil!” Eli tried to get my attention. I turned around to see that he was the only one looking at me. Pablo rested lifelessly on the floor. He had a huge gaping hole right where his heart used to be.
“Phil, I’m scared,” Eli said with a terrified voice that I had never quite heard before.
“Its okay. Come on.” I was past terrified; I was angry.
I led the way to the other side of the classroom.
“Let me see your jacket,” I requested. I wrapped it around my hand. “Start sharpening pencils! We are going to need them!” I launched orders.
“SMASH!” I threw my arm through the window. Glittering bits flew through the top half of my arm that wasn’t covered by the jacket. I reached through the window to open the door but even the handle was budged. We were trapped. I heard clattering behind me. Eli and I got back to back. We were just waiting for something, anything to move. There was one dead silent moment before “CRACK” a fiery red monster smashed through the ceiling. It jumped on me and started tearing at my arm. Eli stabbed it in the chest but apparently missed the heart because it came back fiercer than ever. I dodged it as it pounced over right onto Eli; He was helpless. The monster was tearing at his face until finally Eli’s lifeless body fell to the floor with his flesh barely hanging off of his gruesome, liberated skull.
“NOOO! ELI!!!” I stabbed at the monster again and again. It dropped dead finally, but I collapsed as well onto my stomach. I felt blood trickling down my face and hands. I was dying; slowly but surely. I never knew what it felt like to die. It didn’t hurt that much now that I think about it but I could definitely feel something coming. It was a sort of drowsy feeling that wasn’t easy to get used to. I started to close my eyes; I felt so tired. I finally shut them then everything went silent, cold, and dark.

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