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February 16, 2010
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This time was all I had....I was lost in a world of make beleive.I really wish it would change for the better but how could that change if i was drowning in my own sorrow.My story begins walking home on a bright sunny day. It could of been the best day of my life until one little mistake lead me off that path...I was stolen. It was a long way home and I had missed the bus. My house was not in off to the side if you may call it that. The warmth of the sunny day was running out and the frigid cold started to take over. Iam for one am not a very curious person ,but this one time makes me regret I ever had the even slightest of feelings. There was this old abandon house on the side of the road. Every day I went pass this house and never really bothered to wonder what was inside or who used to live in it. But today was different and I just stood outside the front of the house just letting my thoughts wonder and trying to find a good explanation for why I saw something moving in the old home. I started toward the house not letting my mind stop me for what I was doing. As my hand reached for the knob of the door I heard footsteps behind me.I turned around to see the person who was approching and it all went blake. I dont remember who this was,or what he looked like....just nothing. clearly I was hit on the head rather hard for when I woke up I had a extremly painful head ache and there was blood oozing from my wound. There was an awful stench in the air and it was burning my nose badly. I looked around with blurred vision to find that I was straped in a chair in a basement of some sort. This was all it took for me to start panicing. All I could think about was how stupid I was and thaT I may never see my family again. I heard someone mumbling but that was nothing compared to what I saw in fornt of me. There was all these surgical devices everywhere with blood all over them. I looked down at my lifeless body in the chair to make the sure this blood wasnt mine. My intuition was screaming at me to run..get out.. make it out alive but how could I...I didnt want to believe this but I wasnt going to get out...I wasnt going to get out alive....I heard someone come down the steps.. this was it iam going to die! I sturggled to get free but it was no use...I had no strengh. There was a man laughing as he came into my view. He was old...really dirty and at the most part....scary. I started to scream as loud as I could
" HELP ME!! PLEASE!!!...PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME!!!" but it was no use nobody will hear my cries. The strange man laughed some more and got up with a "THUMP". He started to walk to me and bent down so he was at my level and smiled. It was disgusting seeing his rotting teeth and could feel his hot breath on my cold ,pale face. The tears were running down my face now and I had the uncontrollable sobbing. The man leaned down to me onec again and got out a knife. I started screaming again and he put the knife up to me and yelled

"AHHHHHHHH!!!!" I yelped leaping to my feet. I looked around me to see the I was in front of the old house again. I saw that there was a log that I must of tripped on and hit my head on the step. It wasnt real I thought to myself joyfully and happily started to dance around in circles. I had to leave before it was too dark out so I meekly turned around to see the old house one last time and in the front window I saw the strange man staring at me. In his hand was the knife that he held to me and there written in the window was
" I AM COMING". At that I ran as fast as I could let my feet go. I know he is still out there and every so often I have dreams about him and that day but I know he is still waiting for me in that old abandoned house and I will never go back there again.

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BriFed said...
Feb. 23, 2010 at 8:56 pm
Anyone please post a comment...Do I need improvement?.....Thanks:D
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