Twisted Reflection

February 5, 2010
By kluckyduck BRONZE, Lexington, Kentucky
kluckyduck BRONZE, Lexington, Kentucky
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Johnny woke in a hot flash. Mind racing, body aching. What to do elapsing time. No control. Sitting his sweaty drenched body up moaning from the pain. Rising out of his bed lifting his arms above his head for a quick stretch. Hearing a deep voice he turns around. A dark figure stands before him.
“You must go now, complete the task”.
“Does she really deserve it”.
“She deserves everything; every ounce of pain dwelling inside your body let it out”.
“How can I do it”? Johnny said in panic
“You must make her suffer like she made you, make her scream in pain”. The dark figure spoke with ease. A small chuckle escaped from his lips.
Grabbing his faded black coat Johnny left his house. His eyes on his feet as he stumbled through the heavy snow that fell in the midnight sky of Detroit.

“Detective Johnson come in OVER”.
“This is detective Johnson OVER”.
“Detective we have a possible 187 on Predmore, at the old abandon warehouse OVER “.
“I’m on my way OVER”.
The CB buzzed with static as he arrived to the scene.
” Looks like no one has showed up yet”. He stuttered to himself.

Steadily stepping out of the car. Not waiting for backup, he walks to the faded blue door. With a forceful tug he pulls the door open. Not hesitating he grabs his flash light, and walks into the desolate warehouse. The light from the flash light glistened on the moldy wall revealing blood spots as if they had been painted on the surface of the wall. Detective Johnson slowly stepped back the light fully reviling the words ONLY THE REFLECTION WILL REVEAL THE TRUTH. Detective Johnson followed the damp blood as it slowly dribbled down the creases in the wall revealing the body of a women. His mind clueless with shock he stands there examining the women’s pale bloody lacerated body. In the middle of her porcelain white stomach was a carving of a question mark. Bruises on her body, he knew that she had tried to put up a fight. Her wrists worn with the rubbing of the stubbly brown rope that had her bound hands to feet. Her face he will never forget for he knew her. He had spoken her name, and glaring into her eyes all the life sucked out of her he stood there thinking.

“Detective have you found something.” captain Rogers said loudly.
Snapping out of his thoughts he replied…
“I found her body, it’s so horrible what this guy did to her. She never had a chance.”
“Any identification”
“No but I know this women, her name is Destiny Howard.”
“What’s you relation to her.” Captain Rodgers asked without hesitation.
“Umm just friends who run into each other every now and then that’s all.” Detective Johnson says calmly.
Captain Rodgers replies “Let’s get the medical examiner down here.”

Haven’t slept in two days, heart racing. Johnny paces his room, skittish as he took each step back and forth. Stopping in his tracks the dark figure appears again.

“Did you do the task, did you make her scream, make her feel your pain.”
“Yes with every stroke of my knife.” Her screams still lingered in his head.
“She begged for her worthless life, the louder she screamed the harder I cut.”
“Good.” The dark figure said with a smile. He enjoyed the torture Johnny would put on someone.
“You’re getting better at my games, the third time and you’re getting more creative, you must not let

anyone find out, our plans will be destroyed.”

The guilt built in Johnny each time he would kill. But it’s what made his pain go away. To torture someone, to make them scream. It made him feel strong and mighty. But he told himself each time no more. But he continued, letting the dark figure control his mind.

“Johnson have any leads on the Howard case.” Captain Rodgers yelled as he walked into the dingy police station.
“No sir, five days and still no leads.”
“Ok re interview the eye witness; try to find something that we might have missed the first time around.
“Yes sir.”The detective grabbed his dingy black coat and his note pad, and staggered out the door.With a knock at the door the pad lock snapped as the man opened the door.

“Are you Louis Hosman”
“Yes it is, how may I help you?”
“I’m a detective with the Detroit police department.”
“I already told them everything that I knew.”
“I was wondering if you could retell your witness statement.”
“I guess I have a little time.”Louis said with a sigh “come in sit down.”

Pulling the notepad out of his back pocket detective says “go ahead and start.”

“Well it was around 12:45pm I had just gotten off work I decided I would take my dog for a walk before I head off to bed. Walking out of the building I noticed a man and I woman walking past. I really didn’t notice at first but it seemed as if the woman was being forced. Walking a couple of steps behind them for about a half a mile. I noticed the man kept glancing back. Around ten minutes of walking behind them. My dog got his leash wrapped around a pole. After unwrapping it I looked back up and they were
gone. That’s all I know.”
“Are you sure you didn’t see what the man looked like.”
“No it was too dark for me to see his face. I’m sorry but I have a plane to catch in a hour. ”
“Well thanks for your time and your help enjoy your flight.”

With a since of depression detective Johnson slowly walk out of the gloomy apartment building. The snow fell hard as he steadily walked to his car, which was parked about a half a mile from the apartment building, his eyes on his feet has he gracefully walked. Stopping in his tracks glancing down, wet from the snow was a watch. Using a pencil he pulled from his pocket he picked up the watch. It was gold, rusted from the snow. He examined every part of the watch. Looking in the inside part of the watch he noticed an engraving it read Paul Johnson. With a shocked look on his face he realized the watch was his, it had been a gift that a friend had given him for his birthday. Quickly detective Johnson drove to his house.

Johnny knew something was wrong, he could feel it. His mind was racing a million miles an hour in 50 different directions. Panicing the dark figure appeared once again. Jonny knew what the figure was going to ask of him, another person to destroy, anger and rage built in Johnny as the dark figure slowly talked. Without think Johnny raised his fist in anger and with a quick swing it all ended in a shatter. The mirror fell to the floor, the figure finally went silent.

The author's comments:
one of my best storys

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