A nightmare

February 2, 2010
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As I awaken in a pitch-black room strapped to a stone table, I hear what appear to be voices of young children. I move my arms left in and out as far as they can go but as my left hand moves outward I can feel something sharp. I use it to cut the ropes off my hands and feet. I lean to my right and jump off the table, searching for a light I find a switch, as I pull it down I hear bats screeching and lights slowly turn on. Its now bright enough I can see every thing there is a door on the other side of the room. I walk to it brushing my self of any dust or webs. I open the door to find nothing but a small darkened tunnel, as I crawl through it I still hear the children’s voices, it sounds familiar but I cant tell from wear.the tunnel is ended with a bright red glowing color. I stand to look around and I see nothing but lava, fire, and molden rocks as far as the eye can see. I feel an intense amount of pain run up and down my spine. I begin to walk and see what I can find, I egin to notice my skin is deturrating and I’am losing a lot of strength, burning my hair and the heat rotting my flesh. As I come to a stop and look around me I relize that this is no hell but it is my old in oklahoma from 1st grade.

I walk up to it to see if its any different than I remember it, its not, every little thing is the same right down to the last carpet stain. I walk to my old room and I see some one sitting there it’s a child, he looks familier. He begins to speak to me and says, “Do you remember why mommmy hurt us” I can see a tear fall from his cheack and he slowly turns his head just a little just enough to where I can the scratches on his face.i don’t respond, I walk over next to h im and look at him through the mirror and I instantly go into tears, every little mark the mother had ever put on us were alere all there at the same time. “ The one time I see her and she hits me with a book as hard as she can.” He tells me this with tears in his eyes. I cant bear to see this so I turn my head, the only thing I can say is “I cant begin to tell you how sorry I truly am.” In the mear thought of him looking like that I was enraged I felt ire body since I have been down hea, I knew my time was coming so in my final breath I whisper out lord forgiveme, iam not whom I seem, please friends, family, and all those who new of my exsitance I’am sorry”. I begine to fall to my knees than plop on the ground I slowly rol over to my back and look into the black and red sky, I see someone above me it was my best friends one kneels down next to me and says,” We forgive you.” I grin than my last breath was gone as I die in the arms of my friends. After I die they carry my body to a cliff and cremate me giving my ashes to my closest family members in the vase made of pure silver and a gold trim with the encription “ I will always love the ones who had loved me always in memory Anthony.”

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