February 3, 2010
I wake up to precious sounds of the ocean wave's crash against the rocks and sandy beach. The beautiful sounds of birds chirping melodies to sound a rhythm that never in my life I thought would be so breath taking. Never would I have thought that my life could be so wonderful. Twenty-nine years of so much bulls*** and struggles that put me through hell lead me to where I stand today and once before didn’t give a f*** about life but everything changes as I open my vision wider. As I open my blurry eyes I turn to the side and realize my world, my life, my love lies ever so quietly and beautifully by my side. A beautiful creation that I can share my love and life with is now in my arms. By her side lies a creation of both our love and devotion. The root of my tree, the leg I need, most importantly my son I brought in this world to be my mark on this so-called planet. Walking over to the balcony I think to myself, “How can everything be so perfect? My life once before that was nothing but a joke has now bloomed into something that I will die to keep.” I look over to see my wife waking up along with my son. I walk over to them and give a morning kiss while a moment of silence is kept upon us. Nothing but love and smiles fill the room. Even the cold breeze that swiftly sailed into the room isn’t able to intercept the moment that draws upon us. To break the silence i move in slowly and give another kiss to my wife as I hold her closely to whisper I love her. From this moment, I look into her eyes and tell her, “nothing will ever break us apart, never will I let you go, nor will I share the love to anyone that we grew together.”

The smell of eggs, bacon, hot steaming rice and other favorable foods of mine force me to rush downstairs to find my wife making a meal before our day is started of work. A slap on her butt and kiss on the cheek settles me and before you know it I’m sitting at the dinner table reading the news and waiting to be served. A plate slides under my hands and a smile from my face ripples out to show my happiness of such a blessing life. A prayer is said and before you know it the food is nowhere to be found and the smell of food is only to be left behind. I throw my white coat on and put my suitcase in the car. Living a life of a surgeon satisfies our type of life but brings sadness when I have to leave only because I’m on twenty-four our call. One last kiss is done and the vision of the garage closing puts a frown on my face. The house I live in is isolated from a lot of the village, which makes me have to do a pretty far commute. I call my wife to say I love you once more before I get onto my driving and to check on her to tell her to alarm the watch system and cameras.

Five minutes pass as I’m driving and I suddenly remember I forgot my work id. The car is whipped to a u-turn and the sounds of screeching tires are loudly spread. Pulling up near my house I see tire marks leading to my house that don’t resemble mine. Pulling in closer I see two trucks all black in front of my house. Doors are knocked down and screams are heard from inside the house. Quickly without thinking I reach into my glove compartment and reach to my colt .45 and angrily cock and load it with thirteen hollow-tips. My breath heavily blown out, my heart pumping a thousand miles and the sweat on my head drips down my head to show that I can only expect the worse and hope for the best. Walking in slowly a man is standing near the stairs and with a quick glance, BANG! Into the mans’ head a .45 caliber round is inserted through his head and out the other side. Blood squirts out wildly and his body pauses in a standing position. The cries of my son rush me faster into the house, entering with caution, and without a doubt, hoping I soon can be with my family.

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