Bounty Hunter

February 2, 2010
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“Bang” Well there goes another werewolf. Hey my name is Shane Shadowhawk. I’m just about the coolest kid in my school. Truth is ill be honest with you my real name is Hotshot. Shane is just my alias. A secret identity if you will. Me and my friend Zeke Thunder A.K.A Sureshot because he never misses. Onetime he sniped a werewolf from 500 yards away with a pistol. He specializes in sniper rifles. And in school you would never notice him he’s the type of guy that keeps to himself. He’s also really smart his IQ is off the charts just he doesn’t bother to show it. He hates to be acknowledged. I guess that’s why he loves sniping he’s never scene and hardly herd. He’s kind of scary when he’s mad he could kill you all too easily. You might think that were both older like in our 20’s the truth is I’m 14 and Sureshot is 15. We go to school like any other teen, we take tests like any other student, and we pass like any other student. We get no help from our organization. Ya we work for and organization. We are almost like Men in Black. Except we exist we know people and people know us. We rank so high in the government that the president can’t even know us. The truth is JFK found out about us and we had to get some people to take care of him. They only found one of us because he was careless. We cannot go above the judicial system so if we get in trouble with the law there is no one to get us out. It’s kind of a stupid system.
Today is a weekend so Zeke and I are just chillin in HQ. It was a slow day so we just played videogames. Today we only had 2 reports and they were quick jobs. Newly risen vampires are so easy to kill when they have a bloodlust. A bloodlust is when a vampire can’t breathe because there blood can’t carry oxygen. That’s why they need human or animal blood. The ones that drink animal blood are like the vegetarians of the vampires. Most of the time those are vampires that were once human. Anyway we’ll me and Zeke were playing the boss came in.
The Boss “Boys we got some new recruits today and this one will be in your squad. His alias name is James Darkoak. We are still in the process of making a code name. Feel free to pitch in ideas”.
Zeke “Sir I’ve got an idea, how bout shiny because all his weapons are gonna be shiny and new”.
Boss “hmm I guess what do you think James”.
James “Yeah I guess that’s ok”.
Boss “Shiny it is then. I will put it in our data bases. Try to get to know each other.”
Boss left and me and Zeke walked over to our newest teammate. “Hey my name is Shane Shadowhawk and this is Zeke Thunder” I said. “My code name is Hotshot and his is Sureshot” I said with a cheerful grin.
“Cool” James said weakly.
Just from this brisk encounter I can already tell his personality. He’s very meek and unsure of himself. He’s scared but hey who wouldn’t be. Even emotionless Zeke was at first. “So how old are you?” I said with great curiosity.
James “Umm I think 12.”
“That’s cool almost none field agent here know their age” I sighed “no one has a birth certificate to tell so it’s almost impossible to remember.”

“Cool” James said.
“You don’t talk much do yeah James.” Zeke replied
“No not much” James mumbled.
“Well we can get you to talk in the first place so that’s good.” Zeke said with a lazy smirk.
Then all of a sudden the loud speaker comes on and a calm cool voice says “all new recruits must make their way the reflex training ground ASAP”.
“Well I guess that me” James whispered like a robot almost. Then in one swift motion turned and left.
So it was back to just me and Zeke playing Xbox 360. HQ has every game system available and every game for them. As we were playing we got a call for a swarm of zombies forming in the Louisiana swamps. Zombies form easy there because of the moist environment. If zombies dry out, then they become stiff and crack, and then break into several pieces, almost like flakes. On our way we picked up Shiny, who was just getting out reflex training, so we showed him where his gear was and we were off. All of us loaded up on salt bombs. They are very useful when killing zombies. Not so much in killing anything else. Me, Zeke, and James came upon the coven of zombies, the smell of rotting flesh lingered in the air. That’s when I saw at least 6 to 9 zombies in the clear. Hardly enough to call it a coven. I was about to throw a salt bomb when I heard footsteps behind me. I looked back and saw none of my team mates moving. Yet I still heard footsteps that’s when I saw I about 30 feet away a zombie crossed the path we just went through. That’s when I realized we must be in the center of a much larger coven.
“Sureshot, Shiny we are in the heart of a huge coven” when I told them this Zeke looked like he was going to throw up he was so horrified. In an ironic twist the one I expected to be most scared, Shiny was the coolest about it. I didn’t know if I should be glad he’s not scared or angry that he’s too reckless and stupid to be scared. None of that matters now we need help. This place had to be huge if none of them were in the center. The marsh area we were was wooded so they couldn’t see us. The only bad part is there is no way to throw salt bombs in all directions to take them all out. We need to get in another squad. “HQ do you read me we need squad 11 in here stat.”
“HQ here squad 11 is available what are your quadrant’s” Said some guy at HQ.
“Where ever the last call was to don’t know off the top of my head” I exclaimed into the mike. At this point I was so worried I was almost yelling.
“Ok chill out Hotshot there on there way” He said without a hint of emotion.
“Ok thanks” Thank you what ever god is real. Squad 11 is perfect for this job. Squad 11 is full of … how could I put this lightly... there all very spastic. They create the perfect diversions. Plus with the tech they specialize in they can run at inhuman speeds. They can lure them into a group. And then we slat them. It would be perfect. 20 minutes later they arrived. I explain the plan and then we start to execute it.
“Were half way around the marsh get ready” Said the squad 11 leader.
“Ok were ready but wasn’t there 5 people in your squad” I said with great anxiety.
“Yeah why” The squad leader mumbled.
“Well we see both groups but we only see 4 people total” I said with curiosity. That’s when a flare shot into the sky. All the zombies stopped and looked at were it had com from and almost in unison we al saw him on the ground with a broken leg. The zombies were much closer to him then we were and they charged. Everyone stared in horror. I couldn’t move. My body had gone stiff.
“Nooooooo” yelled the squad 11 leader.

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