The Journey Begins...

February 7, 2010
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His misty breath blew past his face as he chased his wife through the lingering fog. Her curled, blond hair bounced behind as her red high heels moved her swiftly down an unknown road. His long, black trench coat swayed behind his sprinting legs, his dark brown hair hanging in his eyes.

"Mallory!" he called after her, "Stop!"
She continued forward, running out of breath.

"Mallory!" he shouted louder, panting, "Why are you running?!"
Again, she continued her pace deeper into the endless fog. The smooth road slowly turned into cracked asphalt with broken pieces of buildings scattered around. He glanced up at the sky and saw nothing but gray fog. He glanced behind him and saw fog. Suddenly, the clacking of her heels stopped. Her figure stood straight, her fists clenched. He sprinted to catch up with her.

"Mallory!" he grabbed her hand.

"No!" she gasped, ripping away from his grip.
He stood in front of her, "What is wrong with you?! Where are you going!"
Her eyes didn't even see him as she stared past him. He spun around and saw the sign:

"Mallory, what is Silent Hill? What is here?"
She remained speechless, backing away slowly. Her pupils enlarged, her skin pale.

"Honey! Talk to me, please!" he walked toward her.

"No! Not again!" she screamed. She turned and ran back the way they came.

"Mallory, wait!" he took off after her. The intensity of the fog increased and Mallory's red high heels disappeared from his sight, "No!" he sprinted faster, trying not to lose her. The road remained cracked and deteriorated. The clacking of her heels stopped again.

"Mallory!" he called. His heart fell as he slowed to a stop. The road ended. It looked as though something took a huge bite out of it. He stepped carefully over to the edge. Again, nothing but fog lingered. He kneeled down, holding the edge of the road, staring into complete nothingness.

"Mallory!" his voice echoed. No answer. He glanced to his left at a lopsided street sign. It read: Walnut Street. He knew that street well, but now it no longer existed.

He stood up, defeated, and stared at the "WELCOME TO SILENT HILL" sign again. The fog suddenly cleared, except for around the empty abyss of Walnut Street.

"Silent Hill..." he sighed, "Maybe Mallory ran back there."

He reached the sign again, carefully continuing down the road. Everything looked abandoned. Cars were left in unusual places with their doors wide open. He looked inside, only to find a map on the dashboard. The map was covered with dirt, dust, and blood splatters. Hesitantly, he stuffed it in his coat pocket. This town was already making the hairs stand up on the back of his neck. He whipped out his pocket knife, holding the sharp blade in his sweaty hand.

"I'll find you, Mallory."


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