Immortal love chapter 7

February 6, 2010
By idcwhatcoloritis GOLD, Severna Park, Maryland
idcwhatcoloritis GOLD, Severna Park, Maryland
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When Head Master Stone was far enough away from the room I directed my eyes from the door to Ludicrous. “What is mating?” I asked. “Sex” he said. “Oh. Now it makes sense but why is mating so wrong?” I asked. “If a vampire mates with another vampire there souls are forever bounded.” He said. “So your already bounded to another?” I asked. “No” he said. “But you said your not a virgin” I said. “I lied” he answered. I smiled. “So why is mating with a new born so bad?” I asked. “Because there newly born” he said. “And they don’t under stand what mating is and how serious it is. It is sinful to all vampires to mate with someone so young.” “So that’s why your father was so angry?” I asked. “Yes” he answered. “Would you be angry if Mimi mated with a new born?” I asked. “Yes” he said. “Would you be angry if we mated while I’m still new?” I asked. “No” he answered.
I sighed. “I would be. I’ve caused you enough pain already” I said. He groaned. “Will you stop with blaming everything on yourself” he moaned. “Not until you admit that it’s my fault that your now in trouble with your father and eldest brother” I said. “Fine then it’s your fault” he said. “Will you stop complaining now?”
I stood up and picked the wine back up. I didn’t bother with the wine glass. I placed the bottle to my lips and drank half of the rest of the wine.
“Geez Sapphire. No need to drink off your problems” Ludicrous said. “I’m not I just like wine” I said. I drank the rest of it. “I think you need some new wine” I giggled. He sighed. “There’s more in the trunk large wardrobe over there” he said pointing to the corner of the room were a wardrobe sat. I got up and walked over to it. When I opened it I found shelves and shelves of wine. My eyes widened at a few. Some were really really expensive. Romanée Conti (3,000), Pétrus (1,000), Sauternes (17,000). I also saw a bunch of wine that I liked. Bad boy red, Silver Oak Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon, Château Monbousquet Saint-Emilion. I smiled and pulled out Bad boy red.
I poured the wine into glass. “How’d you get such expensive wine?” I asked. “As I said before. Being the Head Master’s son has perks.” He said. He held his glass out to me. I poured in the wine.
“Are you guy’s goanna sit around drinking or are you goanna mate?” Mimi asked entering the room. “Mimi” Ludicrous hissed. “Well I can’t help it” Mimi moaned walking over to the table holding champagne glasses she walked back over to me. I filled her glass. “I mean after all your goanna get married eventually. Make it official” Mimi moaned. “I refuse to mate until I’m not a new born” I said crossing my arms. I had to really balance so that I wouldn’t spill the wine in my hand.
“Just mate already” Mimi hissed. “Mimi” Ludicrous hissed. “Waiting is just goanna make it harder for you” Mimi said. “I know what will happen but I can wait. If Sapphire wants to wait we’ll wait although I really wish she didn’t want to” Ludicrous said. I sighed. “You make it sound like it’s nothing” I said looking from Mimi to Ludicrous. “Well it’ll make your lives easier” Mimi said. “I want it to be special” I said. “Not because of pressure.” “Your goanna cave before morning break” Mimi laughed then left the room leaving her finished champagne glass on Ludicrous’s desk.
I finished my glass of wine. “My favorite” I giggled. I got up and placed the bottle of wine back on the shelf. I picked up another. “Your goanna drink your way threw my wine aren’t you?” he asked. “Eventually” I said. “Do you mind if I taste this one. It’s really expensive.” I held up the Sauternes. “No I don’t mind. I usually drink threw those a lot” he said. “That’s $17,000 worth of wine Ludicrous!” I shrieked in shock. “Not that much money to me” he said. I shrugged and poured the wine into my glass. I sipped at it. I had never tried it before and boy was it good. I finished it off quickly and reached for the bottle again. Ludicrous said he got those all the time. I poured a second glass.
“Don’t go over board with wine” Ludicrous said. “I’m not” I hissed. I could tell he knew I had had enough wine. “I think you’ve had enough” he said taking the bottle of wine from me after I had poured another glass. Ludicrous put it away. I downed the glass quickly. Such good wine!
I set the glass down. Ludicrous finished off his glass of wine and didn’t look to much better then I did at this point. Mimi was right. We were goanna cave before morning. I slid over to him. He knew I had defiantly had more then I should. I had what……4 maybe 6 glasses of wine. I wasn’t sure how strong those wines were but I guessed stronger then I thought. Defiantly goanna cave.
“I think you had to much” he whispered. “Yeah I know” I whispered. “But now I see your point. New borns mating is a bad idea.” His eyes widened. “All see why you don’t want to wait” I whispered. I crawled closer to him in a sexy way. I couldn’t thank Neta enough for making me wear that sexy bra.
“Why wait” I whispered sliding my finger tip down his chest. I untied his tie and dropped it to the floor. His eyes were wide as he watched me. I pulled off his black tux jacket. He was in shock but he didn’t seem to care that I was undressing him. I began to undo the buttons on his shirt. I began to kiss his neck as I continued unbuttoning. He sat there still in shock. I pulled off his white shirt then moved my lips to his. That was when he really got into it. The adrenaline kicked in quickly. Mimi was defiantly correct. We hadn’t even lasted 10 minutes after she left.

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Hi this is idcwhatcoloritis. Check out my account and message me telling me what you thought of Immortal love! I go by idcwhatcoloritis there too. Thanks for reading!
Peace from idcwhatcoloritis a.k.a. Victoria.

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