A Christmas Haunting

February 4, 2010
By Jud193 BRONZE, Cave Creek, Arizona
Jud193 BRONZE, Cave Creek, Arizona
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It was the night before Christmas. My family and I were setting up the Christmas tree. A little late, I know but it was what we did every year. As we were setting up the tree, we heard something at the door. I went to see who it was and when I opened the door, nothing was there; I closed the door and told my parents. My parents told me that some one might just be doing a prank. So we went back to setting up the tree, my sisters put on the star at the top to finish the night. When we plugged in the tree, the power went out. My dad and I went outside to fix the power and get the tree lit. When we went outside to fix it, we saw that it looked as if it were cut with something. We went back inside and told the rest of the family. We had to wait until the next morning to ask the neighbors to use their phone and call my uncle to fix the power.
When my uncle got there the next morning, he looked at the power line and got the power going but could only have it fixed temporarily and said he would have to came back later with a new cable. As my uncle left, me and my sisters went in the house and grabbed some presents that were under the tree and saw that the presents were empty. My mom took a look at them and said that its weird and that the presents look untouched. We then decided to head to the truck and get some presents and things that my sisters and I would like. When my mom turned the key in the truck, the truck wouldn’t start and she knew that she just filled it with gas the other day and the battery was completely charged. My dad took a look at the battery and saw that it was missing. He then checked the gas tank and saw that a hole was at the bottom of it and it all leaked out. My dad went to the garage and got some duct tape and taped up the hole.
We called our grandparents and asked if they would like to take us Christmas shopping, they said sure and were over ten minutes after and my parents told them all the weird things that have happened. My grandparents said we should call the police to investigate but we said no because we don’t know for sure what is happening. When we got home we found the truck was upside down and my dad went to the truck and found the battery in it and said he would check inside the house and see if anything has changed. When he went inside, we heard him scream. We all ran into the house and he was on the floor and had blood on his head, he told us that a glass plate flew at him and hit him in the head but we didn’t see and broken glass on the floor.
My grand parents said we should move as soon as we can and that they have a house for sale right next to them. My parents decided to do what my grandparents said and put the house for sale and bought the house right next to them. Later that night, we went to bed early that day because we knew we would be busy tomorrow moving our furniture to the moving truck. When I fell asleep, I woke up around three at night and saw that I was on the floor. I got back in my bed but saw a dead person in my bed and ran to my parent’s room to tell them but when they got to my room, the body was gone and my parents told me that I was probably just dreaming. But when they left and I turned to the bed, the body was there again and it blinked at me.
As we were getting everything in the moving truck, I was saw the dead body watching me through the window. I told my parents to look but the body was gone again. I looked again and the body was in my bedroom looking at me through the window. I asked how much longer until we leave but they said we probably won’t be done until tomorrow afternoon. I asked if I could sleep with them tonight and they said sure. That night, I had a weird dream that it was tomorrow and we were about to leave the house, and it started to burn and the fire made a face that was mad. I woke up, I felt the feeling to go to the bathroom. I went to the bathroom and heard something in the shower and moved the curtain. The tub was full of blood and a decapitated head was floating in it.
I ran to my parents and told them, they went with me to see it and this time it was there for them to see it. They called our grandparents and told them that they need help moving the furniture at that time. My grandparents got there as soon as they could and we packed the things in as soon as we could and moved out. The next day when we were taking a break from setting up our new house, we looked on the news and it was a video of our house and it was on fire like my dream, before the video ended, there was a face in the fire just like my dream and my parents were scared to know what will happen now and hope it is was over. We went back to setting up the house after the news report. When I went outside to help my dad with the couch, I saw another dead body looking at me through the upstairs window and I thought, “Not again.”

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on Feb. 8 2010 at 1:09 pm
I like this story and they should write a scond one.


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