The 28th Amendment- The Arrest- Brianna Anderson

February 4, 2010
By roxawesomeness PLATINUM, Manassas, Virginia
roxawesomeness PLATINUM, Manassas, Virginia
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"Where were you last night, as of 12:39 AM?"
"Home! Like I've said for the thousanth time. And isn't it against my due process rights to be forced to talk without my lawyer?"
"Shut up! It's been an hour. It's clear she's not coming. According to the 28th amendment, we can continue if it's been an hour." I know that's not true now, but I was only fourteen at the time, and my parents weren't there. They were out volunteering in Haiti, that place that had the earthquake. I knew I wasn't the smartest person in the world, so God knew if our country had really added a 28th amendment. but since I had really never heard of this amendment, I said,
"I've never heard of a 28th amendment before."
"It was passed in Congress just two weeks ago, so we can catch criminals faster." Now, since I'm stupid, that sounded believable.
Now, you're probably wondering why I'm being interrogated. According to these dumb cops, I robbed a poor family's house. Really, I had been at home, falling asleep on the couch while I watched TV.
"Come on, sweetie, just tell me what happened." Said a lady cop. It was obvious these two were playing good cop/bad cop.
"Yeah!" Bad Cop banged his fist on the table way too close to my own hands. I was getting tired of this. Maybe I should just fess up.
"Alright, I did it! You happy?!" Bad Cop stared at me. His face just looked coppish. His bad hair cut was dripping with sweat.
"Alright, honey. Just tell us how it happened." Good cop said. She looked goth, but her attitude was preppy. Her shiny black hair was in pigtails.
"Well, I was hungry, and my babysitter left for the night. There wasn't any food in the house, so I stole it." Maybe that would be believable. If the sense of "you can't be in two places at once" didn't come into play. I didn't know it at the time, but I could've proved I was at my house all night. Mom had set up one of those Nanny Cams aimed right at the couch I fell asleep on.
"Well, that's all we need for a confession." Bad Cop said to Good Cop.

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Riki-Mo GOLD said...
on Feb. 11 2010 at 10:45 am
Riki-Mo GOLD, Manassas, Virginia
16 articles 0 photos 23 comments
This is so awesome! I am going to force Brianna to read it :)

on Feb. 10 2010 at 7:54 pm
DallysGrrl PLATINUM, Middlesex, New Jersey
20 articles 0 photos 199 comments
Awesome. Great. Funny. Realatable. Smart. Clever. Keep writing, haha.


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