Maa Murdrer

January 29, 2010
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The Mass Murderer

This was the biggest mistake of our lives. Four friends found a body of a man on the porch of an old mans house. Who would ever think that some one like us would get into trouble like this?

Dan is a 13 year old who has brown hair, blue eyes, and is the funny type. Nick is a 13 year old that has brown hair, brown eyes and loves soccer. Mike on the other hand is one that some times takes it serious when it comes to soccer. Mike is 14 years old, brown hair and blue eyes. Tyler is our goalie for the team. If we did not have Tyler we would lose a lot of games. Tyler is 14 has gold hair and is like Dan the funny type.

Four friends Dan, Mike, Nick and Tyler Just won there soccer championship. We are all good friends and hang out with each other. We have just one our soccer tournament and are the undefeated and all state champions. This has not happened in years for Fonda Fultonville JV soccer team has a won a championship. We are waiting for our parents at the field. We are kicking the ball around when we heard a gun shot go off in the woods. It scared us for a moment. I said we should go check it out, but Tyler was not so sure that we should go check it out. Dan started to walk towards to the woods. Mike and nick went to Tyler followed. While we were walking I told them about a murderer that lived in theses woods.

His name is Old man Weathers. Weathers were in his late sixty’s and had a problem with the world. When mother died he turned against the world and would kill any body that bothered him.
We arrived in front of and hid in some bushes so he could not see us. I saw him take a knife out of a cabinet and use on an object. Weathers left the room and we got closer to the window. At first we did not know what it was but after a while we figured that is was a human body. Tyler got sick to his stomach and vomited. I thought in my mind that I just saw a dead body, should I tell the police or keep it a secret. We did not realize that old man Weathers was standing right next to us. He was holding a shotgun in his hand. When I saw the gun I thought I was going to die. Nick whispered in my ear “Are we going to die”. Old man Weathers forced us in his cabin. I did not know what was going to happen to us.
I had a plan to run out as fast as we could out of his cabin and back to the field were it would be safe. When Weathers was not looking we ran for the door as fast as we could. On our way to the door the floor gave out beneath us and we fell in a dark room.

When I woke up it was dark and it smelled rusty. Since we fell through the floor we must be in the basement of old man Weathers. Dan replied “Is everybody ok”. The guys replied back saying yea we are. The guys were looking for the light switch for the basement. Tyler found it, he turned it on .We were shocked at what we saw, we saw a bunch of dead bodies on the floor. WE were stunned on what we saw. Tyler whispered to “I think I hear him coming down the stairs.”It was true he came down the stairs and stared at Dan, Dan looked terrified by the look the old man gave him. Tyler was behind Old man Weathers so Weathers did not know. Tyler picked up a board that he saw in the corner and hit old man weathers with it. He was knocked out cold.

The guys ran out of the house as fast as they could and got back to the field were the parents were there waiting for them. The parents were worried that they would never see there children again. They were so worried that they called the police. When the police got here the kids told them about the old man, and the police went after him. When they got to the house they found the bodies but not the old man. Dan prayed to god thanking him that he is alive and that he did not die tonight.

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rebel_princess<3 said...
Feb. 11, 2010 at 1:47 pm
i love it. :) keep on writing.
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