January 28, 2010
By Anonymous

I was in 9th period study hall on a Friday afternoon, ready to get out of school. There was nothing else I need to do today. My plan was to go out and relax, maybe see the movie I’ve been waiting for. I look at the clock, three long brutal minutes left. I had a study hall earlier and it was a small homework load so I have been sitting here for forty minutes drawing circles on my notebook. Finally, the bell rings. I grab my things and got ready to face the Friday rush, but when I open the door the hall way was dead silent. I, my twenty classmates, and the crazy sub stared at the empty hallway. What we heard next made us all jump.
I jump to the sound of my alarm clock. This is the second night that I have had this nightmare every time ending at the same point, always covered in sweat. Maybe I need special help, I don’t know. I look at the clock, time to endure another long school day. I take my shower and get out the door to meet my friend Joana. We have been friends since Kindergarten. She was in one of the nightmares I had this week and I don’t know why. Must be’ cause she’s in my study hall. I am so happy today is Friday. This has been a long stressful and tiring week. We get on the bus and sit in our normal seats and hope we don’t get hit in the head with a paper ball.
My day has been going quite well for a Friday, one period left, 9th period study hall. Today we have a sub so we will see how well it goes. I take my normal seat in the back, sit and draw circles on my notebook…
The period went by slowly but, it’s finally over. I grab my things and get ready to go. I open the door and it’s dead silent. Then it hits me like a bull. My dream is coming true. The circles the crazy sub everything. But this is not a dream it’s real! I hear my friend yell for help, I turn to her. She is falling in the floor! Like quick sand but, faster. By the time I get to her she’s gone. I don’t know what to do! I look around there has to be something to help! On the door is a map. I have been going to this school for eight years and I have never know that there was an under level till now! I know what I must do but, the problem is if I can go. She’s my best friend but could I risk my life for her? Could I be brave enough? Yes! Yes, I can!
I grab the map and run to the janitor’s closet. I know I need a flashlight; I am not stupid. I’ve watched enough scary movies to know that one. Just my luck there is a flashlight. That’s all I need is luck but, will it run out too early? I hold the flashlight and map tightly and run to what maybe my doom!
I get to the stairs rip open the door and run. I was right it was pitch dark, can’t see two feet in front of me. But, I think about my beloved friend and push on. I hear weird noises coming from the bottom of the stairs. I slowly descend and listen carefully. My leg hits something hard and cold. I fall head over heels to the floor. When I hit bottom I feel something cold and wet. Because of the adrenalin running through my veins, I couldn’t stop the thought that came in to my head. Blood! I am lying in blood!
Oh my please don’t be blood! I search for the flashlight. Not being successful. I start going into panic mode. I am confused, my leg hurts, I am soaked in a suspicious liquid, and my friend is missing. I want to cry. I don’t want to be here, I am 14 years old for goodness sake. I don’t want to die! Calm down Myah. Everything is going to be okay I tell myself over and over. You made it this far think about Joana she would do the same for you, you can do this. I pick myself up and kick around for the flashlight. Got it! Immediately, I look at myself. I was covered in water, which was a relief, my leg and arms are cut up, but I’ve had worse. So I shine the light and walk on.
The floor is covered in water as well as my shoes. The temperature is freezing and the only noises are my heavy breathing and slushy shoes. All I see is cement walls and water droppings. I feel the need to yell to Joana for direction. But when I try nothing comes out.
I ended up walking to a small room. The only thing in the room was a light hanging from the ceiling. What stops in my tracks was that the light was moving from left to right. I looked around and spotted nothing that could make the light move. I look back to the small room and I see a women running straight towards me!
It was Joana. We met in a big hug. “How did you get here?” I asked. “What happened after you went in the floor?”
“It was so weird,” said Joana. “I fell into a pool of water! Then swam to the top and got out. I know it’s boring right, not very extreme. But it scared the heck out of me, I walked around blind. To top everything I fell into a second hole!”
I said sarcastically, “No way!”
“NO, I mean it!” Joana yelled. “I swear I fell twenty feet!”
“Joana you would be dead if you fell twenty feet” I stated.
“Let me finish!” Joana hissed. “I fell into a ball pit thing. At least that’s what it felt like.”
“A ball pit?” I questioned.
“I know, I know,” replied Joana. “Weird but true. Then I saw this light and ran full speed running into you.”
“Don’t take me wrong I am happy you are here but, that was not very interesting.” I commented.
“You were not the one stumbling around, running into things!” remarked Joana.
“I was just as scared as you!” I yelled. “But you got me with the darkness.”
Joana laughed a shaky laugh and urged, “Let’s get out of here.”
“Okay.” I agreed.
We made a plan to get home but, as we turned to go we realized that we were in the small room door shut and all. Neither of us moved yet the four walls now surrounded us! I ran to the only door, it was locked! We look at each other and I could tell she was thinking what I was. We are trapped forever!
I couldn’t control the piercing scream that escapes my lips. Collapsing to the floor, tears covering my face, I hear Joana calling my name. But, I am already gone in my own darkness.
I wake to the sound of a bell. It sounds like the school bell but, I know I must be imaging it.

Joana and I were just trapped in a four by four cement room, this can’t be real. I feel someone lightly punch me in the arm. My head falls and hits the desk, I hear Joana laughing and apologizing. I look up and see the class room is empty.
“Come on sleeping beauty, we’re going to miss the bus,” snickers Joana.
“What?” I questioned. “What do you mean miss the bus? Where I am I?”
“We just finished 9th period study hall silly,” stated Joana.
I laughed a shaky laugh and walked with her.

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