The Stepmother

January 28, 2010
She was crazy. Today was the first day Annie was going to meet her new stepmother Susan. Annie was just coming back from summer camp. Annie lived in Louisiana with her millionaire father and his beautiful beach house. The stepmother was kind of mysterious in a way. But Annie had ignored that and went to unpack her suitcase, after that she had gone to and her old family. see her father in his office where he usually is. She had to stay permanently with her father because her mother had passed way in a terrible accident. Annie was scared, she hardly knew her father. He was kind of creepy.
Annie decided that eating something, it would take away the memory of her deceased mother but it didn’t. She was dealing with eating disorders because of the death of her mother. Her and her new family had sat down at the dinner table like a "normal" family but they weren't a normal family. Everything was different now. Annie didn't like her stepmother very much but she had to live with her which was the hard part her family. Every night Annie would write down things in her journal about her family and how everything was going. Annie also had nightmares that her mother was trying to tell her messages about her new stepmother before her death. Then one night Annie had stayed up late and had seen Susan get into her car and drive off. Annie had gotten suspicious. She had stayed up all night for Susan but Annie had gotten tired and dozed off. It was about seven a.m. by the time Susan had gotten home.
Annie had wondered and went downstairs to see if Susan was home but she wasn't there. Of course she was nowhere to be found, this was no surprise. She had gone to get her father and when she got back Susan was in the kitchen making breakfast for the family. Annie thought she was crazy and so did her father. He thought she was just making up lies to get her stepmother into trouble. But she wasn’t. Even though she didn't like Susan very much. she wasn't trying to get her into any trouble. Annie was only telling the truth.
Annie had gone on the computer to research more about Susan's past life. She had found that Susan was married.Oh and get this, she had been convicted of murder and arrested for it. She had been sentenced to life in prison but she had escaped. The website also mentioned that she had buried the bodies in the backyard. How gross. Annie had gone to go get her father again and of course Susan had deleted the webpage and got Annie into more trouble with her father. Joseph thought Annie was doing this on purpose but she wasn’t. Who would believe her? Not her father that was for sure. She had gotten into her car and went into town to research more on Susan to see if she could find anything else Susan was lying about. She had asked people around town to see if they knew anything about Susan and she had even showed them pictures of her. Nobody knew her by Susan, they knew her by "Christine".
This was creepy. Annie knew that her stepmother was a liar and it has only been two weeks. She had to let her father know about Susan but how? He would think she was crazy and send her to an asylum again. She had to do something about this so she printed out a copy of the article she found and brought it home. She had gotten home and seen that Susan was digging in the backyard. Annie went directly to her father and showed him. He couldn't call her a liar now. He read the information and couldn't believe that he had been lied to all this time. He wanted to get out of the house as soon as possible but they couldn’t, Susan had every door and window locked. They had no way out. Annie had called the police but they wouldn't get there until forty five minutes later. Susan was coming and they didn't know that. They heard the door open.

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