January 28, 2010
By freeskiier61496 BRONZE, Fonda, New York
freeskiier61496 BRONZE, Fonda, New York
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The cycle starts, first the water: The water is so very cold then it gets a little bit warmer. The pain so much so fast. Water whipping us like a slave. We spin faster and faster my mind goes blank my smooth edges cut though the water destroying of the grime and dirt. Last night’s meal flies off like it was never there. The racks try hard to hold me in my spot. I can’t hold on much longer. My body is shaking in the spinning and twirling water. I fly out of my spot. The blades click and clack against my ends its chipping of tiny but very painful pieces of my body my neighbor flies out in to the horrible shower of the dirt and grim of our friends and family they are up above us they are taking the same pain three or four of them fly down and land right next to me like a bomb.
My neighbors scream for help, but no one can hear them because of the loud eardrum shattering noise. They just sit there almost paralyzed in the storm of water and debris. Even though we go through this experience almost every night, we can’t outlast the pain. This thing is our nemeses.
We try to fight it every time, but time and time again it’s just pain over and over again. More of my family and friends lay there at the bottom, until the cycle stops. In the end, we shine like a sparkling full moon. I hear footsteps running through the kitchen the click clack of mother’s high heels against the newly cleaned tile floor getting closer. The soft boom of a Child’s soft socks bound against the floor. Then the loud noises of the house being cleaned, after the biggest party of the year. The sounds of a child yelling in joy running envelope me. I endure the hot steam. I feel a soft hand around me, but when I look up I’m surprised to see that it is a soft towel wrapped around me whipping the extra water and soap off. My shine dazzles the maid as she looks at her beautiful face from the reflection on my head. I hear my family and friends clacking together as they are put into the magnificent chest. That all the china is held for the winters while the snows is still on the ground. The maid finishes the job of putting the rest of us in the chest. I slowly start seeing less and less and less light until there is no light at all the only sound is the noise of the lock locking closed. Then familiar darkness that overwhelms us the majority of the year, but still I’m used to this dark.

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