Taking a Bite

January 28, 2010
By amorey5 BRONZE, Fonda, New York
amorey5 BRONZE, Fonda, New York
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The cave was pitch-black when I stepped onto the slimy rock, yet I could see perfectly fine. I heard music pounding behind the rock as I stared at it for a moment. If I hadn’t been here before, I would have thought you couldn’t get to the music striking the wall with every new beat.

I slowly walked up to the wall and knocked three times. I could hardly hear the locks being maneuvered across from me because the music seemed to be louder. Only tonight, I thought. The rock was pushed away and a large man stood before me. He was dresses in all black, the normal attire for our club.

“Your key?” the man asked with a heavy Romanian accent. I showed him the bat shaped key and he moved out of the way.
I walked through the dark hallway that opened onto the football field sized dance floor. As I tried to move across the dance floor, people pushed me. Finally I reached the bar where my date, Robert, was sitting quietly. I walked up to him and rubbed his shoulders.
“Am I late?” I asked trying to be seductive, but my voice just cracked with embarrassment.
Robert looked up at me with and unknowing, fear, and even a bit of sadness in his eyes. His gaze was making my heart pump faster, yet my breathing slowed. I couldn’t look away.
“What do you want to say?” Robert asked as his brows furrowed. His gaze was still cutting through me.
“I’m sorry,” the words came out of my mouth, but my brain wasn’t thinking them. It was as if Robert had just spoken for me.
“I know you are, and I accept your apology,” Robert said, letting his gaze slip. He smirked and let out a hallowing laugh.
I took a deep breath. My heart wasn’t racing and my mind was calm. What just happened? Was all I could ask myself. Nothing else was running through my head. Everything seemed to be dark! My sight wasn’t working!
I opened my eyes and realized I had just had the scariest dream of my life. I sat up in my bed and pulled the tree green comforter away from my body. The sunlight was seeping in through my window, so I closed the blinds.
My eyes were still trying to adjust to the sunlight as I walked through my room. I opened my walk in closet, rummaged through my shirts, but stopped when a slip of paper fell to the ground. I picked it up and saw a few scribbled letters.
“Watch out!” I read.
“What? Why do you want me to watch out? You’re such a freak,” my brother laughed at his pointless joke.
“I was just talking to my clothes. Do you…I mean, will you ever knock?” I asked my brother even though I already knew the answer.
He joined me in the closet, and started sorting through my pants. He pulled a pair of bluish-gray khakis off their hook and held them up to my waist.
“Do you have any fashion sense, sis?” He asked confrontationally. I stared at the khakis for a while, decided what I might wear with them.
“Are you actually thinking about wearing these?” My brother asked tossing the khakis back on the rack.
“Hey! Those are good pants! You wouldn’t want me throwing around your clothes!” I yelled at Josh, my brother.
“Izzy. Calm down. Plus, I wouldn’t even want you touching my clothes!” Josh joked.
He finally pulled together and outfit he expected me to wear. He had put a green floral dress, aqua-blue leggings, and a small pink over coat on my bed. I stared at them for a while, but finally placed them on my milky glass screen and got dressed. I couldn’t stop thinking about my dream, though.
“Can I ask you something?” I asked Josh as I got dressed.
“Sure, I’m open to anything,” Josh replied.
“Well, I had a dream last night. Robert and I were at the club, and-” I was cut off.
“You were with Robert? I thought you hated him! You are messed up, lil-sis,” Josh shot at me.
“Calm down. It was just a dream anyways. Robert would never come back, right” The last part was just reassurance for myself.
I came out from behind my milk colored screen. I looked in the mirror; my style had to be ahead of everyone in town. We got clothes imported from France, Italy, and sometimes the United States. Plus, I had my own stylist.
“I’m a miracle worker!” Josh exclaimed.
“Well, the model isn’t ugly, either,” I laughed.
Josh started heading out and said, “Mom made breakfast, so come down if you are hungry.”
I heard the phone ring downstairs and then someone picked it up. I was amazed at how quiet someone could talk on the phone. Maybe I wasn’t paying close enough attention to hear. Thoughts of my dream racked my brain. The memory of Robert’s perfectly formed face flashed in my mind. Someone raced up the stairs and entered my room, but I didn’t move. I was too enchanted by seeing Robert again. I reached for what flashed in front of me; that caused me to lose focus. My eyes flashed opened and closed as the floor rushed towards me.
“Isabelle?” Josh’s voice was drowned out by some sort of horn, “Mom, get up here!”
Something wet and cold splashed on my face, water. I tried to open my eyes, but that just made me want to keep them closed longer. The energy I use to have had been drained from my body, so I couldn’t move. Whatever was under me was soft, almost like silk. I didn’t know of any silk comforters that my family owned, but it felt good.
“Mom, she’s moving her fingers across the bed. It’s like she’s petting the sheets!” Josh called, somewhere in the distance.
Once again, I tried to open my eyes and with much effort the slowly let me see. Josh mustn’t have been in the room because I didn’t hear or see him. Even with my eyes finally opened, I couldn’t see; everything was unclear.
A blurry figure entered the room and leaned over the bed. I wasn’t sure if they were looking at me, but I knew the face.
“Robert? Why are you here?” I screamed with excitement. “You’re here!”
“You must have really hit your head,” An unfamiliar voice calmly said. “My name is Eric Fane.
“That’s a common name,” I laughed.
The room around me wasn’t getting clearer, it was worsening. My eyes started to hurt, and I felt a warm wet drop fall from my numb eye. As it ran down my cheek a rough hand wiped it away.
“Why do you cry? What does it feel like? I’ve never cried before,” Eric sadly said, as if it were bad he couldn’t cry.
“I don’t know,” I snapped. “My eyes hurt and I can’t see. I feel like a child crying over a missing toy.”
Eric slowly came towards me; then his lips pressed against my forehead. It was less and kiss and more a gesture of understanding.
“Close your eyes slowly, wait a few seconds, and then re-open them. I’m giving you my sight,” Eric whispered in my ear.
I did as he said. When I opened my eyes the most handsome person I had ever seen stood before me. He had broad, masculine, strong shoulders. His arms burdened with pounds of muscle. His jaw jagged from his sharp chin. He looked down on me; then I saw his face. He had ocean blue eyes, dark-brown hair, and soft, deep-red lips. Every part of him seemed perfect; as if each piece had been molded to fit in each socket and every bend.
Eric leaned over me with a great height advantage. His lips met mine, but I didn’t thirst for that part of him. My mouth watered with the smell of his blood. It wasn’t human; more like my own, even a possibility of dog or wolf. I jumped away from the bed and latched my razor-sharp teeth onto his neck. Even though I had bitten into his skin, no blood seeped from his veins. My own neck was bleeding. I held my hand over the wound, still my blood gushed over the hardwood flooring.
Every time I made a mark on Eric it showed on me. I snapped at Eric’s mouth, it seemed like a weak point. Only a small cut was made, but it easily healed. My arm wrapped around his shoulders, and I held his neck with my other hand. I ripped and pulled until he knew I was stronger.
I jumped from my open window with Eric’s hand in mine, and landed quietly outside. The sun was setting, so as we walked though the night, all was quiet. Shadows were casted over us and the ground before us. My parents wouldn’t know what I had done. I didn’t need a covenant ceremony to make Eric mine. I just needed to bite!

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