Best Friends

January 28, 2010
By hailstorm14 BRONZE, Fonda, New York
hailstorm14 BRONZE, Fonda, New York
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Today I’m leaving for college. Mike and I both got scholarships to the same college. We have been planning this day our whole lives. I cannot wait until our first class together – it will be great. I hope that we don’t get into too much trouble…
I have to tell Lilly that I love her. I hope she agrees. We have known each other since we were two years old. Maybe I should tell her when we get to the college. This is going to be a long car ride…
This college is the most beautiful place that I have ever seen. It is only two hours away from home, so I’ll be okay when I get home sick. I’m sure that Mike will be fine, too. My room is a decent size and my roommate is pretty nice. I hope that Mike likes this as much as I do. He’s a great guy. I’m so glad that we’re friends…
I’ve decided that I need to tell her tonight. I know that there are tons of other gorgeous girls out there, but Lilly is the one for me. And if she doesn’t love me, well, I don’t want to think about it right now. I love her too much to not say anything. Tonight after dinner…
After dinner, Mike suggested that we go for a walk. We walked forty-five seconds down the road to a local park. We sat on a bench and he told me that he had something to say…
“Lilly, you are my best friend and I thought that you should know that.”
“And you’re mine, Mike. You are a great person.”
“Thank you. And… I have wanted to say this since we were fourteen years old…I love you.”
As he went in for a kiss, I told him that I had to leave. I started to walk away. Then I heard fast-paced footsteps behind me. He grabbed my arm, put a sharp blade against my throat, and whispered this in my ear, “You need to love me.”
“You have to let me go before I give you my answer.” He let go and I told him my answer, “No.”
I ran as fast as I could back to the college campus. Everyone was staring at me, but I didn’t care. I ran up two flights of stairs to my room. I slammed the door and I ran into the bathroom. Obviously he took the elevator because I could hear loud footsteps and heavy breathing behind me.
I opened the door. She was crying. “Lilly, what don’t you understand??? I LOVE YOU! Just please tell me that you love me too and I won’t hurt you. … You know what, I’m done waiting! I love you so much that I need to kill you!” I really wish that she would stop screaming. I shut the door, wiped off the rusty knife, and…
And then I woke up.

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