My House is Haunted

January 28, 2010
By alfonda BRONZE, Fonda, New York
alfonda BRONZE, Fonda, New York
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My House is Haunted!!!!
We just moved to a little town in New York. When we started unpacking I felt something always watching me. But I didn’t let it bother me. So later that night I was unpacking my stuff in my new room. Then I started hearing someone calling my name. So I went down stairs and asked my mom what she needed and she said that she didn’t call me. So I went back up into my room, everything that was in a box was dumped all over the floor. I didn’t know who did this so I got really scared and told my mom but my mom said, “Ashley I know you are lying.” But I said I am telling the truth. I didn’t do it. So I went and told my dad and I told him what happened but he didn’t believe me either. I was so sick of my mom and dad saying that I was lying. Why would I want to lie about this? A little later that night I went to bed. My door started opening and closing. But I really didn’t know what to do because my parents don’t believe anything that I say, so I am not going to tell them. The next morning everything was fine. I wanted to tell my parents what happened that night but they wouldn’t believe me. They both had to work and of course I would be home alone. The day was going on ok. But then I was in the kitchen cleaning and I heard someone going up and down the stairs. I was thinking that someone broke into my house. I went to go and check it out and no one was upstairs. It just didn’t make sense no one was upstairs. I started checking every room and there was nothing. While I was looking I heard a little girl’s voice yelling for her mom. Then I heard the little girl’s voice yelling louder and louder and running back and forth down the hall. I ran downstairs and called my mom to come home fast. But mom said, “Ashley I just can’t leave work.” After begging she finally said yes. Then I called my dad because he had to be here too. They both arrived at the same time. They said, ok what the problem? Mom and dad, I think that there is a ghost in our house! They said no there can’t be. I said, “last night my door was opening and closing almost all night.” I didn’t want to tell you guys because I knew that you wouldn’t believe me. But today when I was cleaning the kitchen I heard a little girl yelling for her mom and then running up and down the hall. After this I called you guys. After I told them, they didn’t say much. I went to my room and started thinking about everything that happened. I didn’t know if I was losing my mind or just seeing things. But I knew everything that I said was true. So later that night my mom called me down for dinner and told me to set the table. All of a sudden I went to go into the kitchen and someone threw a plate against the wall. My mom saw that I was in the kitchen when the plate broke. Then my mom said Ashley I think you are right there might be a ghost in our house. I called my dad and told him. My dad said, “There is no such thing as ghost.” But I said to my dad then who threw that plate against the wall? But he didn’t answer me. Later that night I told my mom that I was going to bed and if anything happened I would call her. I was lying in bed and I started hearing the little girl saying, “Ashley can you help me find my mom.”The little girl is crying, didn’t know what to do.

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