January 29, 2010
By silver SILVER, Fonda, New York
silver SILVER, Fonda, New York
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Favorite Quote:
reading takes you places you would never dream of so keep dreaming...

I’m Chance, a twin to my brother Ace and we are part of a new breed of family vampires. I knew I was dreaming as soon as it started, but it felt real. I was on Rox’s old street, the blue house still on the corner. I looked down and I was different, I felt younger and my skin was ice cold. I didn’t feel the power running through my veins, but yet I felt my fangs in my mouth. There was an explosion down the street and I ran towards it. Broken glass and flames were everywhere. I looked down the street a little further and a body was laying there. I went over to it and the guy was laying face down on the pavement and a piece of metal glinted off his back. Then the flames reflected on it and I saw it was a dog tag and I knelt by him. R.Keith the tag read and I froze, I stood and blood was pooling under him. I turned around and there was another explosion and the fire revealed more bodies on the street. I ran to the closest one, gasped and started crying, his silver eyes were dull and lifeless and his hands were locked around the cedarh in his throat that had killed him, Ace my twin and my best friend. I walked to the others and knew all of their names: Dad, Jason, Skye, Eric, Sam, Rox and Rec. Finally I collapsed to my knees in agony by Gramps’side. A dark cold wind blew pass me and I looked up, Raskum stood there smiling.

“Death is glory for me and to have me kill you myself is satisfying.”

Then the black mass ripped through me and I screamed in agony. I opened my eyes and he was standing right there and he ripped right through me again. I woke up gasping for breath and sat up fast. My heart was pounding against my chest and I flinched when I found fangs in my mouth. I ran out my room as fast as I could.

“Ace!” He was downstairs watching TV.

“What-? Oh my God!” I had shoved my nightmare/flash into his mind.

“I thought you were reading.”

“I must’ve dosed off.” I flinched at the nightmare in my head.

“Everyone I knew was dead and so were you. Raskum showed up and killed me twice.”

I looked up and Ace handed me a bleer, (chilled blood in a beer bottle) and sat by me. “Calm down and tell me.”

I took a deep drink of the bleer and that seemed to calm me down and it shrank my fangs back up into my gum line.

“Everyone was dead except for me and there was fire and glass everywhere. I was on Rox’s old street with the blue house still on the corner. I was a lot younger and only my fangs were there and none of my ‘majik’. I kept walking or running down the street. First I found Keith, then you and the rest of the people we know, even Sam. Then Raskum was there and said: ‘death is glory for me and to have me kill you myself is satisfying.’ Or something like that and I died twice.”

“When you came down here you had already marked it as a flash, why?” He asked.

“I did?” I looked through my thoughts and was surprised.

“Yeah I guess I did hmm…” I took another sip. “What were you doing?”

He half smiled. “I woke up ten minutes ago.”

“Where’s Dad and Gramps?”


Then the news came on.“Breaking news story Schoharie County structure fire. I’m Melinda Chapman and I’m here now with Rural Grove Fire Chief, Sam Booth. As you can see, the old factory is almost gone.” I saw the two firemen in the background and all I could see was the explosion and the bodies in the street. I ran out the door, heading right for Schoharie County.

“Chance!” He grabbed me and we both froze, my nightmare becoming his. He let go of me and stumbled backwards.

“Ace.” He looked at me and in his eyes I knew he knew it definitely was a flash.

He nodded. “Go.”

We ran and when we got there Melinda and Sam were still standing there. Scott saw us and the cameras turned on us.

“What are you guys doing here?”

“Get the firemen out of there now. That place is going to explode.”

“Well viewers looks like we’ve got us some psychics.”

“Can you shut up?” I asked her.

“Sam, please, there is a huge hotspot right behind us that they missed.”

Sam nodded. “Alright I trust you.” He talked into his walkie talkie.

“Get the guys out of there NOW!”

“Sam we’ve lost David and Cody, they went in.”

“What? No get them out NOW!”

I cursed. Ace knew what I was going to do next so I hissed under my breath at him.
“I’m going in, I’ve got to change first and keep the cameras from following me.”

He nodded. “Alright.”

I walked away, my hands in my pockets, my body anticipating the demon in me when I let it go. I kept walking, waiting for the eyes of humans to not be on me and looking for an angle where no one would spot me. That spot happened to be right behind the burning building. Great! Well it would have to do. I let my ‘majik’ melt my skin away, and Ace’s mind became a part of my mine.

“Alright, let’s get this over with.”

I said to myself and punched through the floor length glass window in front of me and went into the burning building. I used my father/son bond to find them. It was weak because we weren’t in the same form, but never the less I could still sense him. I followed his and David’s scent to what looked like an office and both of them were passed out. I gently picked them up and carried them outside. I laid them on the ground, changed back and picked up the walkie talkie I took from Sam.

“Sam I found them, call off the search and get away from here.”

“Alright Chance.”

I picked up both of them and carried them back to the waiting fire truck. Joel and Kamp grabbed David.

“Guys get him to a hospital, now go.”

They nodded and took off. I walked over to the field and laid Dad down. I made my fangs grow and I slashed my wrist open and put it up to his mouth.

“Come on Dad drink.”

He gasped and then latched onto my wrist. I gasped and pain shot up my arm. After thirty seconds my arm started to go numb and I started getting light headed.

“Dad stop”, I whispered then I started getting ready to pass out.

“You’re killing me.”

He let go and I fell onto the ground. I was weak and half drained of blood. I slowly got to my knees and just barely managed to stand. My strength was gone so there was no way I could pick Dad up so I left him on the ground. Ace came running over and the blood in his veins was making me sick to my stomach.

“Ace don’t come closer, Dad almost drained me and I need to feed.”

“Alright.” Then he started to bring his wrist up to his mouth.

“Don’t. I won’t be able to stop.”

“Alright, then go feed. I’ll keep an eye on Dad.”

I didn’t have to go far to find a poor sucker like a hobo. I was dying of thirst so I grabbed him, sunk my teeth in and sucked. Blood flowed over my tongue and soon I was getting my energy back that Dad had taken from me. I pulled the hobo closer and drank more deeply, now for the pure enjoyment of human blood. When I finished a few minutes later, I put the hobo behind the burning building so he’d get cremated when the building exploded. When I came back around, everyone was out of harm’s way except for the reporter, Ace, Dad and I. I rolled my eyes and walked over to her.

“Lady you’ve got to move.” She flipped out her hair.

“My middle name is danger. I’m allowed here.”

I growled under my breath. “Look lady you’re going to get yourself killed. They’ve already called it an unsound zone.”

“No, I’m not.”

I just barely managed to stop myself from growling at her.

“Shut the camera off!” I snapped and picked her up and carried her to the van.

“Put me down! Don’t man handle me!”

I sighed and set her down; this lie was going to kill me.

“I’m a cop now get in your vehicle and leave.”

I pulled out my old badge that, I carried with me ever since the day I became a vampire. She stared me down, my face expressionless.

“Jeff come on let’s go.”

They put their equipment away and took off. I turned around and there was a new fire burning in my eyes.

“Ace come on we have to move Dad out of the zone. He’s going to be passed out for awhile considering how much blood he took.”

I knew Ace was wondering why I was taking it so lightly, after all Dad had drained me half of blood. But right now I didn’t care my veins were filled with human blood and my adrenaline was pumping. I went to pick Dad up and I cursed.

“What happened to your shoulder?”

I turned my head and my shoulder was covered in blood. I pulled my sleeve back and my shoulder was burned pretty badly.

“Oh crap.” I shoved my sleeve down and hissed. “It’s the same one.”

“We need a cover up.”

“Ace go get your truck, meet me on the corner and we’ll go to the firehouse.”

He nodded and ran. A minute later Ace was in my head.

#Going to get the keys#

Through his eyes, the ground seemed closer and the deck stairs higher. He was a wolf. I just rolled my eyes and shut off my line. Later Ace came back and we Dad in the backseat and drove home quietly. When we got home, we put Dad in his room. Ace went hunting and I sat on the couch, bleer and remote in hand. I didn’t need the bleer, but it was something to do. I thought about my flash and smiled no one died. Again, I saved lives thanks to my flashes, (visions of a possible future, made by ‘majik’.) Not everyone I thought. That hobo died because of me, but he did help me. He kept me from dying and with his blood I saved 39 people. So that sacrifice wasn’t bad. Ten minutes later I got sleepy and so I turned into a wolf, curled up on the couch and took a nap. Later someone ran their hand across my fur and I woke up, lifted my head and yawned.

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This article has 5 comments.

silver SILVER said...
on Feb. 17 2010 at 3:22 pm
silver SILVER, Fonda, New York
7 articles 1 photo 29 comments

Favorite Quote:
reading takes you places you would never dream of so keep dreaming...

hey you know a good tip for starting out is to think of one of your weaknesses and add some names for your characters and start writing... try starting out with this line and see how it goes:

The place was falling apart and as i walked through, i kept asking myself why i was even here?

on Feb. 10 2010 at 3:30 pm
jazzychild SILVER, SAN ANTONIO, Texas
8 articles 0 photos 3 comments
thanks... i'm trying to write a short story but im kinda lost got any tips for me

silver SILVER said...
on Feb. 10 2010 at 3:29 pm
silver SILVER, Fonda, New York
7 articles 1 photo 29 comments

Favorite Quote:
reading takes you places you would never dream of so keep dreaming...

sure no problem with that :-)

on Feb. 10 2010 at 3:25 pm
jazzychild SILVER, SAN ANTONIO, Texas
8 articles 0 photos 3 comments
i really liked your story alot so as soon as you write more to it just let me know

silver SILVER said...
on Feb. 8 2010 at 6:01 pm
silver SILVER, Fonda, New York
7 articles 1 photo 29 comments

Favorite Quote:
reading takes you places you would never dream of so keep dreaming...

i love my work and there is more to this story than this!!!!


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