Beyond the Vally Of The Bulls

January 29, 2010
By Anonymous

The sound of shattering glass was horrifying. Screams were heard trough-out the whole city.
“What was that?” asked Rose.
“I don’t know but I am assuming that it was the experiment they started two years ago in New York City, 2012. But even now they have not yet completed the project.” exclaimed her husband Luke.
“What is the project about?” asked Rose.
“Nobody knows except for the people that are involved with it. All we know is that cattle are involved. Let’s just hope this project doesn’t get out of control” Exclaimed Luke.
“We better check it out cried Rose
Luke and Rose went home for the night and went to bed.
“Stampede!” the city’s people shouted. The horrible screaming woke Luke and Rose up.

To their surprise, a giant bull was running on the side of the street and when Luke and Rose tried to stop it, they were unfortunately stabbed by the bulls 3 ft long horns. Blood was dripping off of them and staining the black topped street

“Rose and Luke were brilliant people who would do anything for each other and anyone else.” announced the reverend. “Let us all pray for what the roses stood for...animal protection.”

Once the couple died, the house was put up for sale by the state.
Two years later in the year 2016 a family moved in the house. The
family consisted of a forty-year-old woman named Amber Lucrets, forty-
Year-old Dominick Lucrets, sixteen-year-old Kassandra Lucrets, thirteen-year old Joseph Lucrets, and six-year-old Crystal Lucrets. They all started to unpack their things, boxes and boxes of clothes, toys, dishes, furniture, etc.
Crystal went upstairs to put her dolls in her room. She started going downstairs afterward and heard a voice call her name.

“Crystal… Crystal…Crystal…”
She thought it was her dad calling her from the basement, so she headed down to the basement to find nothing there, but boxes of supplies. A shadow swept across the wall very quickly. Crystal thought her older brother, Joseph, was playing a prank on her.
Now, Joseph was always playing pranks on her because she had always been the most vulnerable, and in return, he had always gotten in trouble. He didn’t care though; he would always do it anyway.
Crystal ran up the stairs and told her mother. Amber was stressed out already and didn’t want it to escalate anymore. So she just told Crystal that it would be alright and she would take care of it and went back to unpacking. Impulsively, she ran to get her father.
Dominick told her “No, he is outside playing with his Frisbee”
Dominick ignored her afterward. She went outside and stared roaring about how mean he was being to her.
“Why do you always scare me like that?” she yelled.
“What do you think I did this time I’m playing with my Frisbee!?” he demanded.
“You scared me by making a shadow on the basement wall!” she screamed.

“Wow, it’s that easy?” he asked, “Never is when I try it.” Then he threw his Frisbee again, grabbed it and walked off.

Joseph talked to some kids at school and one of them was talking about the project beyond the gates. When Joseph heard about this has been curious to what was really there. He knew what he had to do.
When Joseph got home from school he immediately went to Kassandra’s room and luckily she was there and she heard about it to. Now the problem was breaking in to the gates.
When Joseph and Kassandra got to the gates of the project an unknown horror awaited them as they looked around for ways to get in. There were two ways to get in to the gates and they were though the front door and the back doors. They chose to go in to the back gates and to there surprise was something big scary and it looked mean.
To be continued…
When Kassandra looked at this beast and what was next to it was to her surprise a giant 15 foot tall bull along with an army of bulls about 4 feet high. It turns out that the army of bulls was actually not a project just an unknown army of bulls. But the people who owned these bulls wanted the protection of the town’s people.
The giant bull was a great distance away but it still scared Kassandra .the people who contained them for so long couldn’t and they lost control. Now with a running start it had a full charge about to trample Joseph and Kassandra. The bull just kept running and running until it was a few feet away.
In less than a second josephs life flashed before his own eyes he thought to himself about how he shouldn’t have teased his sister so much. The same thing happened to Kassandra, but she thought about the spirits at her house that she had unknowingly released until just now and she had to make this situation right but how. After all she was about to die
But what happened next was…

The author's comments:
I have always enjoyed kids horror and i decided to make to make a form that ended with a cliff-hanger and wasn't to scary to little kids.

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dp23 said...
on Feb. 9 2010 at 6:48 pm
Great story!!!


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