January 29, 2010
By braves44 BRONZE, Fonda, New York
braves44 BRONZE, Fonda, New York
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By: Braves44

The silence was shattered by the screeching of the young girl’s voice. The pace of my heart was getting faster and faster every second! I had lived in this old white two story house since I was three and ever since I was five or six years old I’ve been having these crazy nightmares that have awoken me from my deep sleep.

All of the nightmares started one day when I overheard my mom and dad speaking about a family who used to live in this house and how they all died from a fire on the second floor. Apparently there was a fire on the first floor and the family went to the second floor to the escape window but it wouldn’t open. It wasn’t locked, it wasn’t frozen because it was the middle of July, and it wasn’t jammed because they had had it open the day before. While they tried and tried to open the window the fire came closer and closer. So they just kept struggling to open the window but it just wouldn’t budge. Then the only thing going through their minds was “death.” And, death was what overcame for all of them.

Believe it or not, ever since then I have had abundant nightmares. But for some reason I still don’t think that they are nightmares. I have seen the ghosts that I “dream” of. There real and no one knows it. My brother Matt has told me before that he has seen them before too but every time I bring it up to my parents he denies it and my parents think I’m crazy. I swear I have been seeing the spirit of the young girl, Elizabeth Firefox, which is the little girl that used to live here. The spirits have been talking to me but every time they don’t feel like talking anymore they just leave which is what scares me. I’ve tried telling my parents that but once again they don’t believe me and they think I’m creepy. Matt tells my parents that he comes in my room all the time and tries talking to me and I don’t respond. So my parents say I’m just dreaming. But I know I’m not.

Anyways, the name of the young girl who used to live here is Sam. Samantha May Firefox to be exact. She’s the one. She’s the one that’s been talking to me. Well, maybe it’s just a dream, but I mean how could I possibly have a dream about the same girl every night.

Every night my brother matt come running into my room because I’m always screaming, and there’s a bunch of noise. They say it’s me screaming but it’s actually Sam. She’s the one that’s screaming and making noise. But the weird thing is that it happens at the same time every single night. 12:00.

Then, I brought it up at dinner one night.

“12:00 a.m. is when it all happens,” I snapped one day when we were sitting at the dinner table.

“Is when all of what happens?” replied my mom.

“You know, “Sam!” I shouted again.

“Who are you talking about honey? Are you feeling ok?” Asked my mom.
“Samantha Firefox! God! Doesn’t anyone believe me!” I screeched as they were talking.

Then mom whispered to dad, “That’s the young girl who used to live here who died in the fire.”

Then out of nowhere “I do!” shouted Matt. “I’ve seen her before too. I’m tired of everyone thinking lizzys crazy. Its time I stop it!” Shouted Matt.

“Thank you Matt,” I said. “It’s about time!”

Then I got up and left the dinner table and Matt followed.

“Thank you so much” I whispered. “How did you know about her?”

“I see her every night!” shouted Matt.

“At twelve o’clock,” we both shouted in amazement.

“So…if we both see her at the same time then there must be two of her in which case,”…….

“She’s a ghost!” we both whispered simultaneously.


THE END!!!!!!!!

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