If you're reading this, it's already too late

January 28, 2010
Suspense, Horror. Those are the words that keep flashing through my mind. It’s like this wasn’t meant to happen. I was just having another day when this had to happen. Knock! Thud! Knock! I don’t have much time. I’m in my teacher’s closet in the classroom. I could feel and taste the sweat rolling down my face. It isn’t cold, but I still shiver with fright. My name is Simon and I’m 13 years old. If you’re listening to this tape, it’s already too late.
It started out as a normal day, here at Belleview Middle School. I was going to class, when the teacher told us there was an assembly in the gym. As I was walking, I wondered if we were going to do something like an activity or a game. I had no idea what was happening. Maybe there was an emergency. Was there a fire? Was there a bomb threat? Maybe it was just an assembly. Boy did I wish I knew!
What really scared me was when the teachers locked all of us in the gymnasium. When they were just about to close the door, the teachers started talking in a funny way. Their voices were like clicks and clacks. I was really nervous because we had to sit there all day, until we heard the gym’s roof being pried off. When the gym and the hole in the roof were clear of all the dust and rubble, we saw what looked to be a walking space ship. Most of us thought this was a joke. But when it parked to a halt, we were pretty dumb-founded. What was surprising was the awful stench that smelled like dead human. We were all worried, except for some guys that thought it was just a cool science movie.

Soon after every one quieted down these tentacle like things came down from the ship and randomly picked students. When it picked them it would sharpen the tip of the tentacle and stab into the kid, sucking the life out of them until they were bone dry and as light as a feather. When I saw this I looked around for an exit. There was luckily an escape hatch in case of a fire. I ran into it as fast as I could, and found out that it led to the cafeteria.
From there, I ran to my teacher’s room. In there I found a radio that was turned on.
I listened to someone say, “If anyone can hear me there is what seems to be an alien invasion. I can’t really see what is happening, but I can see little men with weapons running at us. Killing everyone in their path, these things have a mind of their own.”
My legs felt like jelly. I quickly ran into the teacher’s closet and locked the door. When I got there I started this tape because I found a tape recorder. So if you‘re listening to this tape, tell my mom I love her and that it is already too late. Knock! Thud! Crack!!!!!!

The End. Or is it?

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