August 23, 2005

January 28, 2010
By , Fonda, NY
It was a hot summer day in Califorina August 15, 2005. Owen and Isabella were planning their 3 year anniversary. They planned on taking a trip on the Pearl Mist to the Caribbean Island. They planned they were going to go on there trip on August 23, 2005.

All Aboard, everyone is getting on the Pearl Mist. They boat is extremely packed and full of people. Elders, little kids, teenagers is all they see. Everyone is eating and having a good time while the boat is slowly moving off the dock. Surely, everyone is getting ready for a good nights rest.

Oh No… the boat breaks down for about 3 hours in the morning. But, thankfully it started back up again. Everyone was nervously anxious about that. What happens if it breaks down again? Are we going to die? That’s whats frantically going through Isabella’s head as she paces back and forth. Soon enough the boat comes to a stop.
Over the loud speaker a man says “Sharks are all around us, don’t panic. We will be out of here in no time.”
Eventually the sharks move away as soon as the engine roars. They are moving towards the Caribbean Island. Isabella and Owen are very anxious to get there. Owen finds his high school friend, Tyler there. But surely there was something wrong with that. That was Isabella’s ex-boyfriend!
“Jeez, I haven’t seen him in years and I don’t want to now. If he notices me will he like me again? ” That’s whats frantically going through Isabella’s head over and over again.
OMG, why is everything happening one after the other? Isabella says.

The boat breaks down again and there is no way to fix it. The bottom wood holding everything up cracks and people are falling into the ice cold water. Isabella and Owen are on the one side of the boat holding on for dear life. People were dying left and right from hypothermia.
“Jesus, if I die Owen just remember I love you forever.” Isabella says.
Owen mumbles out of his mouth “I love you too. I’m praying we will be fine. Don’t go so negative stay positive.”
The one side of the boat where Isabella and Owen are, breaks. They both fall into the water. Good thing they are both scuba divers. Swimming through the water was an obstacle because of all the dead ones floating around. They finally find the little island where they can stay for the night. It was hard for them to find shelter. They drank the sea water, and ate the bugs they could find on the ground. For the night they slept on hard rock sand and covered up with leaves and this piece of tarp they found hidden under a bunch of rocks. For a pillow they used packed sand. They made the roof out of bamboo they found and they used sticks to hold up the bamboo.
Isabella and Owen wake up after a rough night. They eat a little bit and they go swimming for awhile. Eventually, they find out that there is a big huge island where there are houses and shelter.
Owen says, “Let’s go ask someone to help us out.”
“Okay.” responded Isabella.
They get off on shore and there are people all around greeting them. Owen walks up to the people and says Hello, and tells them the whole story. This one lady was very wonderful to them and let them stay a few nights at her house.
“I wonder if this happens freaqualty because this lady randomly wouldn’t just randomly let us stay in her house.” Owen says.
Well, by the end of the day they are all weared out from swimming for so long. So, they go to bed so they can get up in the morning to find a way to get home.
The next morning it was August 23, 2005. Sally the lady that let Isabella and Owen stay the night at there house was making food for them. Everything happened in the blink of an eye. Windows shattering, high winds, huge waves, and a bunch of flooding.

Everyone died on this island due to Hurricane Katrina.

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